Christmas Bedtime Stories for children and elves and reindeer

Time for Christmas bedtime stories with Santa!
Time for Christmas bedtime stories with Santa!

Every night, before bed, I go to the reindeer barn.  Every night I read the reindeer all the great messages and emails you write us.  It is their Christmas bedtime stories and it is something we do every night now!  Even the elves come to listen.

Yes, the elves and reindeer are nestled snug in their beds, while bed time stories about your day are read! Continue reading “Christmas Bedtime Stories for children and elves and reindeer”

The right gift for Mrs. Claus

The right gift for MrsC
What is the right gift for MrsC?

The big day is almost here. I can tell you the reindeer, elves and I are even more excited than you are. My elves and I really enjoy the challenge. Truthfully when you have love and Christmas magic on your side you can do almost anything. Like getting just the right gift for someone.

Here’s the thing kids, I could use your help. Sure, my team and I are really good at picking out presents for good boys and girls. We have that knack for always coming up with the right gift for the right kid. Continue reading “The right gift for Mrs. Claus”

Cookies for Santa

cookies for Santa
Cookies for Santa?

I’m already getting ready for the big night. You know the one, the night when my reindeer and I take flight and fly all over the world! It’s a long trip! But it’s a fun trip. After all I like bringing joy to all the girls and boys. Especially when I see a plate with a little note that says Cookies for Santa.

Of course I love eating the cookies they leave. Let me be clear I love all kinds of cookies: chocolate chip, peanut butter, butter cookies, frosted cookies, butterscotch cookies, oat meal cookies, raisin cookies, fortune cookies. You name’em I eat’em. (Then I wash them down with some nice refreshing milk.) Yum. Continue reading “Cookies for Santa”

Favorite Christmas movie

Favorite Christmas movie
Favorite Christmas movie

I am glad that I have some time to talk to you before Mrs. Claus and I enjoy a movie together.  We try to have a movie night every month.

Mrs. Claus makes wonderful popcorn with lots of butter drizzled on the top.  Then we watch a favorite Christmas movie of ours.

In fact, tonight is my turn to choose the movie.

We have a lot of favorite Christmas movies!  So, we take it in turns and try to find a movie that we both will like.  As it is so close to Christmas, I have chosen my favorite Christmas movie of all time: It’s A Wonderful Life. Continue reading “Favorite Christmas movie”

Fun Family Christmas Games

Fun Family Christmas Games
Fun Family Christmas Games! Santa Claus and elves decorating gingerbread men

Fun Family Christmas games are so… well, FUN!  Do you know what else is fun and exciting?  Christmas!

I am so excited.  Christmas will be here soon.  We love Christmas at the North Pole.  We love it so much that we have lots of parties.  At parties, we play lots of fun Family Christmas games.  Would you like to hear about some of our fun Family Christmas games? Continue reading “Fun Family Christmas Games”

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