Funny Christmas Eve story

Funny Christmas Eve story
A funny Christmas Eve story!

Wow! I cannot believe how close to Christmas it is. I am thinking a lot about Christmas Eve. That is my busiest night of the year. It is a serious business to deliver so many presents. Today I was thinking about a funny Christmas Eve story. It was many, many years ago. I almost got bitten on my bum by a dog.

Well, I was very scared when it happened. That was then. Now, when I think about my funny Christmas Eve story, I laugh. It must have looked very silly. Would you like to hear what happened? Continue reading “Funny Christmas Eve story”

Gift For Mom And Dad – Santa has some ideas for you!

Gift For Mom And Dad
Gift For Mom And Dad

I love being Santa. Do you know that Christmas Eve is my fav day of the year? That is the day when I get to deliver all of the gifts to the boys and girls around the world. My second fav day is Christmas Day. That is the day that everyone gets to open their presents. A gift for you. A gift for me.  And a gift for Mom and Dad. I love the joy and happiness that presents bring to everyone around the world.

You would think that I would be tired of presents by now. I have delivered over a million of them (and unwrapped a few of my own), but I love the next one as much as I loved my first one. There really is nothing better than giving a gift and seeing the look on someone’s face. Continue reading “Gift For Mom And Dad – Santa has some ideas for you!”

Santa’s Magic Key is Missing! I need that key for Christmas!

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves
magic key
Here’s the last photo I have of my Magic Key

My magic key!  My famous Santa key!  It has not been the best of days. I have been looking for my magic key all day!

I’m not sure if you know about my famous magic key? It lets me get into every house so I can deliver gifts. Its magical powers can open any door. I keep it on a very special hook in the workshop. I always know where it is and I check it every day.

Continue reading “Santa’s Magic Key is Missing! I need that key for Christmas!”