Why Does Santa Claus Come Down The Chimney?

Santa Claus come down the chimney tonight!
Santa Claus come down the chimney tonight!

Many people ask “Why does Santa Claus come down the chimney?”  There’s even a famous song that says “Santa hurry down my chimney tonight”!

Well, the main reason I use the chimney is that it is faster!   After all, the reindeer and sleigh are on the roof anyway.

Although, a long time ago, I tried a different way!  It’s a very, VERY silly story.

Yes, it was a very, very long time ago.  The elves were drinking hot cocoa with those fancy imported marshmallows.  They wanted to come up with a better way for me to deliver presents.  They were trying to think of something that everyone has in their home.

Well, Clumsy the Elf had to go to the washroom because of all the hot cocoa.  He was in there a long time.   Everyone heard lots of noises.  There was lots of flushing and gurgling.

When he came out he had a big grin on his face.  He said, “I have the perfect way for Santa to get into every home!”  Can you guess what it was?

Clumsy told the elves his idea.   Faster than reindeer fly, the elves made me a special red Santa wet-suit, hat, snorkel, flippers and swimming goggles.  Yes, they wanted Santa to pop into houses through the potty!

When they told me I thought it was the craziest idea I had ever heard!  Somehow, the elves convinced me.  After all, everyone has a toilet, they said.

Well, it was one of the coldest Christmases ever!  But, I was ready to try popping into houses thru the potty.

OK.   I was ready for my first house.  But when I popped out of the potty there was Mamma in her ‘kerchief and Dad in his cap, just settling in for a long winter’s nap!

They had never seen Santa wearing a red Santa wet-suit, flippers on his feet, snorkel and goggles before.  I was quite a sight!

They screamed.

I screamed.

They screamed some more.

They ran.

I tried to run.  But, it is hard to run with flippers on your feet!  So, I fell.

“That’s it”, I said.  “No more popping into the potty for this poor Santa!”.

And that’s why this Santa Claus comes down the chimney!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.   Do you think that was the silliest idea ever?  How would you like me to deliver presents at your home?  (You can leave a message for me.   Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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613 special messages to Santa about “Why Does Santa Claus Come Down The Chimney?”

  1. hi santa i been good this year i just want this covid to end and a control remote helicopter.

  2. Well… Santa CAN come to the front door and enter the house but going down the chimney Is more, well… christmisy…

  3. What that’s a terrible idea very pooooooooooooooor santa I love you how crazy what that’s crazy and siillly

  4. Dear Santa,

    No offence… but it was quite silly!! (It was the elves’ fault anyway) Don’t worry, at least you have a better way now. But, this Christmas, could you please leave a jingle while you enter, and the way I’d like you to enter is…. opening the door! (I don’t have a chimney) We will just for you leave the key under the mat. Remember that, would you? I’ve heard you don’t like to be seen that much, so just feel free. Me and my family will be upstairs showing others and taking a tour through our new house. PS. Do you know where I live? I cannot share it online but umm… you’ve been probably watching me so I hope you know! 🙂

    Love from, Arlette! Xoxo

  5. one mile stacy mn paulshaw house
    next year Christmas good men next year hop you or funny santa claus all gift my paulshaw send me a card in mail box we will did it for house paulshaw magical power watch santa claus fice it at northpole santa work shop put me on the list paulshaw

  6. Dear Santa
    My brother Zak and me live in Qatar and we don’t have a chimney please can you come in through our bedroom window, and please park your sleigh by the pool. Please bring me an Elsa and Rapunzel for my brother and a hot wheels for me.

  7. Santa can you please bring me Mario cart 8 deluxe and smash brothers and Minecraft for a Nintendo switch.

  8. Go though my window so I can see you on Christmas Night levels my present in my room Not the chimney I will put the cookies in my room and the mil. And a picture of you rain deers and all the present that you have and help you

  9. Dear santa you will not belive what my parents got me a few days ago they got me a huge and awesome bunk-bed

    P.S. Why don’t you just come though the door doesn’t everybody have a door?

  10. Plese stik to the chimney but ofcurse for he kid ho dont have a chimney you ould just use your magic to unlock the door and drop your presents under the tree leave and magicly look the door.

  11. santa come thourght the front door because i dont have a fire place for u to get out so u would be stuck in my chimmey so PLEASE use the front door

    – Lily Boyer your best friend!!!!

