The right gift for Mrs. Claus

The right gift for MrsC
What is the right gift for MrsC?

The big day is almost here. I can tell you the reindeer, elves and I are even more excited than you are. My elves and I really enjoy the challenge. Truthfully when you have love and Christmas magic on your side you can do almost anything. Like getting just the right gift for someone.

Here’s the thing kids, I could use your help. Sure, my team and I are really good at picking out presents for good boys and girls. We have that knack for always coming up with the right gift for the right kid. Continue reading “The right gift for Mrs. Claus”

Santa’s Magic Key is Missing! I need that key for Christmas!

my Magic Key
Here’s the last photo I have of my Magic Key

My magic key!  My famous Santa key!  It has not been the best of days. I have been looking for my magic key all day!

I’m not sure if you know about my famous magic key?

It lets me get into every house so I can deliver gifts. Its magical powers can open any door. I keep it on a very special hook in the workshop. I always know where it is and I check it every day.

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Northern Lights

Northern Lights Aurora Borealis
The Northern Lights

I am a busy, busy guy.  There are so many toys to make and so little time to Christmas!

Mrs. Claus has been by my side forever.  She is as beautiful and special to me as the Northern Lights! Mrs. Claus understands how busy I am.

She does, though, ask for a little time each week.  Just the two of us.  Time that does NOT involve dolls or robots or stuffed animals!

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Sticky Christmas Goo

amazing things happen when you have a clumsy elf!
Amazing things happen when you have a clumsy elf!

Everyone at the North Pole knows Mrs. Claus is the boss. She keeps the place running smoothly.

That’s why we gave her the day off.

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Christmas Olympics – Day 13 – Reindeer Paddle

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves
Can Reindeer Swim?
Can Reindeer Swim?

It was swim relay day in the North Pole Olympics today.

There were three elves in each team.  Kissy the Elf, Mouse the Littlest Elf and Clumsy the Elf were a swim team.

Did you know that elves are very good swimmers?  Kissy, Mouse and Clumsy really wanted to win a swimming gold medal.

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