The New Santa Claus Webcam!

Watch the Santa Claus webcam Live online!
Santa Claus webcam

Have you ever wanted to “see Santa LIVE!” at the North Pole?

Have you ever wondered, “What does Santa do before Christmas?”

Are you fascinated by the festive feats of Father Christmas and friends?

Well, the elves have a present for you.  Now you can watch me on my Santa Claus webcam online!

Yes, the Christmas video camera is always on at the North Pole!

I hope you will visit the new Santa Claus web cam the elves made for me!  You can finally “see Santa online” any time you want.

When you watch my live video feed, make sure you wave.  I just might wave back — and more!  You might even see me writing in my blog.  And if you catch those elves playing tricks on me again, make sure you let me know!

Speaking of elves, Clumsy the Elf keeps tripping over the webcam wires.  So, if the live connection to the North Pole just so happens to stop working while you are watching it, you will know why!

Luckily, it only takes a second to plug the webcam back in again.  Then you can watch it some more!  (Well, at least until the next time Clumsy walks by!  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!)

And please make sure to tell all your friends about my new Christmas webcam too!

Merry Christmas and See Me Soon!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you watched the Santa Claus webcam?  What did you think of it?  How did you share it with your friends?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!

460 special messages to Santa about “The New Santa Claus Webcam!”


  2. hi santa i want a puppy some xbox 360 games a magic set a few movies . A nother elf on the shelf . Oh and can lucky come back for a little visit and all the holidays this year and next year. Love you so m much Santa love Silas Duane Matson.

  3. fairygod parent kyleleeanderson
    magic wand
    cosmo wanda
    my addrees is Indianapolis Indiana
    united statesof America land of the free
    I was born in msd of Martinsville highschool Indiana morgan county
    I now live indinapolis Indiana now from indinapolis Im moving out of the hospital TO


  4. Hi, Santa! I am a little mad because my sister keeps stealing my candy when I am not home and she is a not so good sportsmenship person and she doesn’t let other people win and she wins all the games even me and she is a sore loser and I let her win but she deosn’t let me win.

  5. we love you santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!were ecxited for tonight hope we get everything we want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!merry Christmas

  6. hi santa for christmas i want gloves,hat,backpack,clothes,boots,iphone 5,underwears,bras

  7. hi guys i sent a letter to santa you should send one to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dear Santa all I want for chrismas is a malerelen and all of her stuff .Can I all so have a figje camera and a cas .From Scarlet.

  9. Dear Santa
    My friend always said you aren’t real…
    So I thought that I’ll go to heaven to see you but mommy got scared and said no.
    You are real!

  10. i like cookies and rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Twins like 48.25 it turns like about 39 inche 39 inches long This is like about 3 feet deep to text you their umbrella call and ask Heather and Bella on the end of it already hooked onto it Deborah little red white and Dennis is the schedule matrix right on it
    Nostalgia electrics this is a hotdog cart this is made out of metal and this is a very long and hotdog cart has wheels and
    This is like 150 feet and it’s like 150 pounds that’s what it ways and comes in a big long box it is and it could be put out there in our garage and then you connected disconnected it to try to come by noon (onto our garage roof
    And then just big item OK could just drop you put out there in design need to be wrapped up in Star Wars wrapping paper and designers like about $300
    In this is for the whole family to share Hunter Mason he up in this is for the whole Weber family family to be considering weder vaughn
    Didn’t want you to become running a little note saying this is for the whole family to come to the concern this one big item big big disses like a red cart and it comes with lawn feet long legs then we would like to have Donna on the other end and then it all looks all together with screws bolts and Dennis comes with a screwdriver
    have metal lawn middle seat Just want to Chaz lawn metal legs Read this comes with a red shelf to hook onto it to
    Comes with a note on the side icebox for your drinks the tenets record
    And then disses a metal one
    Did you text has metal hotdog rollers I’m good at Rose I’ll talk something to cook

  12. hello Santa Claus i love u very much this Christmas I am going to keep u some cookies milk and carrot for your reindeer

  13. hello santa i love you so so SO MUCH! i also have a brother he loves you alot and a dog i mean why not? her name is ellie im nitsako and my brother is ikako i love you hope you come and read my letter.

  14. the webcam does not work with mobile devices (ipods, kindles, etc.) There is too much magic for them to handle. Use a regular computer and you’ll be able to see everything just fine.