  12. going down the toilet is the silliest thing i heard in my life i don’t have a chimney so come through my door hope you have a nice ride

  13. If anyone does not have a chimney they should leave a key under a mat or leave or anywhere where santa can find it

  14. we do not have a chimeny. so just go through the doors.now why do you not go through everyones front door.

  15. oh hello well i think it is extremly funny to go through a toilet (potty) why would you do that? Imagine someone using it just soooooooooo weird so uhhh if someone doesnt have a chimney do you just go through the door??? i think im right not to sure so bye bye and merry christmas!

  16. That was a really crazy idea.The elves are crazy.Dont you have black longer from going down chimneys .

  17. Dear Santa,♥️
    I love the way you and Mrs.Claus act together.
    When will you die?

  18. This year, you should come out from the ceiling. (This might not work, but I think it would be funny.)

  19. Lilia: Hi Santa! Do you come down the Chimney because you want a thing to be known for and for people to write songs about that stuff? reasons why u would not want to go down the Chimeny: 1 you might get black lung, 2 if the fireplace is lit then you will get burnt bad you will get 3rd digree burns. 4 you might get stuck. Kate: you would probebly go down the chimney because you don’t want to upset all the children of the world or one of the children who are going through a rough time and they need a break from all the bad stuff and to just have fun. Santa Sometimes I get in trouble because Peter will run around the hose when im soposed to wath him. Then my dad came out and said LILIA WHERE IS PETER! I said he ran away from me but dad did not belive me

  20. Dear Santa this year I would like a dog for Christmas and I would also like eight LOL surprises from my sister Maddie I would also a hover board a GoPro and a whole bunch of slime and pencils

  21. Please come threw my front door and please give me raindeer poop
    This is my christmas wishlist
    1 Iphone xr
    2 Iphone xr case
    3 Unicorn earbuds that fit the i phone xr
    4 Hoverboard
    5 Footie pajammas
    6 slime
    7 lol big surprise
    8 hair cirlingiron
    9 hair straightner
    10 candy

  22. Magic. Coats. Form. Santa. Forpaul.
    Santa. Watch. Talk elf. On. Watch. Forpaul
    I. Hop. You Havefineing. Now. At. North Pole.

  23. dear santa
    that sounds really silly but do you actually furfill the gifts we wish for if yes do you need to buy it with your money are youy actually rich

  24. Merry Month Before Christmas! I Won’t Have A Christmas Tree So U Can Put The Presents Somewhere Else! ☃️⛄️

  25. Um Go Through The Door Santa And This Year Beceause Of Baby River We Won’t Have A Xmas Tree But We Will Have A Small One On Something Like The Top Of The Piano Or The Kitchen Table So Put The Presents Under The Piano OK?

  26. ewwwww who would go down a toilet! The chimney is a much better idea even though you get covered in soot!

  27. I think you should sling shot the presents through the chimney and if they don’t have a chimney like me do the same thing.

  28. Hi Santa, how do you come into the house in Germany? me and Eimear want to know. Also are you are your friend Nikolaus the same person? when you and christkind deliver presents does she go down the chimney too or is that a santa exclusive? thanks santa

  29. I think the Elfs should make a special key so that the key would open every door at every house so you would NOT get dirty!!!!

  30. Dear Santa,

    I’m sorry that we don’t have a chimney, but we will find another way for you to come into our house. If you want, we will find a way to get down to our house and if you don’t want to do it, we’ll find another way.

    Santa, I would like a Paddington Bear toy.

    Thank you.

  31. Santa clause do you know what I want for Christmas? I hope you like the cookies I set out for you on Christmas Eve! Please send me back! I believe in you! Senceirly Evangelia

  32. I LOVE YOU SANTA! 😀 and please for christmas in 2011 give me an ipod touch and a laptop plz!! (gives cookies and milk) Tada!! :DD

  33. Dear Santa,

    How’s the rest of your Summer going? Please tell Mrs. Claus, The Elves, The Reindeer, and all of the other animals at The North Pole that I said hi. Hope you’re having a nice Summer.

  34. I would like you to deliver my presents tyhrough gthe door as we dont have a chimney, we will leave you a special key to let yourself in!!!

  35. One Question, If I Don’t Have A Chimney, Then How Do You Leave The Presents Inside?

  36. One question, If I don’t have a chimmeny (spell fail) Then how do you you leave the presents?

  37. OK first i think that was the SILLIEST idea ever and then i think you can come in the door you won’t get to dirty
    when you come in. santa with all the snow on the roof how do you not fall off
    please tell me love and for always amber

  38. I think going down the toilet is a little bit disgusting.What the germs anyway?

  39. I dont think its the silliest idea ever. I think that Santa should come inside of the house through the telephone wires.

