Teddy Bear Training School – The elves started teddy bear training!

teddy bear training
It’s Teddy Bear Training Time!

Merry Christmas!  It is me, Mighty Mouse.  Ha ha, I am just joking.  I have been reading too many comics.  I am not Mighty Mouse, I am Mouse the Littlest Elf.  Santa has let me take over his blog today so that we can start our very first teddy bear training lesson.

Is your teddy bear as naughty as mine?  I have a special teddy bear who always sleeps in my bed with me.  He is the softest teddy bear in the world, but he does get up to a lot of mischief.  One time, when I was asleep, he hid my elf slippers.  I found them in the bath.  It was lucky that they were still dry.  It was so funny!

Another time, I woke up with my hair sticking all over the place.  I am sure that my teddy bear must have done that.  I have no idea how else it could have happened.

Well, if you are like me and have a mischievous teddy bear, the teddy bear training school is just what your bear needs.  Teddy bear training school is just like puppy training school.  We are going to teach your teddy bear to listen to you and to perform tricks.  The more they listen, the less trouble they are going to get into.

Teddy Bear Training School

Today, we are going to teach our teddy bears their very first trick.  We are going to teach them to fall over.  This is just like a dog rolling over.  When your bear does fall over, you can scratch and rub their belly.  Teddy bears love that.

The first step is to sit your teddy bear on the ground.  Then, in a very firm voice, say ‘Fall Over!’ to your bear.  If they fall over straight away, then you are a natural teddy bear trainer!

If your bear does not fall over, you might need to point your finger at them as you say the command, ‘Fall Over!’.  And if that does not work, then you might have to give them a little push.

Practice, practice, and practice.  Your teddy bear may not get it straight away, but they will get it eventually.  While you are practicing, have someone take a picture of you and your bear and send it to us.  We would love to see you and your bear in action.

Merry Christmas!
Mouse the Littlest Elf

P.S.  Do you think this is a good trick for your teddy bear to learn?  What other tricks can your teddy bear do?  Leave a message here or scroll down to see what other teddy bears can do and pictures of them too!

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