Veteran’s Day

Today is a very special day.  It is not a day about treats from friends.  That is Halloween.  It is not a day about gifts from me, Santa Claus.  That is Christmas.   It is a day about a different gift.

Yes, today is a very special day.  Some of my friends call it Remembrance Day.  Some call it Armistice Day.  Some call it Veteran’s Day.

Like I said, today is not about Halloween treats.  Today is not about Christmas gifts.  Today is about a better gift.  It is not a gift you can eat.  It is not a gift you can open.  But it is better.

Today is about the gift of freedom.  If we did not have freedom, there might not be Halloween treats or Christmas gifts.  There might not be elves, flying reindeer, or even me, Santa Claus!

Like I said, today is not about witches.   Today is not about Santa Claus.  Today is about the men and women who gave us freedom.  Today we remember what they did for us.

They fought, and are still fighting, in wars.  They fought so we could have freedom.  Many of them died.  Many more of them were hurt.  We must always remember what they did so we could have freedom.


Poppy we are but children small,
We are too little to do it all.

Children you may do your part.
Love each other is how you start.
Play without fighting.
Share your games and toys.
Be kind and thoughtful,
To all girls and boys.

“Lest We Forget”

Santa Claus

P.S.  What things do you like to do that you would not be able to do if you were not free?  (Scroll down to leave your message for me or to see what others have written!)

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135 special messages to Santa about “Veteran’s Day”

  1. hi santa it is ciara remember you wroght me a letter I CANT WAIT FOR X-MAS i really cant i hope you come to my house
    love Ciara

  2. We are free because of them. they where happy children once and now they may be gone or going. we are free for now. so if us children can get along, when the adults have gone we can resatrt in the futer! we are a new genoration! So lets change how things are now, to make the world a better place for our children! i feel strong about this and so should you, because at the moment, life is being lead down into a bottemless pit, and when we’re down, only few will escape! 🙂 love katy

  3. my great grampa calvin was a engine runner for the navy he had all of his teeth nocked out when he was only 20 he reitired and a couple years later he died from cancer because he smoked to renember him mom chose a cup that he got from his friends on his birthday it was a cup that on the front said best friends and on the inside was a fake frog on the bottom sitting there because since he was french he called his friends frogs rest in peace great grampa calvin <3 willow

  4. My great grandfather was in World War II as a trade marine and was stationed in India, and a few other countries, though he never saw and any action. He is still alive and is 88 years old (born 1922).

  5. santa!! is me again i have a question for u. Do u know how how much i love you? the thing is that i love you so much that it doesnt fit in my heart! a 3 million kisses to u!!1

  6. I went to Hnungary in November 2010. It was amazing!
    I went with 3 of my class mates and 2 teachers. It was for comenius.
    Once again, It was amazing!
    I got picked out of 24 people.
    We had to write a letter saying why we should go, And I got picked!
    The best part was that My best friend got picked as well!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Santa,
    MY dad when he was 17 he joined the army, now he has put in 20 years in the army. So please don’t forget to send mr a present because when I was little my daddy was gone for 16 monts!:( But I love him so much!:) I so proud to be his child!:)

  8. hi santa I really like your blog can i just say i really want a ipod touch for
    christmas and a hello kitty ready bed and a dsi game for christmas too.can you
    please email me less than 5 mins

  9. dear santa my grandpa was in world war 2 he was in the navy what he did in the navy well he was a micanic for the plains he was so healthy my mom thought he would never get so sick like he did. he lost memory
    love Alexandra Drsek

  10. At school my class talked about veterans day and did 2 papers about veterans day too. I love having freedom thank you men and women who serve our country.

  11. Hey Santa! Veteran’s day is also my birthday and was a privledge to be born on a national holiday! I am thankful for the men and women who fought for our freedom!

  12. At my school we do a performance.You know,like singing songs & stuff.You could’ve gotton a speaking part…But honestly I didn’t want one 🙂

  13. Santa you are so nice that on a nice scale from 1 to 10 10 is the best you would be a 30! off the scale! how tired do get? about how long do you stay up to deliver presents? how did you get the reindeer to stay up so late? probably your Christmas magic! if you were standing right here right now i would be hugging you. PS. what is your birth day? PSS. sorry about all the questions i am very curious.