  40. did you know my favourite time of the year is christmas!!!!!!!!! because i love it how we share christmas with our family from all around the world but just one question how do you fly around to houses in just 1 night. you should be in the book of world records bye bye p.s YOU ROCK bye

  41. 19.3.11 19th march 2011 popping through the potty was crazy! i think its better to go down the chimney and get soot on you instead of potty

  42. that is so funny but im so not allowed too make fun of you or im on the nuty list so i fink that the chimney is better then the potty so im going to tell the elves that they should make sensible choces. love from deboraxxxx

  43. santa i really don’t know why u did what he elf told you but anyways if i were u i would rather go down a chimmney than going thru a toilet!!!

  44. Why in the world did you think that was a better option? You should know better to NOT go in the potty!But,I really did like your story.

  45. dear santa i looked at elves ideas i thought they were great on christmas eve i hope u got back to the north pole safely and the reinders. ps thank you for the laptap and send you another messege next year on chritmas

  46. Popping through the potty was crazy! I think its better to go down the chimney and get soot on you instead of potty.

  47. santa being all serios is the s.o.s (secret of santa)really necasarry why can’t we meet you because i know those are fake santa’s at the mall. this is your busy season why oh why in the world would be at the mall?

  48. santa that is sooper funny1 why did you just go down the chimmney and poot the presents quickly before they came in ps lol

  49. You went through the POTTY? Wow! That is really brave of you. I wouldn’t be happy to go through a potty!

  50. Everybody says that you drop the presents down the chimeny then leave but that can’t be right because I always leave a note and you always write back and you always eat the milk and cookies.

  51. Anyone who does not belive in santa did once in there life.They had a bad memeroy or something bad.


  53. since i dont have a chimney you should just turn off our alarm with your magic and walk right through our front door.
    thank you

  54. Santa, I think you should have your Elves make you a “master key.” A deice that fits into any door knob, just like the regular key that was made for it! That way you could walk right through the front door!

  55. hhaaha that is a pretty funny story ! I always used to think that you couldn’t fit in the door mind you i was only 3 or 4 years old ! Now i understand ! one time I was sleeping and I heard something on the roof . I knew it was christmas eve and I knew that it would be you ! I heard the reindeer tapping their hooves on the roof and I knew that was you ! And you were super duper fast it like the speed of lighting its was like BOOM you were gone !
    when you left i look out the window and i saw red & green lights ! its was americale! I really love Christmas !!!!!

  56. can you come upstairs at my house so i can see you i really love you and when you comwe upstairs go to the right and go into the pink room with a little christmas tree thats my room and wake me up so i can see you

  57. I thought that the potty/toilet story was pretty funny I never thought of you using the potty/toilet. On Christmas Eve you can use whatever you want because I have a chimney and windows and doors and anything you can posibly think of (well maybe) and to me I don’t care which way you use I just want you to use the entrance that you’re most comfortable with because we don’t want aanything bad to happen
    Merry Christmas, Santa
    Isabelle =)

  58. This story made me laugh out loud! I really cannot think of any other way to come into one’s house.

  59. i think its a truly good idea for people who believe in santa they think its a good way of not disturbing people i believe in santa xxxxx

  60. Dear santa i think you shude stay going down the chimney hope you like the mesig

    love Amelia

  61. Thankyou for the sweet e mail Santa. I am sick. Oh and is Olive one of your reindeer? Does Frosty live at the north pole? I am amazed you went through the potty. Have a great day. Tell the elfs,MRS.Claus,reindeer,and snowmen I said hello.

  62. i think that’s the craziest idea I’ve ever heard! I think that is tottaly gross! What if someone was doing their buissness when he came! I think going through the chimney is a much better idea!

  63. How do you get in at houses that don’t have a chimney? Do you use your magic to make a chimney to go down? You come to my house but how do you do it?


