What is Santa Claus’ phone number & email address?

What is Santa Claus' phone number & email address? Find out here!
What is Santa Claus’ phone number & email address? Find out here!

It is getting very close to Christmas now!  Quite a few kids are asking “What is Santa Claus’ phone number?  What is Santa’s email address?”

Yes, many friends want to phone me.  The elves tell me every time they hear someone asking, “What is Santa Claus’ phone number?”

Others want to mail a letter to the North Pole.   The elves tell me every time they hear someone asking, “What is Santa’s address?”

Would you like to know the best way to “talk to Santa” right now?

What is Santa Claus’ phone number?

Well, many kids want to talk to me right now.  I would love to talk to all of them.  But I have too many friends!  If I talked to everyone by mail, email and sleigh phone, I would not have enough time to get ready for Christmas.  And that would be sad!

So, the elves did something many years ago to help me.  They set up a special webpage.  That way I can keep in touch with all my friends!  If you ever want to leave a message for me just “email Santa“!  It has a special connection direct to my computer at the North Pole.  I promise to write you back as fast as red-nosed reindeer fly!

I read every message I get on emailSanta.com.  Sometimes, though, I make mistakes.  Silly mistakes!  One year a boy asked for a NintendoGameboy.  But I read his letter too fast.  Do you know what I brought him?  I brought him a doG by mistake!  He was very surprised but he loved his puppy.   I hope it is OK if I make a mistake when I write back to you (I say silly things sometimes if I do not read carefully! HHHOL!)

Some friends want to know “Santa Claus’ phone number” because something is making them sad.   If something is making you sad, you can email me to tell me about it any time you want.  But I also want you to talk to your family and friends about it if you can.  You can also call the great people at one of the phone numbers on my telephone Hotline page.  Make sure to choose a phone number for your country.  These great people can really help you.

Internet Safety First Always!

I do prefer it if you email me.   Of course, the elves have made other ways to talk to me too.   Many of these are safe.  But I want you always to be careful on the Internet.  There are some bad people in the world.  Remember my  Internet Safety Rules to stay safe online:

  • Always check with an adult before giving out your full name, address, phone number or school name.
  • Always tell an adult if you see something that you know is wrong or that you do not like to see.
  • Never write back to something that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy.
  • Never tell anyone a credit card number or a password.
  • Never send out your picture without asking a parent.
  • Be careful when someone offers you something for nothing, such as gifts or money.
  • Never say OK to a gift that means someone will visit your home.
  • Never meet someone you have met online in person unless you check with your parents and an adult goes with you.

Have a Safe and Merry Christmas! (And I hope I do not bring you a dog by mistake!  Honest, it only ever happened one time!  🙂

Santa Claus

P.S.  What things do you do to stay safe when you are on the computer?  Do you think emailing me is the best way to talk to me?  Do you still want to get “Santa Claus’ phone number”?  You can tell me here.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!

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1,866 special messages to Santa about “What is Santa Claus’ phone number & email address?”

  1. Hi Is Isabella I have good dear Santa Claus I would like to have monster high doll Disney 3 zombie A detention doll mla eive Audrey uma mermaid doll color changing Disney princess Taylor Swift album Billy Eilish album thank you so much Santa clause merry Christmas And one more thing Will you be happy if you get me this toy Barbie doll. princess Barbie popstar thank you so much

  2. Santa Claus
    my nieces are being very bad this year and all of them is getting coal for they been very bad and naughty but Santa Claus i am a good man and i am a good man all year around and now i can drive my car and i told my nieces to stop coming over and pulling my cats tails and strangle them to death and if they don’t stop i am going to tell my brother in law to do something about it and if they really don’t stop no more computers at all.

    1. Hey Santa I have been very good this year I was wondering if I could have a early Christmas present If you say yes tell me and I will tell you what I wanted Tell me what are 2 things

  3. Dear Santa Claus I think I have been somewhat good and I would like for you to make my Mom and Daddy happy and to bring me a lionhead rabbit and to bring world Peace and I would like you to bring my dog Rocky a new collar and a new leash please and thank you have a great day and tell Mrs Claus that I said hi from Gabi

  4. Hi I am teagan and I am 14 years old and I am in grade nine now who is your favorite ice age and oliver and company characters ps my are shira and diego and crash and Eddie and sid and granny and buck and zee and georgette and tito and dodger and rita and Jenny and olive and fagin and Francis and eistin

  5. dear santa claus and mrs claus hi how are you doing i good i need your help come see me my birithday if you want ninterdo siwth and phone please

  6. Hi SantaI really really want an elf on the shelf please mail to me where i live in the united states i believe in you bye

  7. Dear Santa can y you send my 3 presents pls you did not come to my house last night so can you come in the afternoon pls thank you

  8. Dear Santa,
    I would really like a Nintendo switch Lite for Christmas- Turquoise because at home I have worked real hard. Also Can you please make it all over Australia and in Queensland because where I live it is soooooooo hot and one time in History it almost got to 50 degrees here. You are the best Santa. Merry Christmas and Happy new year. Thank you

    Please reply if you can!


    1. I am so sorry for that but I’m only getting gifts from my friends this year too because I got my gift way back when. Merry Christmas Samantha, hope this makes you feel better!