  15. when tomarow all the things were gone i worked for all my life and i had to start again with just my children and my wife i thank my luck star to be lifing here today cause that flag still stands for freedom and they cant take that away

  16. At Vetran’s day, we had a Vetran’s day mass at school and the kids sang a song to the Vetran’s. Our class sang i am proud to be a american.

  17. Veteran’s day,

    Our school alays has a celebration on veteran’s day.

    And question for you santa what do you do at the north pole on veteran’s day?

  18. hi santa
    how are you and the elfs doing and what are u doing wright now

    and please could u get back to me soon love aimee xx and her friend laura

    we love u and hope to see you on christmas day

  19. We had a Veteran’s Day Program at our school and I got to sing a song in spanish! I was scared that everyone could see me shaking! 😀

  20. hey santa i is me baiee from vernon remember i am 2 and i want a barbie a bikae and a suprise you said that elfs like mzking surprizes

  21. Veteran’s day is one day after my birthday! I turned 12! On Veteran’s day, lots of soldiers fired their guns to the sky. 13 bullets I think! It was very entertaining! Merry Christmas to all! And Santa, I am still expecting that pony from when I was 5! 😉

  22. i know what vetrans day is all about its about thank all how served in the army air forces or anything like that its me a gain brianna who said she wanted a german shepard i wantedto cheak this out for you i love christmas it s about givingfrom me to you for instence like this right know i’m giving some thing to you right this miunet thank you for the gifts from you my hole life

  23. veterans day is very important to me because my stepdad was in the army ad so was my grampa ad they came back so its important to me

  24. i cant believe all the people who faut and are still fighting in wars did you have a 2 miniutes silence? i did love megan x x x x x x x x xx x x x x x x x

  25. hi iam back to say i also take part in children in need i have a pudsy bear and a blush bear and me and mi mum always walk a mile to raise money !! 🙂 🙂 xxx 🙂 😛 :L

  26. hi i always take part on rememberance day even tho no one i no is in the army i still always donate money to help this year i bout 2 poppys and got 2 free i am wearing one RIGHT NOW ! 🙂 🙂 xx <3 xx 🙂 🙂

  27. i love vetvrans day because my pap was in the mreans he died of brain cansor at least i said i love him befor he past away i miss him veary much

  28. If they wasn’t Santa we would not know when it is the end of the year. Santa is my biggest fan ever because I just wan’t to say how does santa go to every one in the world? when they is only one off him.

  29. If we wern’t free we would not be able to have the special things we have. Like Families, friends,Houses to live and

  30. We wouldn’t have Santa or Geo the elf or other elf’s and we wouldn’t be free! there wouldn’t be that much peace in the world if it wasn’t for the people that fight for us.

  31. I just want to say that I appreciate how you have honored our country and soldiers by this post. It’s great to know that Santa is teaching the children things that are really important in life. Thanks

  32. I’m very glad you have this post. It means my Dad is not forgotten from the Korean War. It means I have much to be thankful for that one of my Son’s made it home from Iraq and is not forgotten. And it means my Son that is in Afghanistan is not forgotten.
    Thanks, Santa for remembering the

  33. im glad that everyone celebrates remembrance day and only the people who gave us freedom are important on that day!!! if everyone got on well that would be amazing but even today all the people who are at war are keeping us in freedom and risking their lives for us and thats very special

  34. theirs a lot of things we couldent do if we wern’t free 1.we couldent have a presedent2.couldent leave america but im thankful for being free

  35. hey santa i just wanted to say hi and i hope you and the elfs are working very hard on the toys and gifts! i still cant
    believe you fly to every house on one night! LOTS OF LOVE, ERIN

  36. there would not be a USA if we didn’t have soilders to pretect us.none of us would be here today to say that we care for the men and wimen that fight for our freedom and died for our freedom.i saloot the people that have fallin to the arms of war. i feel safe now knowing i can trust them to pretect us. thank you for keeping us safe!