  64. The idea that I deliver presents is to go through the door that is what my grandpa said to me

  65. hey santa if you see this do me a favour if you see clumsy tell him thats a good name because hes the clumsyest elv ive heard about


  67. I would like presennts for christmas.
    But really I thank santa claus should
    come down the chimey insted.

  68. I have an idea people could leave there doors oden so you could get in there. please do that at my house.

  69. dear santa could you please send me a pi
    cture of rudolfh and all the elfs in the work shop and your family. And tell clumsy that I think coming through tthe potty was a really stuped idear. And realy dont think you would be coming up my potty because some thimes i fake to be asleep so i would smell you and hear you. And what do you really look like and do you cange the couler of your eyes when you go to kids houses. And when is your birthday love rodie

  70. i think santa is the most magical person ever. he has magic in his tummy, thats why it’s so big!

  71. I think it was the sillyist idea!We dont have a chimney but how do you leave us the presents?I would like you to come through the door.

  72. I hope you still remember me Santa.
    Anyway I would do the same thing. I would come down the chmney too.

  73. Please,Santa.I don’t have a chimmney because I live in a apt. PLease come through the front door or back. Don’t wake my doggie! I will always belive in you,even when I’m old and gray. I LOVE YOU!!! 🙂

  74. santa we dont have a chimmney so please come in the balconey door i will leave you two cookies one glass of milk and for the riendeer one carrot and i will have a special treat for you *wink* . also i think that is a very inpleasent idea.

  75. Please come in through the front door we have no chimney. Don’t wake up the doggies.I will leave you milk and cookies. I will always love you and believe in you Santa:) Carrots are for the reindeer.

  76. Please come through the back door we don’t have a chimney. We will leave you Egg nog and cookies plus treats for the reindeer. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. I love you:)

  77. Santa, I don’t have a chimney. Please come in the front door. We will have goodies for you. I love you Santa! Try to be quiet the dogs will start barking. Kisses and Hugs:)

  78. I have a blog too.You would have a hard time fitting throgh my toilet!I have a door that we put “Santa’s Key” on.

  79. As I don’t have a chimney you can come through the windows and leave through the door.
    Please do a special noise.

  80. that is so funny santa why was it clumbsy the elf is there a silly elf if there is that would be evan funier

  81. That was the madest idea ever!I think i might want you to come to my house by,going down the chimny and go to the kithchen to get the cookies and milk put out for you,then go to the Christmas tree and lay the presents under it,also try to make a little tapping noise so I will know its you. 😀

  82. i think the toilet idea was really silly the chimmney idea is the best love shannon baker age10


  84. well erm this is a tough decision because we blocked off our chimney so you cant come down there… um our doors are locked our windows are closed….. you would wake us up if you come through the toilet so ummm…. just come in the same way you did last chritmas i guess! 😉

  85. well, that is a very silly way to get presents to the house and merry christmas santa.elves and mrs.clause hope you riendeers have a fun time flying through the foggy night

  86. santa here is an idea i know you already do this but it might help you could use your magic powers to poof in and when i say poof i mean pop in



  89. that is a realy cool story im glad u come through the chimney im glad u dont come through the toilet anymore i hope u have a great christmas and the reain deer and elves too and im realy hoping for an i pod TOUCH

  90. well we don’t have chimney because are fireplace is gas do the way we want you to come in is through the front door


  92. I think you should stick with going through the chimmney because who wants to see santa come through the toliet?!

  93. November 24,2010 7:12 AM

    Dear Santa,
    I can’t wait till Christmas!!!! I’ve just now done putting up the decorations.
    30 sleeps,16 hours, 47 minutes & 8 seconds..7..6.. 5..4..3 ..2..1 ..0..now its 30 sleeps,16 hours, 46 minutes & 59 seconds!!!!!!

  94. honestly, it could have been worse, believe it or not! You could have gotten stuck halfway between potties, an that would be terrible. Or you could have gotten pnemonia from the wet coldness!

  95. That is the funniest story I’ve ever heard! You went through the potty! Was anyone ever on it when you came up! Did you ever go potty when you were delivering presents to houses? When did you swicth to go through the chimmney? Is that story true????????


  96. I Thought That The Idea was Really bad

    Why dont you come through doors or windows is it because its a really noisy idea

    for christmas why to you have to use the same wrapping paper as my mum Please

    Love Summer

  97. Santa i think poping in houses was the silliest idea ever. Santa Cristmas is my FAVORITE hollyday EVER. love Aidan.

  98. i am defently going to leave a mesage.And if you can you leave one fore me and my dog.my dog is aslep now.my flour is being done in they hall so if you can pleas do not walk on it heverly

  99. I think that the toilet idea is funny. And if you go through a toilet, wouldn’t you be cold because it’s winter and snowing outside? What I think you should do is come through my door because I don’t have a chimney. Can’t wait till christmas. I love you. Bye.

