Elves bobbing for apples

Elves love bobbing for apples
Elves love bobbing for apples!

Elves love bobbing for apples! It is a fun part of Hallowistmas at the North Pole!  (Hallowistmas is just a silly name we have for Halloween.)

Here are two elves bobbing for apples and trying not o get wet.  Have you ever played this Halloween game?

The elves love doing this silly game so much.  They like it so much they once tried it with a Christmas twist.

The elves were busy counting down the days to Christmas and chatting with Santa.  But, they were getting a little bit bored waiting for Christmas to come.  It was just after Halloween but Christmas was still a long way away.

Then Clumsy the Elf  got a silly idea.  A silly, silly idea.

“Why don’t we try to try bobbing for presents?” Clumsy said, “It would be fun!”


Oh, maybe I’ll tell you the rest of the story another time.  This story is supposed to be about Halloween traditions after all.  Anyway, you can only imagine what happened. 😊

For now, let’s just say that if you ever get a wet present for Christmas, you’ll know the elves were bobbing for presents again!



P.S. What do you think happened when the elves bobbed for apples?

Rudolph’s Red Nose – Oh, oh! There’s a problem with his famous nose!

Rudolph's red nose
Rudolph’s red nose

We are counting down to Christmas Eve!  There are only a few more sleeps.  Today we made sure all the reindeer are ready.  But, we had a little problem.  It has to do with Rudolph’s Red Nose.  Would you like to hear about it?

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You’ve been elfed! Read about the elves’ fun X.M.A.S. game

image for you've been elfed
You’ve been elfed! It’s how elves spread the Christmas Spirit!

You’ve been elfed!  The elves started doing something fun at the North Pole.  They call it “X.M.A.S.”.  “X.M.A.S.” is not the same as “Xmas”.  That is something else.  🙂  The fun thing the elves do is all about the Christmas Spirit. It is about the joy of giving.

Would you like to learn about the elves‘ game? Continue reading “You’ve been elfed! Read about the elves’ fun X.M.A.S. game”

Baby Reindeer are coming! Would you like to name Santa’s little reindeer?

photo of Santa and reindeer
A baby reindeer
One of Santa’s baby reindeer

We have great news to start the Christmas Season!  We are having a new little baby reindeer!

The Mommy and Daddy reindeer are very happy.  They know when the little reindeer is coming.  But, they will not tell me.  It is going to be a surprise!  They also have another surprise.  🙂 Continue reading “Baby Reindeer are coming! Would you like to name Santa’s little reindeer?”

Cookies for Santa

cookies for Santa
Cookies for Santa?

I’m already getting ready for the big night. You know the one, the night when my reindeer and I take flight and fly all over the world! It’s a long trip! But it’s a fun trip. After all I like bringing joy to all the girls and boys. Especially when I see a plate with a little note that says Cookies for Santa.

Of course I love eating the cookies they leave. Let me be clear I love all kinds of cookies: chocolate chip, peanut butter, butter cookies, frosted cookies, butterscotch cookies, oat meal cookies, raisin cookies, fortune cookies. You name’em I eat’em. (Then I wash them down with some nice refreshing milk.) Yum. Continue reading “Cookies for Santa”

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