Why Does Santa Like Cookies?

Why Does Santa Like Cookies? Yummy!
So why does Santa like cookies? Here’s Mrs. Claus’ answer!

Mrs. Claus is kindly answering some of your questions for me.  Today, she answers a question that is near and dear to my… tummy!  Why Does Santa Like Cookies So Much?

Keep reading for her surprising answer (with the secret reason) to this question from one of her fav people!

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Cookies for Santa

cookies for Santa
Cookies for Santa?

I’m already getting ready for the big night. You know the one, the night when my reindeer and I take flight and fly all over the world! It’s a long trip! But it’s a fun trip. After all I like bringing joy to all the girls and boys. Especially when I see a plate with a little note that says Cookies for Santa.

Of course I love eating the cookies they leave. Let me be clear I love all kinds of cookies: chocolate chip, peanut butter, butter cookies, frosted cookies, butterscotch cookies, oat meal cookies, raisin cookies, fortune cookies. You name’em I eat’em. (Then I wash them down with some nice refreshing milk.) Yum. Continue reading “Cookies for Santa”

Christmas Cookies Reindeer Games!

Santa with gingerbread cookie. Santa loves Christmas cookies too!
Santa loves Christmas cookies too!

The Reindeer Games turned into adventure games today.

It was Cupid’s idea.  She really wanted to try bungee jumping.  Her idea was called “Cupid’s Christmas Cookie Challenge”.

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Christmas Concert — starring the North Pole Elves!

elf christmas concert
Christmas Concert at the North Pole by the Elves!

Today was the big day!  Quite often we’ll watch some Christmas webcams this time of year.  But tonight was the big Christmas concert night at the North Pole.  All the young elves were so excited to perform.  Mrs. Claus and I had great seats right up front.

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Christmas Olympics – Day 3 – Elf Snow Putt

Elf Snow Putt goes window splat
Elf Snow Putt goes window splat

The elves joined in with the Olympic Reindeer Games today.

They had a shot putt contest.

But they used snow balls instead of metal balls!  Thank goodness!

Read on to find out what happened in this funny story.

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