Why Does Santa Like Cookies?

Why Does Santa Like Cookies? Yummy!
So why does Santa like cookies? Here’s Mrs. Claus’ answer!

Mrs. Claus is kindly answering some of your questions for me.  Today, she answers a question that is near and dear to my… tummy!  Why Does Santa Like Cookies So Much?

Keep reading for her surprising answer (with the secret reason) to this question from one of her fav people!

Well dear, that’s a great question. 

And I will let you in on a little secret… I was not a very good baker at the beginning.

But you see, we do not have many people here in the North Pole. Or ingredients. So I did not know what to bake or how to bake.

So many, many years ago, Santa visited a friend from the United Kingdom on Christmas Eve. This was before Santa even gave away presents!

His friend gave Santa an unusual dessert called a mince pie. After the first bite, Santa’s eyes got big… He loved it! 

So he begged for the recipe. Then, he found the ingredients so I could make it too.

So I learned the new ingredients and read the traditional recipe line by line. I baked my own mince pie. And guess what? Santa smiled and sighed. He loved mine too! 

That’s when we realized I wasn’t a bad baker at all… I just had bad ingredients! 

Why Does Santa Like Cookies? The Secret Reason!

That is why Santa loves eating your delicious cookies. Because he was eating bad cookies for years!

So Santa and I put our white-haired heads together…

How could we get better ingredients so I could bake better desserts?

Because we thought… 

There must be cool ingredients, yummy recipes and different traditions around the world

And today, Santa loves sampling new cookies every Christmas Eve.

But he fondly remembers the first tasty mince pie I baked for him.

Eating cookies at Christmas reminds him of this delicious discovery.

A small act of kindness from a friend opened up a new world of possibility.

So the next Christmas, I gave Santa an idea. To leave his old friend a small present to say, “thank you kind sir.”

And you know what? 

His friend loved the gift so much… that Santa decided to start giving gifts every year.

And the rest is history!

All My Christmas Love,

🤶 Mrs. Claus

P.S.  What kind of cookie do you want to make Santa this year?  Do you think Mrs. Claus is good at making cookies and mince pies? You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!


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38 special messages to Santa about “Why Does Santa Like Cookies?”

  1. I think Santa Claus like cookies

    Merry Christmas Stacy!
    How did you know I like cookies so much? Well maybe not these cookies! HHHOL!

  2. deer santa clause be here at it time on christmas eve let size house right house thanke you so much have you here gifts for paul tree note foryou

    Merry Christmas Paul! ❤️Santa

  3. Hi! Could you bring my mum an elf that does loads of the cleaning for her? Thanks. Byyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Merry Christmas Phoebe!
    That is so kind of you to think of your Mum like that. No wonder you are on the Nice List!

  4. I left cookies in the Living room and when I went to check the living room he send me a note and it said he like the cookies.

  5. Santa write me about unborn reindeer name 3 unborn reindeer name are 1 bambi 2 timmy 3 sammy 4 locky theres are 3 unborn reindeer name Please Santa write me back

  6. Dear Santa i read about unborn reindeer you look for name this baby reindeer for Rudolph i Would like to give new born baby reindeer name bambi is first name for unborn reindeer name 2 unborn reindeer name timmy unborn reindeer name 3 unborn reindeer name will be sammy 4 unborn reindeer name will be locky Santa i hope you will enjoying this new unborn reindeer name Please Santa write me ok let me know how 4 unborn reindeer doing ok thanks you Tonia

  7. Hi Santa you’re the nicest in the world because you give Us toys and you’re cool because you can have enough magic to send Elves watch us and I am really good but my brother is a bad and my other brother is bad too their names are Lex and Andrew yeah Mrs. clause makes you cookies so she is nice to I wonder how old you are and how do you eat so many cookies and not get fat

  8. Hi Santa did you like the Christmas cookies we made you last year you didn’t eat all of it because it was so big you are the nicest in the world and Mrs. clause is also the nicest in the world because she makes you cookies too how can you eat so many cookies and not get fat and also how old are you because on the Internet you’re 1000 some thing something something years

  9. Hi Santa. ohm gosh i cannot believe i am talking to real Santa. do you like sugar cookies? that is what u’ll get this year so i hop u’ll like it.


  10. Hello,Mrs.Claus!Hope you are doing fine !I think you are the best cook in the world and remarkable person which inspires and make people happy and always make Santa elated which is the most significant!!! Really love you and Santa !!!

  11. this Aubrey and i were wondering if you are going to like my cookies this year because last year you came to my house and we had peanut cookies and then we put out a paper and we put are you allergic to peanuts and I don’t remember if you said yes or no so if you could respond to this email i would be delighted.

  12. Merry Christmas Santa I believe you for so many years I love u thank u for Christmas and I got 2456079 cookies for u to eat on Christmas Eve

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