Dreaming of a White Christmas? Santa has a surprise for you!

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Snow Miser was here!
Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Many of my friends ask me, “Santa Claus, can you make it snow here for Christmas, please?”.

I always tell them, “Why, yes, of course!  I can give you a white Christmas any time you want!”.  (But you better read the rest of this story before you get your snowsuit on.)

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Favorite Christmas movie

What is your favorite Christmas movie

I am glad that I have some time to talk to you before Mrs. Claus and I enjoy a movie together.  We try to have a movie night every month.  Mrs. Claus makes wonderful popcorn with lots of butter drizzled on the top.  Then we watch a favorite Christmas movie of ours.

In fact, tonight is my turn to choose the movie.  We have a lot of favorite Christmas movies!  So, we take it in turns and try to find a movie that we both will like.  As it is so close to Christmas, I have chosen my favorite Christmas movie of all time: It’s A Wonderful Life. Continue reading “Favorite Christmas movie”