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Hi Santa my name is Alison Jane bush
    I been a good girl this year and I want something special for Christmas please love Alison

  16. dear santa clus if ikeep my room clean may ihelp you out on Christmas eve as aelf your friend andy

  17. Dear Santa,
    I want a Xbox one.
    I want a Xbox one headset.
    I want a Xbox one controller.
    From,Benjamin Taylor
    Oh yeah I LOVE YOU SANTA!!!!!!

  18. dear santa clus if ikeep my room clean may ihelp you out on Christmas eve as aelf your friend andy

  19. Hi Santa Claus Can I have a lol doll and ty and a iPhone 7 some new shoes size 5 and some tops and shorts size 12 laptop and phone case
    From Charley

  20. Hi you are the best person i could ever talk to i hope you your elves and Mrs clause are okay i can’t believe i’m talking to you santa clause have you got a letter from Eve.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I send you the elves and Mrs clause lots of love and hugs and kisses

  21. Hey are we on the nice list?

    Also hope you have a early happy Thanksgiving

  22. Hello santa I love you so so much I hope I get everything I want love from summer xxxxxx

  23. Dear Santa
    All I want for Xmas is an iPod Touch and I want it to be gold plus some good cases and a popsocet can I please have this my x also wants a puppy for Xmas thank you

  24. I love Santa for Christmas I would like
    1. Art sets
    2. Roal Dahl books
    3. Papers/ books
    4. Colouring books
    5. Things to draw write and colour with please like pens pencils and crayons

  25. I want … Lol dolls Shopkins 1 gallon of glue Converse shoes-10 pairs low tops and high tops baking soda boddles of food coloring-blue-green-yellow-red-black-orange-pink-purple-black letter from Santa lots of slime and Airon Putty boys shorts and shirts millions and millions of dollars – hundreds please neon orange bike sheets, pillow case , and blankets boys shoes tent art kits trampoline kids drive around jeep crystals new swag sun glasses
    lip stick that shows up
    all colors expo markers
    desk chair
    pack of money
    trash can
    head bands
    new leotards
    food squishies
    please put small presents in my room under my tree in my room-thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Hi Santa it’s me Valerie I think the elves are very crazy every year/day I pretend my teddies are my real children. I have an invisible husband my teddies want a new sister + they ❤ you so whomever is reading this message I’m kinda crazy so is my dog Bark but Bark shreds anything she can find and she is super crazy.

  27. hi santa I am using a family members computer but everyone is excited for Christmas so am I
    my sister is to & Lb (little brother)

  28. Hi santa my name is guinevere and im in grade 5 i also just turned ten please tell everyone that i love them santa and and the reindeers that to ok i got to go santa bye i love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. santa thank you for the motor cyicle this yer thank

    you so much! you are the beast

  30. My elf jingles didn’t come back this year I was wondering if I could have her back please cause I can talk to her when I go threw hard times PLEASE can you send her to me now THANKYOU
    LOVE Hannah

  31. Good boy sleeping all night riel tattoo go to the gym with Tom

    Love you so much

    From Luke

  32. ही सांता हाऊ अरे यू आप बहुत अच्छा है आप मेरा को गिफ्ट दीजिए न सांता क्लॉज़ की बहुत बहुत अछा हो

  33. Dear Santa Clause i hope you get this can you respond to me asap plz i was wanting to know if my elf on the shelf Pinky was there cause she left kinda early i was talking a shower and come back downstairs and she is not in the fridge no more so i was wondering if she is there???

  34. Yo Santa! How’s it goin’? Reindeer kickin’ ya? Bells not a ringin’? Elves bitin’? Or is everything goin’ just fine? What is your address?

  35. dear santa clus god special friends from saint peter Lutheran church in Arlington heights they are going tooo bee sining some Christmas carols at the Lutheran home in Arlington heights Wednesday December 13 your friend andy

  36. Hi Santa you r bitterly the only one who can make me happy and smile. Christmas is my faves holiday. You always can make me smile. And I want a puppy 4 chrismas, and a new phone,plus that new bakeing oven.