  9. Dear Santa
    Barney Put purple and green polkadot
    Magic flag Dinosaurs North Pole nj
    Stuck Chaming him I love you you love me with your best friend can be back to big Bay And kissing do you want you say you love me too Thank You Michael Amy Allen Sister Luci Tina Joshua Barney s Waiting For Santa
    Thank You

  10. Hi Santa my name is Abbigail . I’m stressed out right now. I just had knee surgery. And I can’t walk right. Can you help me please. From Abbigail

  11. I went see red nose reindeer top house I went go North Pole with you Santa Claus I went talk to elf to I went take a picture with you, ms Claus, elf to
    Merry Christmas
    Happy new year
    Love farina

  12. Hi my sisters has really been naughty this year not tidying there rooms or listening to my mum please don’t come this year

    1. Hi Santa remember me we are best friends please let me have a holiday with you at the north pole i have 6 elves on the shelves Sprinkles Meatloaf Eli Jingle Elfie EJ tell me how they are going

  13. the flinststones on abc family DVD light purple light blue inches size 32 32 size on abc Family on screen on bottom black bars on top bottom normal size Screenshot picture on screen on bottom the flinststones collector’s edition DVD full screen edition no windscreen Regular DVD the flinststones in viva rock Vegas full screen edition DVD the flinststones in viva rock Vegas on abc family DVD the lion king special edition DVD full screen edition I want my girlfriend Sydney Reynolds for Christmas Day is on tv I want to keep her for Day the game plan Disney channel dvd for Christmas the game plan Disney xd channel dvd for Christmas Day I went them full screen dvd for Christmas I want abc family dvd channel Matilda addms Family double future monster university monster monster inc cars double furniture toy story toy story marathon 1-25 days Countdown Christmas abc family channel dvd for Christmas Day The the lion king vhs

  14. dear santa claus what toys elsa anna barney bear pen paper mate ink joy gel 0.7 money cash big phone box phone box phone box
    panda exrpess
    pizza my heart printer piama

  15. Maleah love real life suff she love you in every way and all of you And who your family names and can you write back

  16. Maleah love real life suff she love you in every way and all of you And who your family names and can you write back

  17. hi my name is haylee i live with me and jenna and ryan and bonnie and casey i have a lot of cousins i go to washington and i am doing great i am 8 years old and i alonoy want you to make my family a little nicer i will be 9 on june 30 i want a real elf some lols and mom and dad to tell me who jeffy is but they don’t one thing i really wan’t is a real life reindeer

  18. hey stacy you are so nice to me can you put me on the nice list this year what is santas phone number i am 8 years old how old is santa.

  19. Hey Stacy i love you so much. But when i grow up to be 18 could you still be my elf? You are so nice to me. Can you tell Santa that i said thank you for putting me on the nice list not the naughty list. From Haylee. To Stacy and Santa

  20. Santa why you didn’t bring my gifts to me do not buy the TV we didn’t have a Christmas tree so I will owe my life to put in by the TV we had signs put up we didn’t receive no GIFs and we had milk and cookies for you did you pass my house by accident

  21. Hi santa my name is bonnie thank you so much for letting my elf manny come I want tennessee volunteers pajamas and Tennessee volunteers house shoes

  22. Hi Santa i wish you merry christmas  and happy new year i wish you health,happiness and love and success Santa behind the fence behind our house at Bratislava region in Slovakia behind our house is a bag with letters for you Mrs. Clausová please before the night 23 th December 2020 to the north half let there bag in the morning do not read the laundry and after all, deliver to your grandmother and the spirit of Christmas, you also have presents in them and join us for hot chocolate and cake! my wishes are not material is enough only if mom comes on Christmas day we will be healthy, happy and when I take the exams at the end of the semester and it snows and please let your mom pay attention and invite you with your family when you go on a sleigh for dinner or get hot chocolate and cookies .wish you nice day and
    don’t forget those leaves behind the fence and in the letter for you and Mrs. Santa Claus is a postcard send the elves for her today so that all the mail in the plastic bag gets to the north half!

  23. Hello Santa Claus I want a bunch of presents this year I’ve been a good girl this year cut your mom tell the Elf on the Shelf I said hi Kyle Rudolph and Dasher and prankster that I said hi

  24. hi santa i think i have been good this year and i love christmas it is my favorite holiday and i want anything you bring me i want a teddy bear a bufific 1 too and i know you know the bear i want i am 9 years old and anything form dogo santa for moose and elmer i thin thay have been goood too love mac to santa

  25. Dear Santa,

    My fiancee and I had a big argument back in November, and I fear that we may be breaking up. It is my sincerest wish that she can re-unite with me. I want more than anything for her to be healthy and happy. I want more than anything for her to be able to share her deepest fears and worries, no matter how difficult the subject. I want more than anything for her to feel emotionally safe and secure. I fully recognize and understand my failings in this, to date. And for that, I am truly sorry. I am working on myself to make the personal changes necessary to grow to be a better man, to make these things happen. I hope and pray that the changes she will see in me give her hope for a brighter future together. I always have and continue to believe that what we share is truly something special and is worth fighting for. While it is true that I acted badly and ran away from the situation, I am not running away from her. I am always here for her, whether she chooses to keep me, or not. I will always be here when she needs me, when she wants me. I want her to feel free to push me away. I want her to feel free to say “No”. If she does says “No”, I will leave. But I will never go far. I want her to know that I am hers, forever.

  26. hi santa i have cleaning muy bed room all the time now what would say to that
    see you on christmas eve when i go to bed early on the night when you come ro

  27. Hi santa how are you going today i be good can i have a xbox 1 with game and a heap of movie and tv show and heap of gave card from jordan

  28. hi santa can you give a picture of your self or one of the elfs moving plzzzz
    ps:i know u r
    pss:can you get me my own phone

  29. Dear Santa,

    I would like to have Pokemon cards, a Bakugan toy. One more thing, I would like to have an imoo watch phone.

