The SPS – Santa Positioning System & Santa’s magic key

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves

Today Scunner the Grumpy Elf told me about a Top Secret invention called the SPS – the Santa Positioning System.  He thinks he can use it to find my magic key.  I sure hope he can find it before Christmas Eve.  Here’s the email he sent me today:

Dear Santa

After our adventures over the Baltic Sea we all needed a rest.

Poor Tumshie was exhausted after the speedy flight. The good news was that I had a cousin in Germany. His name is Shuster and he makes and mends shoes. He told me that he often repairs your boots. I had never met him before but he is a very friendly Elf indeed. He made us a lovely meal. We had Potato Soup and then some Plum Tart.

After that we all went to bed and I slept for nearly twelve hours. When I woke up Professor Fumblebumble had arrived. I was so relieved. I have been worried about that poor reindeer and your key and wondering where they both are.

I suppose we should tell you what the secret invention is?

I had an idea after Last Christmas. I wanted to be sure that if you ever got lost in bad weather we could find you quickly. I thought that if we could make a wee machine that could track the magic you use then we would be able to find you faster than satellites.

It took a wee bit of doing but we got it working — mostly.

As your key is part of that magic then the SPS – Santa Positioning System should be able to find it.

The Professor has already got a signal and it is coming from Egypt. That’s far away so we are getting ready to leave.

I don’t know much about Egypt. Can you ask the children for some advice? What’s it like?

Okay Santa – I’ll let you know how we get on.

Bye for now


Egypt? I go there every year but only at night.

Santa Claus

P.S.   Do you know anything about Egypt that might help Scunner find my key? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

Santa’s sleigh is missing!

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves

Santa’s sleigh!  Santa’s sleigh!  Everyone knows about Santa’s sleigh.

Do you remember I told you about my missing key? Well, things got worse today.

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New Reindeer at the North Pole for Santa!

Santa and reindeer delivering presents from the elves
Santa's new reindeer
Tumshie, the new reindeer

We got a new reindeer at the North Pole today.  Mrs Claus told me recently that it would be an idea to have a few more reindeer in case any of the others got ill.  She is a very wise lady and I had to agree.

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