Dreaming of a White Christmas? Santa has a surprise for you!

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Snow Miser was here!
Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Many of my friends ask me, “Santa Claus, can you make it snow here for Christmas, please?”.

I always tell them, “Why, yes, of course!  I can give you a white Christmas any time you want!”.  (But you better read the rest of this story before you get your snowsuit on.)

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Christmas Traditions

christmas traditions shoes out for Santa
Christmas traditions – shoes out for Santa!

I love to say Merry Christmas. After all, it fills me with happiness. When I hear someone else saying it, I always smile. One thing I love about Christmas is when Mrs. Claus bakes her Christmas cake. Every Christmas, she bakes a wonderful Christmas cake. Then, every Christmas Eve, I eat some. Right before I leave to deliver presents, we have a slice each. That is because it is one of our Christmas Traditions.

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The New Santa Claus Webcam!

Watch the Santa Claus webcam Live online!
Santa Claus webcam

Have you ever wanted to “see Santa LIVE!” at the North Pole?

Have you ever wondered, “What does Santa do before Christmas?”

Are you fascinated by the festive feats of Father Christmas and friends?

Well, the elves have a present for you.  Now you can watch me on my Santa Claus webcam online!

Yes, the Christmas video camera is always on at the North Pole!

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