    P.S. I really want my mom to be happy but I never get to spend time with her anymore like we used to. Can u help me with that plez

  37. Dear santa i want you to get me lots of presents this year i whant to be on the good list so I’m going to stop being bad. by the way are tree looks nice and this is Carleigh makay Lee

  38. Hay santa its me jordan, john’s grandson can you possibly help me my mom crystal wants to visit me but she’s homeless and broke she’s with my grandma can you help her get to my house? I owe you big time if you can so please I really miss her.

  39. My mom will not let me buy the webcam. Can my elf Ellie depack come tonight so I can see her tomorrow.

  40. Hi Santa my name is TAHITI AND my mama tells me your going to come to my house. I am a chocolate Labrador puppy I want to know how long I have to wait. I’ve been VERY VERY GOOD AND I CANT WAIT TO GET A COOKIE PLEASE BOW WOW MERRY CHRISTMAS PLEASE SEND ME A PICTURE OF YOU SO I WONT BE SCARED WHEN I SEE YOU. LOVE TAHITI

  41. dear santa clus for Christmas iwould like achicago cubs Christmas tree and some more choolate coverd bachon your friend andy

  42. Hi santa I’m Lacie I have two sisters called Lauren and Leah I cannot wait for you to arrive àt my house this Christmas!!

  43. hi santa this is what i want for christmas
    3.ipod touch
    6.purple touchscreen latop

  44. Hi santa you just sent me a letter in the mail I am so happy I have been good this year I even took your naughty and nice quiz and it said I was nice thank you so much for being the jolly red role model during christmas time I am so happy I can’t wait until you come it’s going to be so exciting I am also giving you a bunch of extra cookies just to be extra nice christmas is my favorite holiday and your the one who makes it special and tops it off your truly amazing to me even though some people don’t believe in you I am sorry for that but I always will believe in you your the best person in the world thank you for calling me last year I hope you call me this year to

  45. hi im zoe and i would really like a iphone 5 s ppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee by the way im a youtuber guys

  46. dear santa this year i realy want gymnastics stuff and a real kitty. from kaylee

    dear santa this year i realy want a fun board game also hunting gear. from garrett

  47. Hi my name is imogen i wont to see you on web cam if i do i am shiy so pleas thakc it easy as i have mild Lerner disbletes atesum epilepsy from imogen by the way i am 22 hers old

  48. How do you say I’m taking medicine and I’m just wishing for a laptop this year it’s up to us and I’m really really looking forward to the nice things that you put right there and I don’t have parents that I better hurry but I can’t think about veterans just as much as others other people do right and then I really really really really really love them because they fight for our country so we can have freedom where can I get a laptop this year I’m just saying because I really wanted to kiss you so bad too because I know you get lonely X X xo xo xo X

  49. Things i want gor chrismas im writting from my moms phone i want a piano super powers hove board mals spell book from decsendes and no one to die or my brother andy not to get sick i really want a piano and no wone to die. I dont want my brother to get sick Andy Padilla

  50. Dear Santa,
    Nice to meet you, today i want:
    1. an iphone 6
    2. some legos
    3. a diary

  51. Dear,Santa I wonder what’s it like in your workshop how is Mrs.clause doing ?

  52. Dear Santa,
    Some things I want for Christmas is:
    1.Invisibility Potion
    2.Gymnastic Bars
    3.Mermaid Potion
    4.Mermaid Powers ( Water rising,and Invisibility when ever I want!

    Violet Fae Franklin

    Santa Clause

  53. I love you Santa I’m going to be leaving you milk and cookies and candy canes for Christmas I love you so much you are the best

  54. I will have chocolate cookies out for you and milk.i love you so much

  55. I always love your presence when you send them to me because they’re always nice just like you

  56. hi santa it is me kayla I love all the things you do for me I love the gifts here is some mice things about you are kind are helpful give nice gifts
    4. you are loveable

  57. Hey Santa I always wanted to see you but you can’t let us see you what do you do for Christmas but I would love to have an IPhone 6

  58. Dear santa Claus i want to still Believe in santa Claus all the day long that is my wish.

  59. Santa can you send my self to my house so he can get some stuff for you and my sister in law

  60. santa i wonder how i can reach you,can you tell me how.and please make sure you give me your phone number.and the last thing i will say is,you can call me anything you want bye.

