Lutefisk – a stinky Christmas fish but a funny story to read!

Santa tries lutefisk
Santa tries lutefisk 😝  and thinks he’ll stick to eating Christmas cookies!

Different people eat different things at Christmas.  It is part of what makes Christmas special for them.  In Norway, Christmas would not be Christmas without a special fish dish called “lutefisk”.  You say it “loo-ta-fisk”.

Part of the tradition is eating the lutefisk.  The other part of the tradition in Norway is making fun of eating lutefisk!  The elves and I love their sense of humor! 😊

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Christmas Music – “The Santa in the Sleigh”

Santa in the Sleigh
The Santa in the Sleigh – a fun new song!

Did you know the elves like to write Christmas songs?  Kissy the Elf wrote the words for a brand new Christmas song called “The Santa in the Sleigh”.  You sing it to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”.  I hope you will try singing it for her.  There is a special surprise after the words to her new song too.

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