Funny Christmas Eve story

Funny Christmas Eve story
A funny Christmas Eve story!

Wow! I cannot believe how close to Christmas it is. I am thinking a lot about Christmas Eve. That is my busiest night of the year. It is a serious business to deliver so many presents. Today I was thinking about a funny Christmas Eve story. It was many, many years ago. I almost got bitten on my bum by a dog.

Well, I was very scared when it happened. That was then. Now, when I think about my funny Christmas Eve story, I laugh. It must have looked very silly. Would you like to hear what happened? Continue reading “Funny Christmas Eve story”

North Pole Newsflash 2014: Santa Fit To Fly!


North Pole — (Dec. 21, 2014) – Santa Claus’ personal doctor, Dr. Alf Doctor, today told the press that Santa Claus and the reindeer are fit to fly Christmas Eve.

“It is true”, said Dr. Doctor. “Santa Claus and the reindeer had their annual doctor visit today”.

“I was getting concerned about Santa.  There has been an awfy lot of excitement with Santa’s magic key missing lately.  But all is well, I think.”

When asked to tell everyone how Saint Nick looked, Dr. Doctor replied,

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Glaikit the Awfy Elf and Santa’s magic key

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves

I have been getting VERY worried about my missing magic key.  Without it, I wouldn’t be able to deliver presents Christmas Eve!  I hope this latest email from Scunner the Grumpy Elf has good news in it.

Dear Santa

The Professor fixed your sleigh and we started our long journey home. I felt like crying and Glaikit looked so sad. We had lost your key and worse, we had lost poor Birly.  Tumshie was so tired, but brave and he pulled us back North.

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Flying reindeer are hard to catch – especially with a magic key!

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves

It was on a flying reindeer!  Scunner, my Grumpy Elf, lost my magic key.  It’s the magic key I use Christmas Eve to get into houses.  Then Scunner found my magic key!

And then he lost my magic key — again!

I’m getting worried because Christmas is very soon.  I really need that key to deliver presents with my flying reindeer.  Here’s an email Scunner just sent me:

Dear Santa

Remember the reindeer that had your magic key stuck on its antler?  Well, we chased that reindeer for miles. Your magic key turned him into a flying reindeer!  The poor beast was terrified. It had probably never been a flying reindeer before.

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