Teddy Bear Training School – Today’s lesson from the elves!

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Teddy Bear Training Time!

Merry Christmas!  Do you remember me? My name is Mouse the Littlest Elf.  I am the very first elf to teach at the teddy bear training school.  If you want a teddy bear who listens and behaves, then you have come to the right place.  Last time I helped you to teach your teddy bear how to fall over.  I hope that you have been practicing.  I have loved all the pictures you have been sending.

Today, I am going to teach you two new tricks to teach your teddy bear.  These are my two fav tricks.  The tricks are ‘Sit’ and ‘Treat Time’.  These are both tricks which you can teach dogs as well as teddy bears.  When people are teaching a dog, they often teach them to beg.  I don’t like to teach my teddy bear to beg, and that is why I call it Treat Time instead.

Today’s First Teddy Bear Training Lesson: Sit!

Let’s start with Sit.  This is one of the easiest tricks to teach your bear.  Place your bear on the ground, or on any other flat surface.  Now, the trick to this trick, is to be confident when you are talking to your bear.  When you are the Littlest Elf it is sometimes hard to be confidant, especially when you are  talking to a big bear!

Look your bear straight in the eye.  Calmly and confidently, tell your bear to ‘Sit’.  Your bear should stay where they are and not move.  If they do move, you may have to start again.  If they move a lot, then you might have to point at them when you tell them to ‘Sit’ (so that they know you are serious).

Today’s Next Lesson: Treat Time!

Once your bear can sit on command, you can move onto Treat Time.  This one is a little harder.  Start again with your bear sitting on a flat surface.  Give you bear time to get settled before you start.  Look your bear in the eye again and ask them ‘Who Wants A Treat?”

If you have given the command with enough confidence, your bear will sit up a little taller.  You may not notice it so look closely.  When your bear sits up straight, make sure to give them a treat.  Of course, you get to have a treat too. Your treat is for being such a good Teddy Bear trainer!

Well, that is all for today.  Keep sending me pictures of you and your bear, and please let me know which trick works better for you and your bear.

Merry Christmas!
Mouse the Littlest Elf

P.S.  Which tricks can your bear do best?  What other tricks can your teddy bear do?  Leave a message and picture here or scroll down to see what other teddy bears can do and pictures of them too!

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  1. It’s teddy time. And my teddy loves it. She is so happy. Thank you for being her teacher. She loves it and you So much.
    Amy and teddy

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