  30. Dear santa,Santa i am really sorry that i touched the elf i was just so sad that he was not moving so i touched him.i do not have any cinnamon to bring him back so what do i do?I would only like night vision goggles or v-bucks or video games it does not matter i am not picky.Have a merry christmas-Shawn

  31. I Promised Extra Good This Year Plus Next Year Coming UP And IF Delivery Comes Bubble Wrap That’s Good Therapy For MY Hper-Flex Fingers.

  32. hey santa it me Aliyah Bookman i want this year is LOL set nail poish set and some clothen and fack nails and a kitchen set love Aliyah.

  33. Hi Santa,
    My name is Ben and I am 8 years old – I would really like a present making machine this year and it would mean the whole world to me if I could ride in your sleigh to help deliver presents – I have my own (pretend) Santa bag too!

  34. Sana po magkaroon ang nanay ko po ng laptop at sana dinpo magkaroon si nanay ng gamot ng isang taon at sana din po magkaroon po ako ng cellphone salamat po Santa

  35. Hi Santa,
    you sent me a letter today that you can not bring dogs or any animals. I asked for a dog so when I saw that you brought another child a dog! 🙂 maybe you can get me a puppy :)?!?! I really hope that you can! that’s all I really want, a puppy from the shelter would be lovely! I would love to bring a puppy home from a shelter!
    Thank you Santa xxx

  36. Dear Santa Claus,
    Can you bring my dad home for my birthday, but let me still be able to celebrate with my friends? It would mean a lot to me. I am going to email my class elf about this too. Please Please Please Let This Happen!
    -Chloe H

  37. Dear Santa Claus,
    My name is Chloe. I am 11. I only want one thing for Christmas, my dad to come home for my birthday. I miss him and want to be able to celebrate with my dad and friends. Can you please make this happen? I will never ask for anything again if I can celebrate my birthday with my best friends and my dad.

  38. HI Santa can you please get ,me a cardboard rocket ship. Also maybe a kids skateboard. My older sister ants covid to go away, and be able to run track this year really bad!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS;)

  39. my name is : chloe age: 11 i will be 12 in may 2020 i want a elf really bad like crazy can i have one please please….. and what is your phone number i will not tell no one and i want the iphone 12 and we all belive in you santa i also want ipad and a airpods the 11pro airpods please and that is all i want and one more thing i want is a gocart and a nintendo switch game mario party

  40. santa i know you are real i loved my present last year but this year i want a ipod touch 7th genoration! and a roku tv thanks SANTA

  41. Hey santa can a elf come to my house.Me and my brother Klate have never had a elf on the self.we live in TN.

    We ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you Santa from the Andregg Family

  42. Dear Santa, Can I please have a dog and a ps5 and milemorallas game
    But I really want the dog
    Thx Santa hope you get the dog for me

  43. Hi Santa This is me Rakshat.I want some things for Christmas. I want a phone which have ram 8 internal storage above 100 GB please,please,please,please

  44. Hi Santa This is me rakshat . I want some things for Christmas. I want a phone that night please which have ram 8 internal storage is above 100 GB i have one phone but problem so many ram is 3 internal storage is 16 GB and hanging problem in am playing free fire that time i will touch one button by mistakely when i am playing that time it will back please, please, please, please, please, please, please,please

  45. Hi Santa How are you centre Are you good centre I’m being good how bout you is it cold in the North Pole and better will be the house rain the is going as common cube for Donner in Blixen how they going now the outer the going Good Hope help myself a common alright vicenta merry Christmas

  46. Hi Santa This is me Avianna. I want some things for Christmas. I will have to do a zoom with you probably Tomorrow night or something.

  47. good morning santa come soon and i wish you cancall just messige my mom text herfirst so she nows its you santa.
    much love Lilly

  48. Hi Santa, it’s Alana here i am 13 alright anyways i wold like a iphone makeup and makeup brushes and some candy if it’s to much to ask!! thank you 🙂

  49. I want a girlfriend who is pretty and is not pregnant yet and I would like to merry her if she is livening indepent and and a ring that pink would drive a Ford truck and go hand in hand

  50. dear santa clauus
    pen paper mate ink oy gel 0.7
    moneey cash big
    phoneunboxing hello
    panda exrpess
    pizza mmy herat
    printer pixama

  51. My name is Lifnic I am from India I hope you will come to my home in the Christmas Eve please. I like you and Mrs Claus very much

  52. Hi my name is Izzy I love you Santa and Mrs. Claus too and the elves too I hope you will come to my house on Christmas Eve please love from Izzy

  53. Hi Santa please tell me your phone number so I can call and talk to you privately since it is my first of receiving a present from you oh Father Christmas

  54. dear santa clus for christmas iwill let you take some doritos chips too put into kids stockings your friend andyyyy

  55. I. Have. A. Great. Night. Santa. Claus. Love. You. In. Or. In. Heart. Mrs. Claus. Tomorrow. July 281983. Old. 37 year old. Paulshaw. Tuesday. Best. Elf. All. Year. Long. Kiss. Me. Great. Year. Staril Down bast mart. Paul shaw. In. Bed. Bedroom. Letter. I’m. So. Good. Men. In. Nice. List. Put. Down. Top. Bed. Puppy pet.

