Tasty Christmas cookies — by Clumsy the Elf?

tasty Christmas cookies
Tasty Christmas cookies — by Clumsy the Elf?

Mrs Claus’ tasty Christmas cookies are yummy. Would you like to hear about the time Clumsy the Elf helped Mrs Claus make some “tasty” Christmas cookies?

They tasted… well… um… let me tell you the story first.

Mrs Claus thought that I should get a reward. I had been working extra hard making toys with the elves. What better reward is there than a batch of fresh treats straight from the oven!

All of the elves were busy making toys. Mrs Claus was getting ready to make the cookies when in stepped Clumsy. He had spilled paint all down his front and had come to wash it off. His eyes grew big when he saw the cookie cutters. He pleaded to help make the cookies. Mrs Claus could not resist his big happy grin.

Mrs Claus told him the list of ingredients:

Brown sugar.
Baking soda.
Chocolate chips.

Clumsy’s Tasty Christmas Cookies

Now as you may or may not know, Clumsy can get himself into trouble. No matter how hard he tries to listen he still gets mixed up. This is what he added to the big bowl:

Flowers (from the garden)!
White sugar and dirt (dirt is brown)!!
Bacon and cream soda!!!
Soil (more soil is fun to add)!!!
Ketchup flavoured Chips (She said chips right?)!!!!
Well at least he added salt and eggs!!!!!

Mrs Claus was so happy to be baking.  (She just loves to bake.)

Oh no! She did not notice the dough looked a little funny as she put them in the oven.

When she surprised me with the cookies I was so, so happy!

But when I tasted the cookies I was not very happy at all. In fact my mouth almost exploded! These were the worst cookies I had ever tasted! Ever!!  They were NOT tasty at all!

Mrs Claus is so sad. She has asked for some help from you. She wants to make a fresh batch of tasty Christmas cookies for me.

Santa Claus

P.S. What kind of Christmas treats should Mrs Claus  make? What kind of Christmas treats do you like best? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people are saying about tasty Christmas cookies!

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59 special messages to Santa about “Tasty Christmas cookies — by Clumsy the Elf?”

  1. All you need are three ingredients!
    1. 1 egg
    2. 1 cup of sugar
    3. 1 cup of peanut butter
    Then you preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit! After you are done making it stir it together or blend it with a machine. Then put the cookies in for at least 5-10 minutes. Yum yum you have yourself some good and delicious cookies!
    Ps *I want some ppl to try it*

  2. Hi Santa! My favourite cookie for Christmas time would be either gingerbread men, or chocolate chip. But I enjoy any cookie

  3. Hi santa it’s angel I have been a good girl and I am so excited to see you tell elf Emily and elf Poppy I said hi I wish you a merry Christmas ☺ hohohohohohoho

  4. Maybe Mrs. Claus could try to make Oreo’s or buy Oreo’s if you can. Then if you can’t then you can just make chocolate chip cookies instead. 😀 And I like sugar cookies they are good, and Oreo’s too. yum. 🙂

  5. dear Santa, please email me back I have been a really good girl this year
    this year I want a Nintendo switch please and a Disney princess ariel and sisters set and a cake family babysitting set you know my birthday is coming up dec-29

  6. Dear Santa
    I would do that to cookies but now thinking about it they would be just ew so I’ll make my own
    Thanks and hi everyone

  7. well mine is moist cookies yum and can you wake me up i want to see you also im going to give you the best cookies or brownies

    ps.we are going to be at americamps resort va please come

  8. chcolate chip is my favorate but mis claws might would like to make ginger snap those will get that taste out of his mouth

  9. Cookie?!? How bout the “Ugly Sweater” cookie making kit I know it sounds bad but it’s really pretty wink wink and tasty.

  10. i love my grandmothers new recipe called oatmeal butterscotch you will to on christmas eve when we put out the milk and cookies!!!!

  11. I think clumsy was just trying to help you Santa after all his name is clumsy the elf so I bet it was a big deal to make cookies for you so he wanted to make them extra special

  12. I love sugar cookies. Christmas tree shape and reindeer shape with frosting and sprinkles. I love dunking them in milk too.

  13. I’m so so so, SO sorry that happened. I’ll leave you Pillsbury Christmas themed sugar cookies. And don’t forget, I’ll leave you some milk. also, I thought of leaving you one eighth of a chicken ceasar salad for you to try. if you like it, next time, I’ll leae a whole tray for you ( along with the milk and cookies, of course ).

  14. I wish I had a silicon baby boy that comes with clothes and shoes and socks and underwear and shorts and t-shirts and hoodies and a babysitter and 2 baby bottles 1girle bottle and 1boy bottle with silicones that can eat and are really cute

  15. You should make snowball cookie’s I think they are you’re favorite cookie’s that my mom and I make because you took more bites of it then the cookie’s a few year’s before!☺Ps. they are my favorite too!

  16. Hello my name is Mya and this is a wish I hope this boy name John can like me until he tells me that he has feeling for me in collage okay Santa and this is a wish or favor


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