  100. have a great christmas what i want for christmas is a phone,a psp and you.thank you for all that you’ve done for all the great christmas presents

  101. I think that you should come down our chimney cause you can make it bigger and we also like to leave our fire place open for you cause all of yall are very*200 special pius more

  102. You can come through my house from the attic. It`s pretty wwarm up there so it will keep you warm. Merry Christmas!

  103. Santa, please come in the front door we leave a key for you and we do not have a chimmey and do not come thru the toilet that will make a mess all over the place

  104. i think you should come through the door because we do not have a chimney and i leave a key outside for you thank you santa i love you

  105. dear santa clause will be here to give prsents on christmas eve love kristina altamura

  106. Santa
    I would love for you to come in our Dishwasher. Please leave a note in there from you. Thank you. Just so you know, Please don’t wake me up. You might startle me. I know some of my friends don’t belive in you. But I do and i know your out there. Thanks for your time!
    Love Sierra

  107. Dear santa the way I think you should come into my house is bring a drill and a shovel and dig a hole in my front yard dril through the basment floor go up the stairs and deliver the presents to my family!

  108. OK this is the one i realy want you to do come throo my bedroom windo and wake me and my sister up to see you and help you please

  109. oh santa that was a very silly idea and it is also very funny and did you wake up the children in the house?

  110. And its me agin Ashlynn and this is to all of you at the north pole I forgot to give all of you all my love!!!!!!!!

  111. Hi, santa its me agin and thats a funny story! 🙂 Please say hi to the elvs and the rainder thank you! love ashlynn

  112. hey,i love you Santa.i think that u should’t have listened to clumsy!you could have just use some magic dust to open the door and go through there!merry christmas!!!xoxo!!! kiss!kiss!kiss! kiss!thousands hugs…JUST TO U

  113. i love you and you are the best thankk you so much for everything you have givin me thank you again so much. <3

  114. dear santa you know what i think i think you are the best and you no what else i think the way uyou come to my house is just fine down through the chimmney. i love you so much.

  115. noooo you should not go down the toilet people do not flush the toilet.:) yes i do want some presnent!

  116. Dear Santa,
    You shouldnt come down the chimney because what if its on fire!
    You could get burned.
    Take Care.

  117. Dear Santa I think you should either climb in through a window or come in through the front door!

  118. Did you ever go to President George Washington’s house when he was young? Also what was christmas like in the 1700’s?

  119. Of course santa shouldn`t go down and up the toilet because someone could have not flushed the toilet and yea he would`ve got a fright.

  120. Well, i think you should still go down the chimney because it is faster and usually people put the cookies and milk somewhere by the fireplace! – Julianna

  121. I think that is a pretty silly idea But I would laugh my little heart out if I saw you popping out of the toilet/potty.
    lololol ololol

  122. Lol santa! that’s so silly! xD Clumsy elf is one funny elf. I think you should come deliver presents at my house a different way, (other than the toliet)! Because our fireplace could be on, and after all you don’t want to get burned! 🙁 well see ya soon! xoxo ^^

  123. HAHAHA! Santa you silly silly person! How do you get in my house? I don’t have a chimney! Is that why I once saw a snowball in my potty?

  124. Hi santa!It’s me!Edmund!Icame on santas christmas blog to see the stories.I’ve got to admit this is funny.I wonder how it turned out?!That must be the most embarrasing incident in your life!(Honestly I think there have been worse!)

  125. hi santa i love you , you are the best and that was a silly thing but it donsent matter eney morre cuz it is over xxx
    p.s thank you for all the prezants we have i love to open them.

  126. you probably won’t fit down our chimney,that’s why my mum stays up to open the front door for you!!

  127. my mom stays up every year,but one year she fell asleep!!!so from now on she leaves the backdoor open just incase.

  128. you know santa i think roudolf got his nose cuz sinse its real cold out his rose turned red! from annie

  129. Yes, I think that is VERY silly! I think you are doing a mighty fine job coming through my chimmney! One more thing, I am looking forward to getting that magical elf of yours! I have had it three or four years in a row now!

