The Untidy Elves

Untidy Elves and furry green grilled cheese sandwich
Untidy elves lead to furry, green, grilled cheese sandwiches for presents!

A long time ago the Christmas elves told me something.  They told me they didn’t want to tidy up any more!

They said, “Santa Claus, so many kids do not tidy up.  Why should we?”

I wasn’t too sure it was a good idea.  Most times, I would ask Mrs. Claus for her advice when I had a tough question.  But Mrs. Claus was away.

Those silly elves kept asking.  Finally, I said. “OK.  You are right.  There are a lot of children who do not tidy up.  You do not have to tidy up any more either”.

The elves all cheered!  They thought it was great.  No more cleaning up!  Still, I was not too sure about the whole thing.

Well, after just a few sleeps the North Pole Workshop was messy.

After a few more sleeps the North Pole Workshop was VERY messy!

It was so messy we could hardly find any presents!  And it was just before Christmas too!  It looked like no one was going to get presents that year!  Oh my!

That is when Mrs. Claus came home.  She almost fainted when she saw the mess!  But, she knew just what to do.  She made herself a great big mug of herbal eggnog.  It calmed her right down.  Then she got all the elves working and singing:

“Clean up, clean up,
Everybody do your share.
Clean up, clean up,
Everybody, everywhere.
Clean up, clean up,
Do it in your underwear!”

(Ok, that silly last part was what I was singing when Mrs. Claus wasn’t listening *wink*)

What Happens When You Have Untidy Elves!

We did a good job cleaning up.  But, there were still a few girls and boys who were sad that year.  They did not get the presents they wanted.  Instead, one little girl got a furry green grilled cheese sandwich.  Another little boy got a train Christmas morning — with a chewed pickle in it!

Well, that was the year I learned you always have to clean up after yourself.  But there are still some girls and boys who do not clean up.  So there are still some Christmas elves that think they do not have to tidy up either.

It’s too bad because then some girls and boys do not get presents (or else they get furry green grilled cheese sandwiches or chewed pickles by mistake!  Yuck!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think it is a good idea to clean up after you finish playing and to keep your room tidy?  You can tell me if you would like a chewed pickle for Christmas by leaving me a note.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!

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104 special messages to Santa about “The Untidy Elves”

  1. Dear Santa,

    We loved your letter- and remeber only 23 sleeps left. Please get us what we want or we will be VERY upset.

    See Ya reall sooonnnnn !!!

  2. hey,hey, whats up hope that your having a good halloween up at th north pole is it snowing up their how is it up their up here it calling for snow and it is halloween but i guess i should let you go and merry chrstmas and happy halloween and hope your ok i wish you good luck peace out home dog………
    p.s im going to a gymnastics thing with a friend…………….. .!!!

  3. my rooms clean toy wise but i have dirty clothes EVERYWARE but after i read this i wated to go clean my room after i right this okay ready… this

  4. Hi. Ik u exist and I always get nice things for christmas. Idk if I have been naaaughty or nice this year so if u could tell me i would be enterneerly grateful.

  5. The elves must be able to tidy up if there talent is to make toys.Because toys need a lot of work and after there is a lot of mess !!!. Tell the elves I want them to be able to tidy by next Christmas.

  6. Tell the elves I recomend they stay tidy so nobody ever has to get a chewed up pickle or a furry green grilled cheese sandwich.

  7. I think you should tidy up because just because someone does doesn’t mean you should do the same thing ( unless it is good) as they always say If someone told you to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge would you do it?

  8. i think its a good idea to tidy up because
    one day there might be a special day and you carnt find what you want to give them and when it comes to the day they are going to think you dont care .

  9. Dear Santa,
    Oh my goodness!!! I can’t believe they were happy about not cleaning!! I think I am kind of a neat freak! I just love cleaning and making things neat!! If I saw how messy it was… I would probably start cleaning it all right away!! Thanks!

  10. Santa I’m just using a nick name im sorry im not allowed any way , our house is quite messy but we ALWAYS clean it up for you!! You are so kind ! Thanks for every thing!

  11. I’m a very tidy boy.I always like to tidy up my room every week.I love having a nice clean room every day.And when I’m older I will be very tidy, for sure !