  61. Hi Santa! It’s Braelyn Grandle here. I would like to thank you for doing all the things that you do! I would like to come visit your workshop and your elves sometime. (:

  62. Santa for next Christmas ppplleeeaasseee can I have a iPhone 6 I’m 10 and please can I get a new puppy I
    Ove you so much I am so grateful for what I got this year if you get me what I want I will give you extra cookies and I will give you extra milk and carrots for the reindeer can I also have one of your elves because they seem very nice bye

  63. hi Santa and elves you probley are watching me write now and i have lots of stuff to say but i have it all on a note for tonight when you come to my Memas and i will leave you some fruit in stead of cookies and at Mommys i will leave you out a peacie of pumpkin roll love you
    love,Hailey reed!!!!!!

  64. dear saint nick: what do i want for xmast 1.all of the my little pony toys 2.winxclub dolls 3.iphone and all of the dog things’s (dont mind it) see you i hope you wont be angry becouse i have many wish but hope you will make it love ya from:kaezhireah(kz)

  65. hi santa
    my cristmas list
    2.america doll
    thanks for reading LOVE YOU:D

  66. hi santa
    my cristmas list
    2.america doll
    thanks for reading LOVE YOU:D

  67. Alot of my friends think your not real I am starting to think your not I mean i havn’t been good but I am trying to be good but it is not easy to always behave for me,I dont fit in with anything I am always left out but talk to you later

  68. Santa Thank you for the wonderful Christmas every year only being alive 8 years but thank you I hope that they get better every year and I want oh my phone for Christmas and electric scooter and to have one year and thank you

  69. Hi Santa I love you and some of my friends don’t believe in you and I told them your real I love you hugs and kisses to everybody at the North Pole

  70. All i want for x-mas is american girl doll things i want maryellens birthday dress and her poddle skirt and her crinilon i love you and i found a fake santa on youtube can you please put him on the bad list thank you a lot.

  71. Dear Santa I would like a iPhone 6 s but I know that I already getting one but I really want a machine gun near it not real

  72. I want a big remote control mud truck. If you can not get that I would really like An iPod touch 5!!!!!! I have really tried hard to b good 5his year!

  73. I want I want for Christmas is to come to the north pole to see you how is rude off I was prancer vixen, Cupid dire listen I I want I want for Christmas is to come to the north pole do you see you how how is Rudolphoff how is prancer vixen, Cupid diner for Christmas I want 14 inches of snow inches of snow and PS i Want a puppy for Christmas and I Y Jake the snake

  74. Dear Santa,
    There is a lot I want for Christmas I want 5 horse Lucie to be my sister . I want 4 feet of snow a lot of presents and I want to be a vet when I grow up. Santa have I been good ?
    I have been very good but with a few naughty marks.
    Santa please help to bring my family back together.thank you
    Love , carmen

  75. Dear Santa,
    I know you’d expect me to not believe since I’m 11 and all but I still believe and I really, really want my whole family to be together this year my family in Maryland, Vermont, Virginia, and some of our family friends because I haven’t seen any of them in years and I really miss them. I would also like for the kids who have been picking on my cousin because he’s different to get coal and know what it feels like. The last thing I want is for my puppy to stop eating rocks because one day it could kill him and I don’t want that to happen. If you could make one of these wishes happen then I’d really appreciate it.
    Love & Thanks,

  76. Santa am I good, can you get me a barbie doll. Can you also get me a real baby chicken and a tablet. PLEASE. PLEASE.

  77. Santa I’ll like to say thank you for all the toys and the spirit and I’ll want to say I hope you your reindeer and your elves are going to have a party for Christmas eve.


  78. Santa I hope all your elves and reindeer are ready to fly and catch a beautiful sight in those quick 32 hours you have to fly. Also if you would like to see what my friend and I Hannah Depre were practicing on dong for Christmas Eve and also the song “Winter Wonderland go on my youtube channel my name is: beth harkness.
    hope you can get on it also everyone I know belives. Belives in you Santa Claus, you :). 17 days to chritmas and Santa along the way please say happy birthday to Jesus for me. Thanks 🙂


  79. Can i have a pet puppy border collie cause i have been waiting for a dog for 5 years. Please bring me a puppy border collie for Christmas.

  80. hi my name is reilley as you may now my mummy having a baby around christimas love reilly xo

  81. hi santa claus this is leigha what i would like for christmas is makeup and perfume and lotion and some new clothes this year for christmas so have a wonderful night santa claus thanks abunches!!!