  56. July. 281983. Tuesday’s. 37. Year. Old. Paul men. Put. Me. On. Nice. List. On Top. Santaclaus book

    Happy. Brithday. Paul.
    I’m. So. Good. Men.

  57. hi hop you day address paul house weerd r nice list put in santa book good men all gift all my Christmas eve night tal santaclaus and mrsclaus elf put in or work shop santa claus one mile house tan big love you mrs claus

  58. Santa it’s me again Ashly I want to know what’s your phone number so I can see your face but but not really your face I would I just want to see I just wanna see what presents are going to get me but I’m gonna tell them both OK

  59. Santa, My Grandpa has NO water No showers, No sink. instead he has to collect rain water!! So one of my wishes is for him to have water for christmas. Type #NeedWater for my grandpa!!!!

  60. Hi Santa all the way from connecticut! I wonder if I could have a drum set for christmas???? And a skateboard!!! If u read this i would love for u to answer!!!

  61. Hello Santa! Even though it’s only June, I look forward to Christmas! I told my friend and my cousin about this website and they said that they might try it out! If you guys are early Christmas lovers too, type #EarlyChristmasSquad!

  62. Hey Santa you are my best buddy for ever and the only thing that I ever wanted to say to you is what is your real phone number so that I can talk to you love nick

  63. Dear Santa ,
    I am RaiHan. I am 12 years old. I was be good this year. I love vampires. So my Christmas wish is i want to be a vampirefor this Christmas .
    And lastly l have a question? When i die can i ne a elf with you?

  64. PLEASE can I have you PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Hi Santa I’m very happy at the moment and I can’t wait for the next Christmas to happen! I want you to come back all ready!

  66. Sophie wants to have extra time with her elf and have permission to touch her elf and the number 2 thing she wants is for the poor to have food and shelter.

  67. it my house street. Tan. House. Address. On. Nice list. Paulshaw. I wanted Christmas I. Wante. Christmas. magicpower Santa Claus. Key .

  68. HI Santa I have a challenge for you its FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY”S the challenge is to survive to the 6th night and do the TJOC AKA THE JOY OF CREATION FNAF GAME. and you tell me how well you did and from #1-10 how you felt being jump scared. OKAY BAH BYE ( *v* )

  69. Hi, Santa I hope your having a good year. This year for Christmas I want, Nerf delta trooper, world war Z [ps4 version]
    Nerf Long strike, a Pappasan chair, and a war Robots gift card.

    P.S I hope the pappasan chair fits down the chimney.

  70. stacy. Street. Lift. Size. House. Stop. By. For. Christmas. Eve. Night. Nice. List. Josh. Patrick. Annette. I. Hop. Get. Gtget. Jod. Elf at north pole. Santaclaus. Work shop. Good. Job. On. Gift.
    Small. Locker. For. Paul Dec24 /20019. Tue.
    Own 1 one. St. House.

  71. hi, Santa I miss Christmas we are barely doing any of the things we used to do around Christma. my elves even get tried some times. so for Christmas, I want fun traditions with my family back thank you Santa


  72. Dear santa claus,
    my parents got a email from you that states that the elves might save Christmas and the people around the world will all be able to get presents.
    Love Katheryne

  73. Hi Santa I have been really good this year and I want a lot of presents and I miss Christmas eve and I like spending time with my family on Christmas eve

  74. yes emailing is easy.
    you should make an email that yo can just press compose and then send instead of going to this website.

  75. I im so good it year put or paul shaw address on nice list good
    magical power elf rog box blue talk to me gift street mn 55079 lift size house tan sligh big red tall men for paul shaw gift stopbey on Christmas eve night magical power santa claus red rog box talk to me on gift send to mrs claus dec 12/1/20019 I hop veary happy at northpole working santa shop gift

  76. Dear Santa,
    I hope you are doing good. I hope you can send Steve back. l have now moved to my uncles house but I hope Steve can come to my uncles house. I only want a ninjago lego set with the new Zane. I know you have been watching me. I hope I have been good.

    P.s. I will leave you plenty milk and cookies.

    Love Brailyn

  77. Hi Santa Claus i have a question for you can you let Herbie and Rosie the elf on the shelves that we adopted come back to the St. Francis tonight please. Thank You Santa Clause For Reading My Letter I Hope That Herbie and Rosie will be back tomorrow i am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow if you let them which is why i emailed this to you cause i want them back tomorrow. 🙂

  78. Hey Santa. My name is Isaac and I am 9 years old. Santa I had a younger sister named Eve but she died. I really miss her Santa. She was the best part of my life. I dont know what to do anymore Santa. Can you make me feel happier? My parents fight all the time and I do not know what to do. Sometimes I think I should be dead with my sister. Please make Christmas nice.

  79. Dear Santa,
    I think that the best way to get ahold of you is by call and text, plz give us ur phone number. I think it would be easer than emailing you.


  80. Hi Santa I’ve never done this before
    But I’m doing it because I believe in you
    Plz Santa I want Playstation4 for Christmas
    Plz don’t fail me
    Thank you

  81. Dear Santa,

    My wish is that people would learn proper spelling and grammar. This page was a nightmare to read through.

  82. Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas is to be able to see my dad once more, I haven’t really seen him since he died when I was not even 2. I just want to see him and get to know him. It has been 12 years and I really don’t remember him at all. I’ve only seen pictures and heard stories. I don’t want pity, all I want is 10 minutes, just to get to know him, I know this message really wont work, but its my last shot. I don’t care if it’s even in my dreams. I just want to see him.