  130. Hi Santa You can come in my close door
    and to get into my house door is a special Santa Key only for you!
    Lots of Love Danniella
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    I LOVE YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Hi santa how you today
    well i been shopping today also and now i am at library with James
    sign james and Jessica.
    p.s thank you
    love santa

  132. santa u can go thru my back door cause we dont have a chimney and just FYI we have a lot of trees love from madison*****

  133. Dear Santa,
    i really think the you should still come down the chimney. But if i had i dea for where you could come it would be through the front door. But some people have alarms like i do. So make sure before you come through the front door you should use your magic to turn it off. and then when you are done delivering the presents under the tree you should use your magic to turn it on again.so that way when you come to peoples houses and go through the front door they won’t wake up and be all scared and all!!!

    Love you always,

  134. santa you should come through are back door everyone has a back door even the kids in africa

  135. i think that you should get some sort of magic spell to put on each prezzie and it will atomaticly go to the house when you are close enough


  137. i tink it is cool how you come down the chimney.plees can you make christmas come faster
    love shealyn

  138. That’s really silly! and you know how you said the elf used the restroom for a long time? Well, what if the family did that right before you popped through?! 🙂

  139. you could just fly to the house the make your self disapeer and make yourself apeere in there house there disapere and apere on the top of the hous agan

  140. dear Santa, instead of a chimney why not use the door? You could park your sleigh on the driveway and walk around to the back door or front door. This will make it easy for you to tip toe in and deliver your presents. We will leave cookies and milk and maybe some cake if you would like. We love you Santa.

  141. dear santa will you be coming to georgia on christmas eve night your friend franklin joe browning

  142. Me and Denina were thinking of you just coming through the door and coming to wake the child(ren) up so they can help you. Lots of kids are wanting to see you so why don`t you give it a try.

    Love Carly and Denina

  143. Santa I think going down the chimney is the best way cause if you dont then you have to come in through the door then all the people will know and they will come and start stealing stuff from your house.p.s I love you!!!

  144. thats so silly anyway i whould like you to magic yourself through the kewhole in my front door.

  145. i would like you to sneak through my bedroom window and then sneak downstairs and fill my stocking downstairs
    thanks frome jake

  146. it must be really hard fo you to go down evry chimney in just one night is it really true if someone is really bold you give them coal

  147. You Are The Best Person EVER! And I Think Coming Down The Chimney Is A Great Idea Although Coming Through The Front Door Better

  148. well, i think you could come in through the windows or if you don’t want to, come in through the front door (i live in an apartment so i don’t have a chimmney)

  149. santa i want to tell you somthing
    .not about that thing but about somthing
    else. i want you to give me all your
    information so i can be your freind
    and we can work together


  150. why did you go through the toilet? that is the silliest idea i ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. I think that was silly. I like your idea of going down the chimny. I know some kids don’t have chimnys. How do you get down them? My mom said that you come through the front door or back door.

  152. Hi Santa
    i dont hgave a chimny so there is only one way to come to my house it is through the door the door is locked but we have a shiney plastic key mum says that you have magic so you can just put the key in our door locker news your magic and you will apear in our house (i think it was a bit silly going in through the toilet)

    From Kayla Ellis

  153. That was one of the sillyest sotories I have heard yet in this blog. I tink thro the chimnie is the bes idea.

  154. dear santa if you can comein the front door if it is lock what do you do?my mom said you use magic to go in our house is that true or false?i just cant wait until christmas because it is my favorite holiday of all the holidays.i just cant wait until winter either because it is winter break for sckoolz.is it true that you like every bad kid in the world or just the good kids in the world and all over the united states of america.

    love always,

    jessica rainey

  155. i think every christmas night u should come through a wind instead but umm my blinds click when u hit them or go through the window to get in when your locked out i don’t know mabey i should pull the blinds back then leave the window open ok talk later by

  156. how can you fit in the little skiny chimney and what if you get stuck who helps you out

  157. why don’t you just use magic to walk though the walls?thats what my mom told me you do.

  158. santa will you send a elf to visit my home? so he can take me to the north pole

  159. santa will you please please wake me up when you get to my house? p.s. I love you love , Mateo bastian p.s. wtite baack

  160. santa will you please please bring me a real puppy? cause if you do i’ll be good every christmas.