  82. Hey Santa ,
    Can you please get me a Dirt bike!
    From -Ryan,(5 years old)

    Hey Santa ,
    Can you please get me some more lps from pet fest!
    From -Billie Jo,(6 years old )

    Hello Santa ,
    This year my family is making you some amazing cookies and goodies for you to enjoy !

  83. hi santa clause this is chloe i am looking forward to getting a lps jet and a zoomer kitty and lots of more toys enjoy the cookies i give you merry christmas! goodbye.

  84. hi,this is payton ive been really good this year and im looking forward to getting a go pro christmas morning i would really love for you leave a note on my counter i hope you enjoy your cookies and milk also we will leave rain deer food in our yard. good bye santa merry christmas!

  85. Hi santa this is camryn Elizabeth Rizzolo I was wondering if I am on the nice list and what I want for Christmas is a Holla hoop makeup kit and a IPhone5s

  86. Dear Santa Claus

    I would like a something for Christmas is a lab top I have that on my list Merry Christmas to you ❄

  87. Dear Mr Santa Clause….
    Hello My Name Is Claire As You probably Already Know…
    My Mummy Is Having A Baby At Christmas time and theres only one thing i want to wish for …. it is the best christmas for my baby sister and family .

    Thank You So Much….

    Claire x Love ya

  88. Dear Santa This Year On My Christmas Wishlist is …..
    A Wii u …
    A Primark Gift Card …
    And The Best christmas ever for my family because my mum is having a baby for xmas love you santa see you on christmas x

  89. hi santa i would really like a iphone, starbucks giftcard, hollerstir jeans and a really good christmas for me my mom and my sister

  90. Me puedes dar jugetes de jurassic world, jelly beans porfavor y en la carta te mando mas cosas te quiero santa

  91. Can I have a MacBook air and a zoomer interactive pup and some summer clothes also some plush toys like I huge big teddy bear and some Lego not the girl type and some art and drawing supplies please thanks from mikayla

  92. dear santa all i want for crihsmas is a new pair of cow girl boots and a ipod and iphone 6 and a cowgirl barbiedoll and a horse to come with it if i can i will leave you some cookies and a moutiondew also i want pictures of your raindeers especialiy a poster of care underwood and a new bike if that is hard to ask for if it is to hard for your elfs and you i don’t need anyhing else

  93. Dear Santa I want to talk to u on the phone just once at least also I want a elf on the shelf.

    Your friend adrian spires

  94. Hi I have been realy good this year my bedroom is tidy I’m going to leave you a cookie and milk and a carret for you reindeers

  95. hi Santa same of those are good my with list is here a puppy a iPad
    a laptop and a iPod and bye love you

  96. Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is an iPad mini 2 and I will promise all be good

  97. I love the webcam I like when you had a sign on your butt that said JELLY BELLY! I cracked myself up. I am your best believer and love you very much.


  98. Hi Santa please phone me back as soon as you see this message I love you love from Benjamin xxxx

  99. I love Santa very much. I want to become an elfin the North Pole. May Santa give me the permission to be an elf. Love you…

  100. hello santa how are you doing today please tell me your doing good . because i am. love,

  101. hi Santa I have tried to do the web cam but I could not get it to work and I would also like to tell you what I want for Christmas to I would like an I pod,3ds,instent snow that you ad water to and then it is snow, a pool that is 3 ft deep and a small pool that is 2 ft deep for my brother Blake that is what the 2 ft deep pool is for him.

  102. Santa you are the best I hope that I’m on the nice list or naughty list. And I’m not begging but I want a IPhone 6 or just a nice phone and I also want a Xbox 1 and I’m just 8 I don’t really need it but have a jolly day Santa and everyone and Merry Christmas!!!! 🙂

  103. I would realy like an I pod for christmas and I realy want a ramote control farie and all the monster high peapole and all the frozen pepole and a new pare of earings and three pares of kids high heels in size 3 thank you

  104. I want Jurassic world movie the lost world Jurassic park Sweet November movie Dear Santa I love you Santa you live the North pole I live apartment homes love Sedi

  105. Santa I want a IPad and Play house have a wonderful Christmas and be careful! !!!!!!!!!:-)

  106. dear Santa my name is Christopher mejias
    and im 11 years old and was wondering that am I good this year
    love Chris
    p.s merry Christmas