  83. I love Santa Claus but I came on this website to find your number but it doesn’t say your number anyway I still love you there are apps where I can call you so it is ok

  84. I live in Miami, OK. I want to see an alphabetized naughty and nice list, and a PS4, and Fifa 19. I hope you’ll tell me your favorite kind of cookies.

  85. Hi Santa I’m quite young at heart. So I say again at heart. I’m one who strives with torment and tears. I had to write you Santa because everyone needs to find that one that they feel that they can open up to talk to. Santa Things that I see people do and how they talk to me make me feel low down. This is when I should have went to my Mother and family and sat down and have an open heart and talk to them about my feelings. I am much older now. I have lost my hearts will to love anyone. Because of how I have been treated. I don’t know how to love anyone Santa. I lost my will to love anyone at a very early childhood. But I always believed in you Santa. I always had hope in Christmas and waiting for that day to come back where I could find love again. It makes one feel cold inside without love. It makes one feel uneasy inside without love. It makes one have no sense of direction without love. And I felt like if I didn’t find someone soon to talk to soon I was going to have a heart attack and stroke. This is real Santa I wouldn’t have bothered your time if it was not. One thing that I want more than ever to to have love in my heart. Because without it one is worthless. There are other things that I want for Christmas. I am a singer and songwriter. Which you might think that this is a joke. I just wish that scientist could find a way to make people grow back new sets of original teeth. And not false teeth. That way I could a new smile again. Yet I have teeth. Santa I am a singer and songwriter and novelist. Santa I get paid by a royalty distribution and royalty collection agency. They collect my royalty world wide. Santa I was wanting somehow make it so that send all the songs of mine that I send to them that they distribute them world wide and I ask that I have the talent to produce good and the best of music. My royalty collection agency is suppose to pay me monthly. Santa I am in need of a great sum of money. I ask that my songs that have been played for this quarter just this quarter for now an accumulated the sum of $24,000,000.00 and be paid to me this pay period which is December around December 22, 2018- December 23, 2018. Santa I ask that you give me the talent to open a business a music business and I ask that I be a success. I ask that I have good employees who do their jobs correct with out troubles and complaining. I ask that I have more that enough money and the correct guides lines to pay them. I ask that I don’t try and don’t cheat them but always pay that is owe and that is due. Santa I ask this Christmas eve and Christmas that I lie down and every night and get the best of sleep and that you give me the talent to play a musical keyboard and guitar. I ask that you give me the talent to be the best singer, songwriter, lyricist, keyboard player, guitar player in the world and that there has ever been. I ask that you to give me the talent to read music and write notes, melodies, tones and write sheet music. Thank you Santa Merry Christmas to you Mrs. Claus and the Elves. And Santa I would like to wish people all over a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Christmas December 25, 2018 and New Years January 1, 2019. Thank you Santa and Mrs. Claus and the Elves you all are doing a great job.

  86. I want 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000v-bucks

  87. hi santa
    i wish i could c u real life
    buh anyways do u really exists
    if so then i would like for u to present
    me a headfone
    thank u
    i luv u santa claus

  88. Dear santa clause I would like 10 pack of word searches for Christmas plus I would like my new niece or nephew to be born right away

  89. Dear Santa, i will not be at my normal house this year as I will be in Pt. Lincoln.
    I have been really good this year.
    Thank You Santa

  90. I love you Santa and I can’t wait till you come again this year. You are always so good to me. What cookies do you want this year?

  91. I love you and all of you at the north pole! XX

    Dear Santa,
    What i would love for christmas: An IPhone XS,Heelys,Your signature so i will rember it for ever and ever,My Grandpa back because he died when i was three,Some toys and a car that kids can acculy drive in.! XX

    Please get me all of them stuff but i know thatr you will never get my grandpa back!. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  92. santa, how did you meet mrs claus, whats her real name, how many kids must you deliver to, who was your first reindeer, how long have you and mrs claus been maried, and have you ever delivered presents with mrs claus.

  93. dear santa, do you see all the times youve been caught on camera, if so, what do you think, and if not, can you do a reaction blog/vlog.

  94. dear santa ,
    are u real
    iwant a mackbook pro
    karoke michiene
    brocklyn and baily mearch
    room decor
    backing ware for me to make u cookies

  95. deer stanta,
    i luv all yer fashun syle
    yoo r a fashun cing. you inspir me everee dae. i want too hog yoo. yoo r bewteefull and a totall bayb. i em jellis of misis claws. i want too reemov herr frum yer lif. i want too liv with yoo insted.
    if yoo want mi eemale just missege mee bacc. i wil eegerlee ahwate yer reespons.
    all i want fer critmis is yoo baybee.

  96. Dear Santa I been a good girl this year and yes I do still believe in Santa Claus and for Christmas I would like some new head phones please and don’t worry Santa I will leave you out some food on Christmas eve ok and go to bed early and brush my teeth just before bedtime and I will listen to my mom and dad and I will promise that I would be good on Christmas day ok love Alison Jane Bush

  97. adios santa
    i want a peice of string
    i dont know what for
    but i really really want one
    ill be your best mate
    im australian
    ya yeet
    hola santa
    barb the strip

  98. hello santa i hope ur doing good santa this year i want new branded phone and earphones and new branded sony camera and swimming suit .
    last year i was waiting for u but u didnt come to my home and gave me gifts i didnt enjoy my christmas so i hope this christmas u will give me or if u wont give me i will become mad
    please please please please santa.
    from jennifer
    padmaraonagar secundrebad india 500061

  99. hello santa i hope u are doing good and i am your biggest fan of you santa
    santa i want a new branded phone and new branded sony camera and earphones and swimming suit i hope you will bring me these gifts .. i hope u will surely to my house in padmaraonagar secundrebad india.