  161. Hi again it,s me haley you told me to go on this wonderful thing are you going to give me a boyfriend?

  162. santa i can not believe that you would go thru the potty but the way that ti would like you to come thru the angel on the top of are tree

  163. i also think that was a silly idea and how do you get up the chimney sincerley garth

  164. the way i want you to come thru our house is to go thru my window, because i want to know when you come in so i can wake everybobd up so we can open up our preasants…………………………



  166. yep it is a silly idea and you said in one of my lettersthere was a elf named clumsy

  167. Dear santas please an you come and wake me up when you come to my house
    ps:you are the best man i know 😛 xxx.

  168. I would like you to come down the chimney like always. I don’t want you to get dirty and it’s much faster.

  169. Dear Santa,One time I was about…2 or 3 I thought somebody was trying to rob us.But no I think it was probaly somebody getting out of bed or you!

  170. Santa that i so silly what if somebody had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night? lol

  171. That is really a funny story. I can’t believe you actually entered a house through the toilet. Where was it?

  172. Hi Santa im so glad to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im read your (new) way to come out of the potty.Thats silly

  173. well i do think its silly but its better than ruining the childrens christmas

    thanks santa you always tell your secrets

    luv harleen

  174. You come down the chimney and pop out the fireplce you go.Everyone should be in the bed by 11:00 at night so you dont get seen if you get stuck in the chimney wich you wont but if you do because you are magical you can just phone mrs Clause tell her what house and adress your at and she will come and help you wont she I love you all lots of love from Rebekah

  175. dear santa i was a good boy this year and i was hopeing you would get to come see me mabe next year your friend FRANKLIN JOE BROWNING

  176. I loved the story that you write and how come When I am in bed and you go on my roof and I dont hear you?

  177. Why did you do it anyway Santa, I would wouldn’t it be disgusting. what if someone did not flush the toilet

  178. Dear Santa that is the most hullarius thing ever! I think that you should just stick with chimneys. But if someone doesn’t have a chimney then go threw the door.

  179. Dear Santa i dont think going throw pottys i think it is much better going throw chinmeys it is smart love Rina

  180. Wow Santa! You really did that?Thats so funny and so are you! Remember what i said what i wanted for Christmas? *smile*

  181. Santa we dont have a fireplace but I think you could figure something out.

    your resident,Landon.

  182. Santa I think everyone is all over this idea of you coming to their house. I meen yes im happy your coming too. Everyone is loosing the true meening of christmas. Its giving that matters. Santa you are giving presents to the world so you know the true meening. Thats a lot of giving. Thanks for beinging so kind to me and giving me presents on Christmas eve!

  183. hi santa i was just wondering why you come down the chiminy because i don;t have a chiminy so how do you get into my house and other peaples house if they dont have a chiminy?

  184. that is very silly you should get a dirty proof suit and loose a bit of weight but still come down the chimey

  185. I would like Santa to go through the loungeroom window because it is closer to the Santa sacks.

    Love Raphy.

  186. to santa
    i think its very funny that you go down the chimney but i guess its the only way that you can get in. by the way how do you get in the chimney wouldnt you get stuck o never mind. you should keep comeing down the chimney for the rest of your life.
    merry chistmas santa

  187. that is funny
    i have another idea.when i go to sleep, i could lock the door then put a key under the door and when you came, you could unlock it!

  188. That was hilarious… and a bit gross, but mostly hilarious! But why did you have the idea of coming through the chimneys RIGHT after the idea of the toilet?
    I believe in you a lot!

  189. santa i want to know if you can make chimmneys by yourself! because i dont have a chimmney so how do you get into my house every year? i would like to have the answer very quickly because 2 more days untill Christmas eve!

  190. U know if people have a chimney u use the MAGIC KEY why don’t u use it on evreyones house or do u touch ur nose and u become downstairs only if theres a chimney?

  191. Wow Santa Claus,
    that was quit the story.But I think that it was a smart idea to stick to chimmneys. I have also got a question, where would you enter if a home did not have a chimmney that you could not enter?

  192. Yayyyy nearly crimbo reallll excited! WELLL santa u can come in my house anyway you like, just dont come thru the front door coz my dog tyson will bark ;D Anyway merry christmas santa! and to everybody else, 2 =]

  193. Hi Santa,

    Please leave our presents upstairs. Your snack will be on the table–we made a special one for you!

  194. Dear Santa,
    Don’t change your tradition if you like it! I think it’s cool that for all these years you have gone down the chimney to deliver presents. If you managed before, then why not keeping doing it?

