The right gift for Mrs. Claus

The right gift for MrsC
What is the right gift for MrsC?

The big day is almost here. I can tell you the reindeer, elves and I are even more excited than you are. My elves and I really enjoy the challenge. Truthfully when you have love and Christmas magic on your side you can do almost anything. Like getting just the right gift for someone.

Here’s the thing kids, I could use your help. Sure, my team and I are really good at picking out presents for good boys and girls. We have that knack for always coming up with the right gift for the right kid. Continue reading “The right gift for Mrs. Claus”

Flying reindeer are hard to catch – especially with a magic key!

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves

It was on a flying reindeer!  Scunner, my Grumpy Elf, lost my magic key.  It’s the magic key I use Christmas Eve to get into houses.  Then Scunner found my magic key!

And then he lost my magic key — again!

I’m getting worried because Christmas is very soon.  I really need that key to deliver presents with my flying reindeer.  Here’s an email Scunner just sent me:

Dear Santa

Remember the reindeer that had your magic key stuck on its antler?  Well, we chased that reindeer for miles. Your magic key turned him into a flying reindeer!  The poor beast was terrified. It had probably never been a flying reindeer before.

Continue reading “Flying reindeer are hard to catch – especially with a magic key!”

Grumpy Elf Scunner lost my Magic Key!

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves

My Grumpy Elf.  My dear sweet grumpy elf!  Well, today I got an email from Scunner, my grumpy elf.  I hope you are sitting down to read it.

Dear Santa,

I came home to Gloombogle and gathered my family together. I told them I lost your magic key.  Then I asked my mum, dad, my six brothers, six sisters and 36 cousins if they had seen it. None of them could remember seeing it since I came home. Continue reading “Grumpy Elf Scunner lost my Magic Key!”