  100. hello santa i am a biggest fan of you i hope u r doing good i want a new branded phone and a new branded camera and swimming suit i hope u will bring me love u santa

  101. Dear Nicholas I am a disabled person with 1 disability group I have a head injury epilepsy and I would like to get from Nicholas gre black on ps2 delta force black down team saber on ps2 and a sweet gift from Nicholas let santa bring gifts on December 25 at 5 am greet Damian

  102. Dear Santa Claus

    Want do i want for Christmas
    RCA Bluetooth home theater system Samsung Galaxy Tab remote control helicopter Bluetooth speaker karaoke machine solar fan hat weather radio waterproof fitness Tracker solar LED stake light mister banks Bluetooth headset audio fm transmitter Blue Little River Band shirt shorts socks jeans pants shoes mens underwear

    From Donald

  103. Dear Santa Claus,
    Please bring me the following.
    I like the color orange and like to read.
    But I will want to get these items I wish I could get. But if I do not get them I will not be mad. Maybe other family members will give them to me.
    Skechers Luminators, The Ultimate Batmobile robo tracks and some other stuff on my Christmas list. and maybe a dog!!!!!!
    Have a great. Bye .


  104. Will u come to my house if I leave my camera on
    And also in 2015 I asked u how do u get in and u drew a santa and wrote secret

  105. hi santa it is emma B i was wondering if i could have a rose gold iphone 7 with cute phone cases to fit and can i have a bluetooth speaker rose gold hoverboard if i could have both of those i would be the happiest girl in the world because i have really wanted tose things for a really really really long time so if i can have those things you will make me really happy. Thank you so so much and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Emma B

  106. HI! I’m Sadie and I want a REAL PUPPY and a REAL KITTEN for Christmas!



  107. There is another CRAZY way to tell you what i want for christmas, its going to the North Pole and talking to you in actual life. One problem though, I don’t know how to get there! Please write some advice on it thank you! P.S. I still want yout phone number!!!!!!!!!

  108. I love you you are really amazing and I am very thankful for all of the presents how old are you and what is Mrs Claus first name

  109. I think that emailing Santa is the best way because normally he’s probably busy and can’t accept calls it’s also better to email Santa for many other safety reasons like people being able to see your phone number and tracking you

  110. Hey Santa this is bailee brown and albrey Grovenstein we just wanted to tell u that what no matter what people say u sre great .

  111. Hi, Santa!
    My name is Sophie and I am 12 years old. Lately, I have been hearing things like ” Santa isn’t real and ” You are too old for Santa”, but I think that you ARE real, I just want some proof. If you are real and these are all just lies, please leave a note in my house tonight when you deliver my present.

  112. Hi Santa, Your the best thank you! Also, People say your not real I don’t believe them because who else would give presents? PARENTS!?! Anyway, I love I love you!

  113. My parents say they have your phone number is that true also they say every parent in the world has your phone number.

    How old are you?

  114. hi santa can u guess who i am i get lonely alot hope am not disturbing if u can please send me ur phone no. i promise not to use it wrong please and thank u

  115. Hi! Santa please tell me your phone number please. My (Elf on the shelf) is doing fine. I got good chocolate for you and I LOVE CHISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Hi, Santa!
    Please come to my house on Christmas.
    This year I study very hard, and also I act kindly to everyone.
    I did homework very well, and listen to my teacher very well.
    Lastly, I company well with my friends.

  117. here at 9 hurley pl we all love you and we all hope you have a merry christmas and a happy new year all like as. we all start to pack on the 28th of December so we can go camping in tents and you can see us sleeping

  118. Dear Santa, Hello Santa me and my sis would like a phone a computer and a lots of toys please

    Love you Santa
    From: Alize and Abbigail

  119. Last message today! I am going to bed now but sorry. I know could you do magic to melt the ice (not snow)(get more snow). Bye bye.

  120. Hello Santa it’s nice to see you today.‍❤‍. I will give you a question…………………… Why didn’t you play with my tennis ball l gave you last year? Now a joke…………………………….. Why are snowmen called snowmen? I will send you the Answers layer OK .

  121. I love all your renders expressly forth( if that’s how you spell it).‍❤‍. I will have to finish the rest tomorrow OKAY

  122. Hello Santa I hope you don’t make any more silly mistakes. I do that at school some times. I saw you playing boling on a wee. Why didn’t you play with my tennis ball l gave last year(or it could be the year before). Shall I give you my Christmas letter on new year’s Day so you can take your time reading it? I think my dad will be a bit confused and my mum. Shall I send my brother’s list as well? Just to let you know my birthday is on 27th of May. In sted of playing on your wee why don’t you send me a Christmas card(of you tell me your birthday I will send you a birthday present and a birthday card)! DON’T FORGET A CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO MY PET HAMSTER RPNZEL!!!!!!! Please reply back
    Lots of love from Reanna

  123. Dear Santa,
    Im Braelyn! Im a 12 year old girl! Im in 6th grade. I am the only one that still belives in you. everyone else asks me scientific questions like “well how does santa fly” please, how do i prove to everyone that you exist?

