Funny Christmas Eve story

Funny Christmas Eve story
A funny Christmas Eve story!

Wow! I cannot believe how close to Christmas it is. I am thinking a lot about Christmas Eve. That is my busiest night of the year. It is a serious business to deliver so many presents. Today I was thinking about a funny Christmas Eve story. It was many, many years ago. I almost got bitten on my bum by a dog.

Well, I was very scared when it happened. That was then. Now, when I think about my funny Christmas Eve story, I laugh. It must have looked very silly. Would you like to hear what happened? Continue reading “Funny Christmas Eve story”

Ninjabread Men – Santa’s secret army of Ginja’s. Read about them here!

Ninjabread Men
Ninjabread Men or Ginjas  (hiiiiya!)

I have a secret to share.  I have kept this secret for many years.  Of course, I would not normally tell anyone.  But, you are different.  I trust all of you.  Can you keep a secret?  I know that you can.  Okay, here goes.  My story starts on Christmas Eve, many years ago.  That was when I first met the Ninjabread Men.

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