  107. i love the christmas spirt and christmas is about caring for each other and give them gifts if you do not they won’t give you a gift if you do then they we give you one back merry christmas and happy new year

  108. frozen doll of elsa and anna olaf and a ipod5 and a horse and 2 baby cows brown swiss thath eats chips and drink tea

  109. I love the Santa cam it’s nice to see you at the north pole getting ready! we love you be careful!

  110. hi this is Oakley I’m so exited for sparkle to come I realy want a IPhone 5 and a case for it with OBF on it and I want it to be pasley

  111. Hi. I’m Alyssa Gilliam and I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have gave for Christmas. I already have a Christmas list for what I want. I just hope that I would get to see you for Christmas and I wish you and your elves a jolly Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!!!

  112. If your here Jingles part of the terry group I want you to know I hope you come to our house I love you and Santa

  113. Santa , All I want for Christmas is for Johnny to be alive.. that’s all I want . I miss him dearly .

  114. Hi I want a dog I don’t have any friends and I never had a pet please Santa please and thank you

  115. Hi santa gess what for Christmas I would like a iPod and a picture of you

  116. Santa for my birthday can I have a moxie girl mermaid,computer,phone,winx club dolls,h2o mermaid tail,h2o mermaid crystal,mermaid spell,mermaid potion,make up,doll house,doll car.i would be so greatful.

  117. hi santa i really cant wait till christmas to open all of my presents xx i love you santa <3 thats a love heart


  119. Dear Santa Claus,
    I love your web cam! Maybe i can learn alot from you. I had fun watching you and can not wait til christmas for you to come to my house.

    Love Morgan

  120. hi santa can you make it snow for me if i wake up on chirstmas eve i want to help deliver presents im counting on you.

  121. Dear Santa,

    its is so nice to speck to you Santa
    theres something I would like for
    Christmas they are a deer stand and
    a dirt bike I promise to take
    percautionar steps on the deer
    stand and to always ware a helmont
    on the dirt bike.
    tell Mrs. Claus that I love here and tell the elves I said from my heart
    I love them and if nobody on the earth believes in Santa I still and will always believe.

  122. i would like a exbox 360 the game i want is madden 13 and ncaa 14 and wwe allstars and a playstation 4 madden 14 that is it i love you love love love love love love love love love love you have alot of spiritlove love love love

  123. one direction stuff! 1D life sized standee.1D shirts.1D dolls.1D cds.1D bags. Oh my jellybeans i would be sooo happy if i got 1D concert tickets.

  124. Hey Santa thanks for my letter I liked it I think your really nice I wrote one back right

  125. Hi Santa I wrote U A Letter An thinking About mailing it to U And I Am In The Double Digets And I Still Belive in U How Are the Reindeer??How Mrs.Claus And the Elfs??How IS everything Going at the noth Pole… Are U Getting Stuff Ready For This Chrismas And Stuff??Is it Hot There At The Summer!!!

  126. we all belive trust us santa clause!i mean all of us. we know we r getting too old but we belive trust me have we been good so far-karyna abbeyhi sorry i didnt send you any thing i do belive maggie tell r i said hi

  127. I simply could not leave your website prior to suggesting that I really enjoyed the usual information an individual provide on your visitors? Is going to be again steadily to inspect new posts

  128. dear, Santa Claus i love u. the foster children and the homeless children love Christmas too. hopefully they can try and have the best Christmas ever.

    love ya 🙂 >3

  129. your the best santa claus!the elve seem very handsome and helpful! you sure talk about them a lot!

  130. your the best santa claus!the elve seem very handsome and helpful! you sure talk about them a lot!i love you!

  131. I love you Santa elves and mrs clause Santa can you take me on your sleigh one day pretty please

  132. IT is very good beacause you can see santa clase live in conctact. Hopefully on christmas eve santa likes mince pies ow and ruldolfe likes his carrots

    love holly

  133. I saw it and it was really neat! I saw Santa playing bowling on the wii. Haha!;)
    ~Thank you for putting on the Santa Webcom.

  134. I saw Santa on his wii!

    This is so amazing. Now me and my brother can watch Santa!

    Thank you elves, and Clumsy, try not to be so…Clumsy!

    Merry early Christmas!