  124. Tell Rudolph Mrs clause I love them booth you’re awesome hohohoho merry Christmas my friends don’t believe in you but I do cause your awesome

  125. Dear Santa Claus,
    I absolutely love you and your so kind, to those who could be less fortunate or just humans in general, well a few things that I would LOVE for Christmas in number one some Gymnastic airmats/ tracks. Second of all I would love a rose gold or white or black segway, a HP socket printer, virtual reality goggle and money.
    Thanks Santa, I love you santa, kind regards imi, ( aka your biggest fan and Best Friend. ) thx

  126. Hey santa how is Mrs clause and can you come to my house and can you get me a rubber gloves small and medium purple and operation kit gown gloves mask and a football and deliver them to my room and it should say proud to be foxhill owls

  127. I want for Christmas is a iPhone 7 Plus and I want for Christmas is a new backpack and I want for Christmas is new shoes and a hoverborda. Tell your elf’s I said hi and hello.

  128. Hello Santa
    How are you doing what now
    I just trying to call him on my husband Matt he’s at respond my phone call from me last night and this morning either he’s respond my phone call from me last night and this morning

  129. Can i get you number please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  130. Dear Santa,
    There are many things that I would like for christmas because I never get something so I want a house( i am homeless) and family(I am an orphan).

  131. Santa, can you please bring me a girl Chihuahua for Christmas please. I now how much responsibility it is to take care of a pet . Please can you put that underneath the Christmas tree with the most glittery bow on the present. Me and my sister always wanted a puppy for chirstmas. Everytime I ask for one, I never ever get one. Is there something wrong with me that I always want a puppy every single Christmas? Is there something wrong with me!

  132. hi SANTA I love Christmas it is my favourite time of the year because i get presents and because all my family come together and spend the day having fun and all sorts of things oh and can you seen me a picture of your elves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. hi, I was wondering if i am on the naughty list this year P.S i would love Tenny Grant the american girl doll sorry to bother you xoxo Addie

  134. Hi Santa I really, really want a hedgehog for Christmas this year. I love hedgehogs, they are my favourite animal ever! We already have a bearded dragon called Brock and he has written a letter to Rudolph. Have an awesome Christmas!

    Lots of Christmas hugs and kisses!

  135. Hi santa I reeeeeaaaaallllllyyy (really) want to be able to face time you or text you please try to make that possible

    Love Aidan

  136. Santa I’ve been looking for a santa coat like yours and I can’t seem to find one do you thank you could help meeee pleaseeee?!!!! Happy thanksgiving sweetie pie

  137. hey I just wanna know what’s your phone number I’m sorry I’m just sad that I cant text or call u in true life love u and miss u love Savanah

  138. Hi santa are you getting mt letter because i mailed it to you last night if you did get it can you write a letter back to me right after you get my letter

  139. Hi Santa, hi
    I hope your enjoying in the North Pole it must be chilly there
    I hope u can talk back later

    _ From a girl you Know

  140. Dear Santa What? I’d like for Christmas a dell laptop computer with chrome and Face Book and some games like Dr. Mario Tetris ,slots ,search words, a Diamond Ring for Paula Baker Size 10.5 p.s. can you get my mom a Copper pan set for Christmas?

  141. ; dear santa claus for chirstmas i want black red beats headphones and black red beats speaker and a karoke machine thats what i want for chirstmas please.

  142. Dear santa claus I have been very good this year I would like to know how miss claus is I believe in you I will leve you out milk and cookgs on Christmas Eve I would like for Christmas new game disney magical world 2 and Nintendo 3ds in pink please disney princess pjs merry Christmas from gemma

  143. Hi Santa,how are you” I’m July 16th 1975.☺was my birthday “I’ll still believe in 4 ever to, love always.Shoreline WA one.

  144. Please tell me please your Nintendo network I’d I love to play Minecraft Wii U with your great awesome amazing fantastic elves please.

  145. Dear Santa how is all the RainDeer Doing ? and how is mrs. clause Doing ?
    also hows your elfs doing this year ? and when i am on the internet i play my computer games 🙂

  146. demeli waxta baba❤️ bu 21ilde sene ilk defedi mektub yazram. sebebide oduki menim bidene Ruslan (poncik) adinda cox istediyim adam var. ama eyni weherde deilik. yeni ilde biryerde ola bilmirik. imtahanlari var cunki ama men istiremki Yeni ile onla biryerde girim☺️. sennende istiremki Yeni ilde burda olsun poncikim.☺️ birde bu ilde coxxxlu coxxxlu Xowbextlik getirersen bize❤️ Inaniramki mektubumu gorub Istediklerimi getirersen

  147. Hey Santa Just want to say I love you And Mrs Clause And everyone eles at the North Pole. All I want is a tablet with a usb input and a sports bra. And you if you want you can reach me

  148. Hey santa it’s Kayden this year I am beginning for you to wake me up when you come to my house , this year I will be sending you a lot of emails

  149. Dear Santa, Merry Christmas from Arkansas,
    my husband died last April. i’m miss him.
    i can’t stay in our home because i can’t pay for it now that he is gone, i have to leave here soon. i need a place to live for about $300.00 a month and must allow 2 cats. Santa, please bring me and my girls a safe place to live soon. i must be out before Christmas and leave my church family.
    thank you.
    i’m heart broken.

  150. ; dear santa clause for chirstmas i want a xbox one x game and xbox one x microsoft headset and black beats headphones thats what i want for chirstmas.