    Thanks Santa,

  12. who wants chewed onions thats just grose so I think the elves should take a bit more care of tidying up & there elves not children. same with furry sandwiches

  13. The elves should learn that everyone needs to do their part to keep the workshop clean as well as their rooms. Booooo for green furry sandwiches and chewed pickles!! I don’t like any pickles, even unchewed ones! >:o)

  14. why would anybody want a chewed pickel if it had been on the ground for 3 seconds i would eat it.Don`t forget the the 5 second rule.

  15. I won’t want a chewed pickle for my present… >.<
    That's why I clean up 'all the time'. (Well, sometimes I might miss out on the cleaning course…)

  16. Lol, Umm, I think they have been taking a VERY CLOSE look at my room. 😉 I have a VERY messy room. P.S. I don’t think I would want a Furry Green Sandwich!.

  17. Ireland said thatshe always cleans up so soshould the elfs,and she aiso said that she doesn’t want a eaten pickle. rock!


  19. Hi Santa,
    I been hoping my elf Riley would come back soon. I hope he can come back soon.

    P.S. Can my elf bring another one for my class

  20. Santa- I clean up really good. Better than my sister. My sister doesn’t clean up. I do NOT want a fuzzy green cheese sandwich- YUKO!

  21. I would like everyone to know that christmas is a very special holiday. I kmow some people like christmasa i hope you do to.

  22. I simply agree with you really about keeping things tidy, I use to always have trouble cleaning my room but I am very thankful to have it cleaned. I suppose I do since its alot easyer finding things because when things go missing it feels hurtful. But we must keep things clean indeed just like mother earth we have to keep it tidy so it doesnt get messy..heh. : )

    P.S. Stay Nyappy!

  23. I don’t want a fuzzy green grilled cheese sandwich or a chewed up pickle. I’m doing good on spelling. I would like you to leave a picture of Mrs. Claus and Rudolph. Make sure that the other reindeer don’t make fun of Rudolph any more. Merry Christmas.

  24. its a good idea to clean up after yourself, if not the room would become so cluttered and you wouldn’t be able to find anything.

  25. well ya you have to clean or house before you come or its sad that you come once and you saw my warm house that i live in so mess it like saying i have to many toys

  26. Honestly and truthfully, it would be REALLY DISCUSTING to get a chewed up pickle or a furry, green grilled cheese as a Christmas gift. (Besides, I hate pickles!)

  27. hi santa i can`t wait till chrismas i love your blog.santa how can you stay up all night and go round the world you must be so tired when you get back to the north pole.i love chrismas. i hope your getting plenty of sleep and the elves are working hard for you and your getting plenty of hot chocolet and all what you want and us are feeding the raindeers.i can`t wait in till you come it will be so exciting seeing all the presents on your sofa.imagin there was no chrismas your life would be rund i love to see the snow falling ok i better go but don`t worry i`ll be back thank you leahxxxxxx

  28. hi its katie again u sent me a letter on just a minuite ago and i will give u a mince pie for the food a carrots for the raindeers a scile of chocolate fo the elves and a drink for if u get thersdy on the way

    love katie xxxxx

  29. Santa, Its a good idea to clean your room always. Even after you clean up your toys you can still play and have fun. I like your clean up sont

  30. EEEH! I wouldent wants a chewed pickle in my stocking for christmas EEEH! On the other hand I shouldent have to worry about getting a chewed pickle in my stocking for Christmas enyway as my room often shines like tinsle on the Christmas tree *he he he*

  31. I think it is a really good and idea and that they should tidy up. So workshop could be cleaned otherwise Christmas could be ruined.

  32. Dear Santa I have have some papers on my desk. I put my uniform in taekwondo on my spot there’s no shelf for my nerf gun. On the briter sid it’s 23 sleeps til christmas eve.

  33. i think that everyone should do there fair share of tidying there rooms instead of leaving it to over people beacause some people need help tidying and it is rood!!!

  34. I think that everyone should do theren share of keeping there house clean, but sometime some people would rather live in a pig sty than clean up!
    I liked your story santa, and i love your blog (its the reason i wake up by will in the morning, but also i wanted to play in the snpoow, it snowed ALOT today and i just HAD to play in it 🙂 )

    -Bethany| 🙂 |

  35. Are th elves good behaved now who were the elves called and how many elves is there how long ago was the elves nauty and did u sack them. I hope that the elves are watching out on us and are well behaved

  36. My mum said when i tidy the house up i will get a reward for the things i do, maybe that will encourage them to clean up but they do not have to clean EVERY DAY! x x

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