  195. i personally think presents should be deliverd through the letter box and you can sprinkle some magic glitter so we cant here you you never guess what me and my little sister lexi had a first christmas bump oowchh it hurts but at least we know we will be ok before christmas love you x

  196. Wow thats funny santa! I can’t believe there is only 2 more sleeps to go! I am so excited Merry Christmas!
    From Jess 🙂 🙂

  197. that is the craiziest thing that i hav ever heard in my entire life and that is pretty messed up well that is all i got to go cuz i have to go christmas shopping but still that was the weirdest thing ever please dont try that ever!!!!

  198. Dear Santa,

    I read it and you’re right, it is silly. Going down the chimney, you would be dirty, but going through the potty, you would be wet. It’s a good thing you go down the chimney because if you went through the potty,imagine if someone came in to use it. Now that would be funny. 😛 😀

  199. Have a magical key and open otheir door.They thought of a silly idea!I don’t know if this will work,but try!

    Merry Christmas,

  200. oooohhhh!!!! That is a really funny story I was rolling on the floor laghing wellit wasnt the funniest thing ever but really funny merry x-mas

  201. Dear santa ,

    I would hate coming theough the toilet!!! That is discusting …especially if some one one was on the toilet at the time!!!!

  202. An easyer way would be to just have some of the smaller elves pop in through chimeny, window or what have you, and then you send down the smaller presents, then you come in through the toilet again and put the big ones there.

  203. dear santa i think you should climb through the window in my house ill take the stick away from the window seal that stop the burglars from getting in only on christmas eve santa (wink) i am putting all my trust in you from pieter

  204. I like the song about you getting stuck in the chimney its funny. but why do you go down the chimney why dont you climb through a window. haha

  205. What other ways does Santa come down the chimney? I’m going to be with my dad for christmas next year but I don’t have a chimney at that house!!!! If santa comes through the door, the alarm will go off!!!!!!! Same if he came in anywhere else!!!!

  206. why do yo go into the house anyway? why don’t you just use your magic to make the gift’s appear in the house’s?

  207. Santa,

    I am OK with you popping out of our toilet but we will have to make sure it is flushed before your arival.

    See you soon.

  208. Please come down our chimeny and leave the presents under the tree-your cookies are already out waiting for you,. Please, leave an autograph from Rudolph!

  209. I think u should make an invisible suit and invisible presents and sneak in then turn the presents uninvisible and then u win!!!!!!!!!

  210. That is the craziest idea ever. what would happen if someone is using the potty(especially a kid.) Your head would be so dirty. and u couldn’t deliver any gifts.

  211. We don’t have a chimney, so how are you going to get in and deliver my presents?

    I hope I get my presents I would like for christmas.

    love asher

  212. maybe if you try and get all the kids and parents to go to bed at midnight to deliver the presents the best way is to block your left nose to make the chimney appear and with your right nose make the chimney dissapear

  213. Santa I thought that was extremely silly.
    I think if you went down the chimney, what about if people didnt have an open fire wouldnt you get stuck

  214. Dear Santa, Please use the magic key, mummy will leave it outside the front door if you forget yours.

    Love Amelia

  215. You could just use the front or back door, and even if you dont have a key your magical so you can use magic to get in any way you want to.

  216. you rock
    you are the best
    i love you
    you give me nice prezzes

    love from best friend taylor!!

  217. Dear Santa,

    I think the elf story is so funny. I think the whole chimney thing is bad and good. I think it is bad because YOU COULD CATCH ON FIRE! It is good because almost everyone has one.



  218. well its a pretty crazy way but if i were you i’d take a giant snowmobile that lloks like a sled

  219. hi santa!
    why on earth would you come out the toilet! i am glad you changed to chimmneys!!!
    love liam

  220. Santa why dont send the presants through the mail box shrink them then post them thenthey can grow back them selfs so you can post them through the chimney

  221. I like you leaving the presents down the chimney and into the living room. I think it is very special!

  222. hi santa yeh that was a silly way to deliver presants i hope i was good this year
    PS. i think i have been good this year

  223. My sis’s friend one morning they where opening there presents and found your hat in the chimney her name is madison kent do you know her???? you probably do

  224. You can come thourgh the front door it’s the easiest thing to do!Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

  225. i would love it you elvs down ther are doind great i want 32 webkinz i have a poster board and you can see all of them iwant you to make me that please

  226. well you could come in thru the back door if they have one of course there will be no key but ur magicl so it doesnt matter right?

  227. dear lovely santa

    I think that everybody should be in bed at midnight so you could leave your presents.

  228. I would love if you come to my house and up my toilet.P.S don’t get sick when you come to my house. from;Skyler koroch to;santa claws candy canes

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