  151. Hello Santa! Can you please get me an Apple Ipad. Last year you got me an Acer computer-tablet. By the way, thank you for the Acer computer- tablet.


  153. santa can i please get a ( real) hourse at christmast you know where i leave dont you if you dont know you will see dream high tutoring thats where i leave and please i want a hourse(real) and thank you SANTA CLUAS!! and merry christmast!!!

  154. hi santa this emilie marie adele champeaux brisbane australia i been a angle this year

    lock key back up after you finish dont tell enny one be tween you and me and juliette and my suport worker quick resonse carers

  155. Hi my name is Dominic and I was wondering If you can come pick me up at my house and send me to Willam blount For good intell 2020

  156. Hi Santa my name is Ella i get sad when it’s not December becasue christmas is my favourite time of year and i hate when it ends so for this christmas can you please give me something that makes it christmas spirit everyday.

  157. I wish you a merry cristmas and a happy new year
    I wish for a watch from Costco or. Walmart I think it says vteck watch its blue and it can take photos

    Love ,

  158. Dear Santa its Kaylee I just sent you a not I now only 75 days utill
    I cant wate all I wont in holle in tire world is a ipod

  159. dear santa hello hope you had a nice sleep
    these are what i want
    scrap book
    number 3 harry poter
    sparkle dress
    alam clock
    lights for bikes
    bikine puzzle book
    secret safe diary
    alettrich tooth brush

  160. Hi im athena and i am 14 years old
    How is my elf on the shelf. Her name is marla sparkles
    Can she come back early Because im going away to Toronto. I love you santa come visit me any time you want to

  161. Dear Santa
    even i Hannah am wondering what your number is, i know i sometimes do something bad but i realy try to stay strong. but it normaly doesn’t work but, with my new friends Danel( girl) and Anna (also a girl) i always feel better. and what do you want us to leave out for you this x-mas?

  162. thank for you reply

    I really want hermione cat crookshank so much
    and my presents I really want TOO

    hugs and kisses
    take care of your self

  163. Hi Santa my name is santa and I live in nz I always wanted to call you is it fine if I had your nz santa cloud number please ??? Sorry to distract you Merry Christmas

  164. hi santa i wanted to FaceTime you but i couldn’t so FaceTime me if you can but i know your busy but i know people have faceted you before on youtube bye hope we can talk sometime

  165. Hi santa great to send a letter to you did you no that my friends have a elf just like you widh l had own well hope l send a letter to you again soon l want to send a gift to you

  166. Hi santa great to send a letter to you did you no that my friends have a elf just like you widh l had own well hope l send a letter to you again soon xoxo

  167. Hi Santa Claus is me again can u give me your phone number and email adress if u don’t mind……If you don’t mind can i ask how old are you?

  168. hi Santa. It will be cool to send me a picture of u and i went for chrismas is a dog and me and my family a new pretty house that is all

  169. Hi, santa I wonder if you like getting these messages? I think it’s funny that you sometimes make mistakes and give the wrong presents!Hee! Hee! Hee! Any,way i would like to have some fun geometric leggings(purple,bluefish) and a despicable me 3 junior novel and a puppy(bulldog) and a iPhone 7 (gold)
    I hope I can leave some cookies out for you!
    Love, Emma

  170. Hi Santa I have herd that you have gotten a new sleigh I hope that you are enjoying your sleigh i love you thank you Santa for every thing that I have gotten for christmas

    love kayla

  171. Hi Santa you are the most amazing person I’ve ever heard of so far you have brought me presents every year but I hope you think I’ve been good this year because I think I’ve been excellent this year when you start traveling keep safe and I will leave you a drink and a love mince pie thank you for everything you do I really appreciate it lots of love Corey Muirhead xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  172. hihi santa ive been upset latey with this ghost hunter having a casting contest, and i couldnt enter the contest and win a lockdown with zak bagans. its been my dream to do a lockdown. now i get to watch someone else get my dream is upsetting me. sorry for putting my troubles on u santa

  173. Hi Santa how are you I always want to find out your phone number please send me it and I can tell you some more things that I would like for Christmas and thanks so much for the letter and I’m very happy that I got an A+ I’m glad I’m on the nice list
    Lots of love xoxo ❤️

  174. Dear santa I believe that ur real and I wanna say l love u and I really want for Christmas is a iPhone 7plus and some new pare of Nike sneakers

    PS.love u santa

  175. Hi Santa! You are such a nice person whats your address? I want to send you a nice gift for once! Please get me a real puppy for Christmas! I want a Golden Retriver!!

    Love you Sophie xx

  176. Dear, Santa

    Could I please have your phone number so I could talk to you and see how things are.

    Love from, Shania

  177. Hello Santa Claus!

    Hello its your elf Madison! Can you send me a letter in the mail? You are a good friend to me and I love you very much Santa!


  179. llamar es mejor porque si yo llamo vamos abrar no escribir para cansar
    pero si cuando hace mensaje vas a cansar i no vas

  180. quiero un robot de verdad que tiene control que puede hacer deberes,ajudarme,pegar,volar,y quiero un muneco que tiene camisa i jacket y cuina lavabo i sala i cuando clicka la panxa se camina y tiene sabatos bragas y tablet de jugete y tiene un television de jugete y un silla y una mochilla y un carro de jugetes y quiero un play station de verdad con control y un television para pequena de verdad

  181. Santa i believe in you and i’m in 8th grade which is high school and i want a kitten or at least 4 or more my favorite thing to do is to is play with my dog princess presious Liberty