  135. I really like the idea Who Came up with it If you ever need help with anything I can help

  136. Dear, Santa

    I Have been really good this year and i am loving the NEW WEBCAM. BTW looking good, but could u ask the elves if they can turn on the sound so all of us fans of you can talk to you

  137. dear nick,
    his is christian duffie from gastonia n.c U.S.A I would like to send a letter to you can you place give me your address and
    I will have it to you so so soon and you can send me wan
    christian duffie

  138. I would like to try out the new webcam, but I don’t have a camera in my computer to do it…… maybe if I get a laptop from you I can do it then…. that is if I get one. 🙂 <3

  139. hello santa johayana well bojour santa it is really you i love you santa and the reeinders and mrs clause

  140. i have been diagnosed with ADHD people have been not treating me nicely lately what do i do???????

  141. Hi Santa in Samoa I heard you’re reindeer bells and I was shocked. And for chrismas I would like to have a iPad please Santa can I have one please

  142. I wrote a long list and I want 234 presents I wrote in the list to you please, and You’re our hero to our hearts Santa. We love you and Hi Rudolph! 😀

  143. I have been watching you on that all day keep up the good work you are really funny too it must be fun to be you

  144. i love the santa claus live webcam it fells that your there with santa i would give it 10 out of 10
    its my 2nd year on email santa . com

  145. I love this idea it is so much fun to sit here and watch santa with the kids. This is our 3rd year visting this website and helps us keep santa in our hearts.

    Thanks for everything you do to keep Santas website up and running it does make a difference in peoples lives.

  146. i wot i paod2 zumba top zumba treser zumba shoes and make up i liner eresa bookele


  148. Santa thank you about doing what you do to kids.Now I know the true meaning about christmas. it’s about you and when Jesus was born. Happy holidays! Yours truly,Toby Lehman

  149. Hi Santa can you tell what one of my presents are because I need you to mail my mom,Lisa Lee to tell her to let me put the Christmas tree up. Also can you please tell what one of my presents are, just mail it to me.

  150. i reaaly wanna see the webcam b ut im too shy ps do u rememeber the time i saw u at the mall? wen i was 4? i cried to i realy wasnt having a good day. well have to go . merry christmas santa.

  151. Hi Santa I am so looking forward to Christmas. I am looking forward to see what you bring me. Love Katie. I hope you are nearly ready.

  152. Awesome! I just watched the webcam it’s really cool! My brother loved it! Merry Christmas. ~*Julia*~ P.S thanks for the letter!

  153. Santa your webcam is soooo cool. I just wonder on how clumsy trips over the webcam cords so easily.

  154. hi santa its me i thought it was so funny when you stareted to wathc tv on the webcam got to go bye love kaylee

  155. 오늘 착한일 정말 많이 했어요!!
    그리고 산타 할아버지를 꼭 보고싶어요!!
    꼭 답장해주세요.
    지훈이가 애타게 기다리고 있어요.
    안 자고 기다려야 겠어요.산타할아버지올때까지기다릴께요.25일날 봐요.!

    메리 크리스마스 지훈!

    당신의 좋은 일에 당신이 자랑스러워.

    산타 클로스

  156. My friends cat and dog acted like it was snowing chunks of snow. Hope you love Christmas everybody <3!! 🙂


  158. i hope u can reply to my letters and hopefully get everything that i have put on my list <3!!

  159. Hi Santa Claus it is Alex think you for the note i am on your websight love your best friend Alex.

  160. I love coming back to this site. Came across it for the first time last year. Do you still accept “A buck or two” for support?

    Here’s to another fantastic year for you, the kids and adults who will always believe in the magic of Christmas.

  161. Hello Santa!
    You juat started playing on the wii!! who knew that you wouldn’t be doing magical things like flying or builing a moving snowman!!!
    From Alice x

  162. santa the put on back it evies rule thay think that thay are battter than u lolol it make laft so hard i love see u santa

  163. sants claus if can get a chance can you give me a call i would be really happy to hear from you thank you
    love gianna p

  164. Dear Santa how do you become an elf I really want to be a person and a elf


  166. i can not see what they are doing all i hear is music.

    From the Techno Elves:

    Hi Andrea – the webcam does not work with mobile devices (ipods, kindles, etc.) There is too much magic for them to handle. Use a regular computer and you’ll be able to see everything just fine.

    Merry Christmas!

  167. Silly Clumsy! I love the webcam, Santa. The elves have played plenty of tricks on you…

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