North Pole Newsflash 2014: Santa Fit To Fly!


Santa Claus check-up time
Santa Claus is fit to fly!

North Pole — (Dec. 21, 2014) – Santa Claus’ personal doctor, Dr. Alf Doctor, today told the press that Santa Claus and the reindeer are fit to fly Christmas Eve.

“It is true”, said Dr. Doctor. “Santa Claus and the reindeer had their annual doctor visit today”.

“I was getting concerned about Santa.  There has been an awfy lot of excitement with Santa’s magic key missing lately.  But all is well, I think.”

When asked to tell everyone how Saint Nick looked, Dr. Doctor replied,

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Santa doesn’t live at the South Pole

A South Pole Santa Claus?
A South Pole Santa Claus?

I’m not sure if he was trying to come back home, but Scunner the Grumpy Elf ended up at the South Pole.  The elves tracked him there.

Scunner is still looking for my magic key. I need it back before Christmas Eve so I can deliver presents to all the good girls and boys.

Keep reading to see what Scunner wrote in his latest email.

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