The Christmas Decorations Christmas Parade

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves

Every weekend before Christmas a different group of elves puts on a big parade.  It is a lot of fun.  After all, everyone at the North Pole loves a parade!

Tonight, the elves that make the Christmas decorations and ornaments put on their big parade.  I think their parade is the prettiest.  Would you like to hear more about their parade?

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Kissy the Elf’s Christmas Tree

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves

Do you remember Kissy the Elf?   She is our smallest elf.  She is even smaller than Mouse the Elf!  Kissy the Elf is so small she is just learning her numbers.

Well, Kissy the Elf has a Christmas tree.  It is a counting Christmas tree.  Today, Kissy got to put up her tree.  Would you like to hear about it?  I tried putting it into a silly Santa rhyme.

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The Circle of Life

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves

We are all excited.  There will be a new little reindeer soon!  When a reindeer is born we are all happy.

But, my good friend Venice asked something.  She asked if the little reindeer could be called Greta.  Greta was Venice’s Mom.  Greta died last Christmas.  It was very sad.

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