Teddy Bear School – Teach your Teddy Bear a new trick!

Teddy Bear School time again!

My name is Mouse the Littlest Elf.  I am one of Santa’s Elves from the North Pole.  I have been teaching my Teddy Bear tricks for years.  Now, I want to help you to teach your Teddy Bears.  Do you remember the tricks I taught you earlier?  For example, we taught our bears to sit and fall over.  Are they doing well?  Are you proud of your bears?

Today I am going to teach you the hardest trick yet.  This needs a lot of work.  If you are not ready for a lot of work yet, then get out of here.  Go and jump in the snow or wrap some presents.  If you are ready for a lot of hard work, then let’s get going.

Today in Teddy Bear School we are going to teach our Teddy Bears how to fetch.  Do you think we can do it?  I think that we can.  You are going to do great.

Teddy Bear School Lesson for Today

Fetching is an important trick to learn.  Indeed, it means that your bear can bring things to you.  Imagine on Christmas morning.  You tell your bear to fetch a present.  Your bear goes to the tree or your Christmas stocking and comes back with a present.  Wow!

Firstly, you have to show your Teddy Bear the thing you want them to fetch.  Should we start with a sock?  Show them the sock.  Now, point to it and say ‘sock’ in a loud voice.  Of course, make sure that they know what a sock is.

Without delay, show them where the sock is.  Of course, you don’t want to hide the sock.  Now, wait until your bear looks ready.  Then, in a loud voice, say ‘Fetch the sock. Go on. Fetch the sock.’

Your bear probably won’t do it the first time.  Take your bear with you and go get the sock.  Then show your bear how it is done.

The more you practice, the better your bear will get after all.  Lastly, don’t forget to give your bear a treat when they do it.

Merry Christmas!
Mouse the Littlest Elf

P.S.  Was this a hard trick for your teddy bear to learn?  Also, what other tricks would you like your teddy bear to do?  Leave a message here or scroll down to see how other teddy bears did and pictures of them too!

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  1. hi miss clus i am a good girl all day but here is the story once i was fighing over with my bother but i walked to my bother and i said i am sorry and now me and dylan fixed all up to be happy agian and now today when i turn 12 i need a birthday present from a elf like any elf but not a doll beacueas the eyse looks creepy to me. thank u

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