  37. Dear Santa Clause,
    Hi my Name is Jessica Yes i know its only November but I like Christmas is my Favorite Holiday.My mom is already Trying to Put up the Tree I told her no its to Early but i kind of want to Put it up to Should We its November 15?.

  38. If those soldiers didn’t fight for us we might be living under lock and key it could’ve been bad for us! We celebrated at my school by doing 1 minute silence.

    Think a little girl’s dad might’ve been coming home for Christmas, but didn’t come home. They risk their lives for us!
    Thank you soldiers! xo

  39. i have a friend andrew who is there right now risking his life for all of us i know he will not back down he would rather die himself then leting someone els die i will not give up for him thats a promise to the end!

  40. i would take the place of a soilder to pretect the country that is the USA! i will not give up on the soilders even if they cant do anything about it they tryed there best and dont give up

  41. Every Rememberence day at school we have our 2 minutes silence at 11o’clock 11/11 every year and take 4 poppy crosses to church to show our respect to the fallen men and women in the Armed Forces.

  42. we should always respect the people who fought for our freedom ,and always keep in mind of the brave heros that protect us through all the wars .i would like to say thank you for keeping us safe.

  43. witout veterans day or should i say freedom there would be very little to eat and to stuff everybody. we probly wouldt have friends like we have now and we wouldt have you. we wouldt learn much like we do in school now. we probly wouldt have school. so life would be sad with
    out veterans day. ps our familys would be poor and we wouldt vist our familys barly.

  44. It’s great you celebrate Veteran’s Day in the North Pole too.

    I wanted to say, Santa, that I want an iPod CASE, not an iPod. I think you were confused when you wrote me back.

    Have a nice Christmas!


  45. We would be a slave if we didnt have veterans and we should be happy with what we have right now because it would be horrible without freedom!!

  46. hey santa i want u to think johnathan pardue for fighting t his whole time he gets to quit in 10 years he is my favorite cousin ever

  47. Our great grandad was involved in the war, but sadly he passed away before we were both born. We always put flowers on his grave and tell him how proud we are of him. We are looking forward to Christmas this year, love to all the reindeer and elves and of course, Mrs Claus. Travel safe..

  48. dear santa,you are right about veteran’s day.we remember,we do NOT give gifts.your frind,audrey. p.s i secretley believe in you!

  49. Why.. Thanks you Santa Claus… You make me so…. so… ugh what’s the word. INTERESTED… Yes that is the word.. Thank you Santa Claus

  50. Dear Santa,

    My great Grandad fought in the 2nd World war, And survived!!!! Sadly, He passed away in 1970, 3 years before my mum Louise was born. He died of a Heart attack. I would’ve really liked to meet him!!!!


  52. hi santa hows the elfs getting on with the presents.Your my bff best friend forever.TELL THE ELFS THAT I SAID THANKS FOR THE PRESENTS LAST YEAR.SEE YOU SOON

  53. I know Veteran’s day is about the ones who fought in the wars for freedom. If we had no freedom,Santa couldn’t give toys to the good boys and girls all over the world!

  54. If not for freedom I would be because there be no santa or ben 10 toys. I love the the christmas spirit and all the things that special christmas memories with family and friends. Without freedom it is not so great.

  55. I forgot that yesterday was Veterans day.
    I think without them we wouldn’t have freedoom. We should of had off on school.
    Thanks for reminding me.

  56. Santa,

    Today I went with my Dad and Mem and Pep to the Parade in Saco. I had a fun day with candy ? How was your day? I would like to know.

    P.S. Get back to me and write how the elves are doing.


  57. Without the soldiars that fighted in the war,I wouldent be able to do many things such as,buying a Christmas tree for Christmas,buying Halloween costumes for Halloween because money would be very very low.But thank you soldiars for all your kindness.
    P.S Santa for Christmas Mum and I have made the living room like Santa’s Grotto I hope you like it!

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