Thanksgiving Day at the North Pole — now with hoofball!

thanksgiving day hoofball
A game of Thanksgiving Day hoofball!

Thanksgiving day was so much fun at the North Pole this year.  I told you all about the food Mrs. Claus and the baking elves made (and how I tried to help). Thank you for all the wonderful pie ideas.

The elves decided to make more pumpkin pies, since so many of you like that kind.

They also made gumdrop pie, but I don’t think anyone suggested that.

Before we ate all those scrumptious pies on Thanksgiving day, we played hoofball.  Have you ever played hoofball?  This is a very popular sport in the North Pole.  I get so many letters from children that want footballs, soccer balls, baseballs and volleyballs for Christmas.  Nobody ever asks for a hoofball.  I guess that’s because it is a reindeer game and not played by girls and boys.

Hoofball is a lot like football, but in the snow.  There is a lot more kicking in it and since it is a reindeer game, flying is allowed.  Comet is our best hoofball player.  He is very fast and none of the other reindeer can catch him.

I can’t catch Comet, but I did tackle Prancer in the snow.  We both rolled and rolled.  We looked like giant snowballs with arms and legs (or hooves and antlers in Prancer’s case).

Time For Thanksgiving Day Dinner!

Mrs. Claus called us in when the feast was ready.  I could smell the delicious turkey and warm buttery rolls before I even got inside.  Everyone was excited to eat, but first we shared what we were thankful for this year.  It is Thanksgiving Day after all!   Do you want to know what I am thankful for this year?  It is all of you.

I have such a long list of nice children. Children that are kind, tell the truth, try their best in school and listen to their moms and dads. You are making this world a wonderful place.  That makes me happy and thankful.  I’m also thankful that Christmas is just a few weeks away!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some parades I must get to! 😊

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving Day in your home? Do you eat a big feast? What are you thankful for this year? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people are thankful for!

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9 special messages to Santa about “Thanksgiving Day at the North Pole — now with hoofball!”

  1. This thanksgiving my family and I went to Florida to see more family. We had a good dinner but it wasn’t like at home when my mom and dad took all day making the food just perfect so that at the end of the day we could all sit down and enjoy! But I am thankful that we got there safe it wasn’t an easy way down but it Shure was a good time there!

  2. I Do But i am 21 not married and i always do specail things on thanksgiving *winks* but i can’t theres no presents for me anymore if only you came 😉

  3. I celebrate thanksgiving to. this year I went up to my cousins in Albany. almost everyone there helped cook something, I helped with the roals and helped set the table. This year I’m thankful for friends, family, food, a roof over my head, world peace, a nice comfy bed to sleep in and you (Santa clause)

  4. We also celebrated Thanksgiving -it was our third here in America. Mom cooked up a REALLY BIG turkey and we invited our friends. This year, I am thankful that I have a family, friends, a roof over my head, and plenty of food. I’ll be thankful for world peace when we have that, too.

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