Wrapping paper machine meets Clumsy the Elf

Wrapping paper and elves
Clumsy the Elf meets wrapping paper!

The wrapping paper workshop is very busy this time of year.  The elves are trying to wrap all of the presents I will deliver on Christmas Eve.  (You can watch me delivering those presents  Christmas Eve on my Santa Snooper.)

Today was an “extra exciting” day in the wrapping paper workshop.  We lost Clumsy the Elf for a whole day and no one could find him!

The last time anyone saw him, he was near the wrapping machine.  Then, POOF!  He was gone.

The elves looked everywhere.  They looked in the toy workshop.  Then they looked around the Christmas trees.  They even looked in my sleigh, but they couldn’t find Clumsy anywhere.

The elves searched for hours but they still didn’t find Clumsy.  It was getting late, and we started to get worried.  The wrapping elves turned off the wrapping machine and the lights, and they heard a sound.

It was a quiet thumping sound.  It came from the bottom of a tall stack of wrapped gifts.  The elves got closer to the sound, and they could hear a voice too. It was Clumsy — he was inside a wrapped box!

“Help!” he called.  We were happy that we found him, but we had one problem. There were hundreds of wrapped gifts, and we didn’t know which box Clumsy was in!  How would we find him?

A Wrapping Paper Disaster!

I called everyone to help.  We started unwrapping the gifts to let Clumsy out.  We unwrapped so many gifts that the whole workshop was covered in all colors of wrapping paper.  Some of the elves jumped and played in the wrapping paper.  Some had a paper ball fight!  It was quite a mess.

Finally, I opened a small box with sparkly green paper and a red bow.  Inside, I found Clumsy!  He was so happy he was rescued at last.

Now the elves are very far behind on wrapping.  Some of you might get gifts that are not wrapped!

Clumsy said he would be much more careful in the wrapping paper room next time.  Only elves can jump into present wrapping machines because they are well trained.  Maybe Clumsy should stay away too!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you open gifts slowly and carefully, or do you rip into them and throw the paper?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see how messy other people are with their wrapping paper!

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80 special messages to Santa about “Wrapping paper machine meets Clumsy the Elf”

  1. I would love it if you clumsy elf would stop being clumsy for one day I would like to see if he could be mitore for one ful day

  2. I want to be kind to all Seades Support staff from now on so I have present’s this year and every year I promise you Santa xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I Do Throw My Rapping Paper It’s Because I Just Can’t Wait To See What’s Inside The Presents I Just Love Christmas More Than Anybody Else Does!!

    Nevaeh ❤

  4. hi santa i would really like a clumsy elf next year for christmas plzz and i do not think we met but my name is hunter and i all ways get gifts from my mom and dad and santa never came to my house so santa i been super lonely and i would really like a clumsy elf plzz next year for christmas i love you santa we all love you happy new year santa 🙂

  5. hi santa its me hunter i do not think we never met be for and this year you never came to my house my mom and dad just did my gifts and i been sad and lonely but im ok i hard you give out clumsy elfs and i would really like one next year i hard you give them away so next year santa i would really like a clumsy elf plzz and if i get it next year for christmas i will take really good care of it happy new year santa i love you we all love you and tell mis cluase i love her and happy new year and i had a great christmas i got a cabbage patch kid and i love it but next year i would really like a clumsy elf HAPPY NEW YEAR SANTA :)))))))))))))))))))

  6. the flinststones abc family channel dvd some color light purple light purple light blue light color light dark blue different color shadow Black and blue

  7. I do both. When I am really excited then I open them by ripping. When I am in the middle feeling then i open them carefully

  8. Depending on the gift, I usually just tear it open. But sometimes my parents (because they know what’s in the gifts) tell me to open them gently. Hii Santa!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  9. La La……….. oh hey didn’t see you there welll i sometimes rip it and sometimes i get siccors and cut gentley

  10. Hey I always wanted to know if you were going to be able to come to my house and with this covid 19 going on but I will always love you ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥

  11. I will always love you and always trust you ♥ ❤ so I was so happy to see Christmas is almost here and I have always loved ❤ you for a lot of reasons ❤ ♥ ❤

  12. I usually open my presents medium fast and medium slow too. I’m so excited about them but I want to savor them too. I don’t know why. I ❤ presents so much.

  13. I do it really slowly, because my Birthday is on Christmas Day and I don’t get ANY other presants over the year, sometimes it takes me WEEKS to unwrap my presants because I do them so carefully! I do save yhem up though! I also arrange the Presants from smallest to biggest and start to the smallest then after about 3 MONTHS I get to the last presant

    Bella/ Belle

  14. Hi Susan how are you Sanders I know I can’t read out OK I’m on the fence so nobody bacon and I have to go, thing on for the fence for Christmas you know deacons camera on the fence about it breaking into a house with him

  15. I rip them open but carefully so I don’t punch someone not my little brother Lucas Wright he’s two

    Thanks for reading santa

  16. i usually rip it LIKE MY LIFE! also, my friend joseph dosent really believe in you,he says that its just your parents that get the presents but that’s only on your birthday

  17. Hi santa. Could I have like,five more days to think about my presents. It is only September so I think that should be ok.but on the other hand I love chrismas,and would love it if in my stocking I could get some surprises and a little tub of pretty unicorn slime.that would be great. Also I rip it open and fling it at dad but he caches it and I say nice shot love Aiko.

  18. Hi Santa, I rip it open if it’s light but I’m careful when it’s heavy. ( P.S. thanks for the computer last year, I used it to type this 🙂

  19. I’m always in a hurry to unwrap the presents so I always tear the wrapping paper off very fast (but sometimes I’m careful)

  20. That depends but I’m usually carful so that I can rap up more presents for my mom, dad, sister’s, and brother next year.

  21. Hey Santa can you please make a blog about the reindeer and what they like and stuff like that. All I want is to have a description about every single reindeer.

  22. Dear Santa,
    We found Clumsy! He is in our classroom and said he was going to report to you every day! We hope you get this message. We are so happy Clumsy came to us!
    We love you,
    Mrs. Hunn’s First Graders

  23. Hi SC. This is Lucy. I loved the story The wrapping paper elf.It was the funniest story I have ever heard!I think Clumsy the elf is the funniest elf I’ve ever heard of.Tell him that, OK Santa? P.S. I unwrap my presents by ripping them open. Thank you for bringing me gifts every year!

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