Santa’s Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas 2015!

Santa Claus' sleigh is ready!
Santa Claus’ sleigh is ready!

Christmas is so close.  I can almost taste the cookies!  HoHoHo!

We are all ready for the big night.

There are just a few things to do.

Everyone else is sleeping.

So I thought I would share

My silly poem with you…

The sleigh is all packed,
The reindeer in bed,
Dreaming of pulling,
Santa’s red

The elves have been busy,
With paper and bows,
Ribbons and packages,
And polishing a nose!
Do you know which one?
It’s famous.  It

And I have been busy,
Checking out my new sleigh,
Making sure it’s perfect,
Making sure it’s okay.
Cuz Santa is coming,
I’m but one sleep away

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you have any special messages for me on my big trip?  (You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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160 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas 2015!”

  1. Make up and mal doll and 2 Barbie mermaid doll’s and real kitten’s and stuff kitten’s and a real pet pony.

  2. Dear Santa,
    Be carful don’t hit anything ok you don’t want to crash, do you? I don’t want you to

    love you Santa,


  4. dear santa clus on Christ mas eve iwill let you use some ouf our Christmas warping paper too help you with Christmas your friend andy

  5. I want to watch stuff for Christmas but I’m not going to tell you all of it I’m just going to tell you like a little 1.Shopkins 2.Shopkin dolls that’s all I know right now.


  6. Hi Santa it’s Maria again
    you left me so many presents it almost filled up my whole house the rapper please tell Mrs.Clase and all the Elves and the Elf on the Shelf that I said hi


  7. Hi Santa. I’m Maria. I’m getting ready for Christmas this year I hope you are too. I like the angel on top of the Christmas tree. P.S. can you please candy in the stockings. Be careful on your journey around the world I Believe In You Santa I believe. Can you tell jingle our elf on the shelf that I said hi

  8. Hi Santa.My name is Maria. My favorite holiday is Christmas. So can you please let me know if I am on your good list.☑ I’m like the angle on top of the Christmas tree. P.S. please leave candy in the stockings. I believe in you Santa I do.

  9. Hi Santa it’s Izabella I’m already so exited for Christmas. I believe u. It seems that only 2 people believe u in my class. My dad told me that when he was little he seen u. I remember how u sent me a e mail sing that when I was a baby u came to where I was sleeping but it seem that I was awake. I started talking to u because I looked up to u. And then u said that u tickled me on the chin and then u wentthat’s what u said to me.I wish I still remembered that. I am ten and I know u know that because u know every one in the world. I can’t wait till Christmas. I will keep sending mails to u. Emery Christmas sant from izabella

  10. Dear Santa Clause I been Nice this year and my Birthday on December 7,2016 I am 15 year old and I am a boy thank you Santa Clause.

  11. Hi Santa you are the best I love you My halo has been a bit crooked But I can change that before Christmas
    My dream has been to ride in your sleigh (sigh) but that will never happen

  12. dear santa can i dilviver presentes with you santa plaese
    yes or no and you you please tell me the boy that live next to me that is naugty tell me the boys name that lives next to me that is nagthy ok good luck and merry christmas from jeffrey

  13. Hi Santa! Can you make sure I can hear your sleigh bell on Christmas Eve night on Sunday 2016! And make sure that Rudolph’s glows so BRIGHT!

  14. Hello Santa Nice to meet you
    I just needed to tell you that I believe in you and I always will but somebody in my school called Keira I just needed to tell you that I believe in you and I always will but somebody in my school called Keira doesn’t believe and you doesn’t believe and you saw so I don’t something a little bit wrong and accidentally punched her in the face but it didn’t disturb herself right for not believing y I don’t something a little bit wrong and accidentally punched her in the face but it didn’t disturb herself right for not believing in you she went home crying eyes out to her mum and I just got shouted at my mum told me off from when I punched her in the face she now believes in you lots of kisses and hugs from auntie Laure lots of kisses and hugs from Amber

  15. You are the best Santa i really want a bunny for Christmas. Please let my sister Cameron Know that I LOVE her


  16. hey santa tonight is my band concer and i am very nrvis about it i love you thanks for all my gifts and can you plz write back thanks

  17. Hello Santa Claus, I just want to let you know I will always believe in you and everyone in the North pole even though I am 18 years old I will never stop believing in you. When I was a little Girl everyone made fun of me because I believed in you but I never let it get to me. Merry Christmas Santa Claus. P.S All I really want for Christmas is my Grandpa Ron he died in December. And can you also let my sister Leona Goss and my brother Rocky Goss know that I love them with all my Heart.

  18. I’m so exited for tonight I can’t wait to see what u got me and my brother but I really want a PC laptop and hover board so I can’t wait to wake up twomarow and see my gifts for u


  19. i am really excited for Christmas this year i would really like a skateboard a scooter and 3d magic maker
    love lucy rose cluney

  20. WOW! I just can’t wait to see what my presents are. And I will get extra presents from my family because my birthday is on the 29 of Dec.

  21. Dear Santa,
    I just want to let you know that even though I am older, I still believe in you. I believe that you are the spirit and the symbol of Christmas. I will always believe in you, forever.

    Merry Christmas!


  22. Dear Santa,can you please get me a girl Yorkie puppy from How about little miss perfection please? Thank you. BYE-BYE.

  23. Hello Santa! Many people don’t believe in you, but if I believe in God and I don’t see him, I should believe in you!!! People call you (That actaully believe in you) Santa Claus, Saint Nick, Santy Claus, and Santa Claws! Do you like cats?

  24. Merry Christmas <3
    I hope you have wonderful flight on the sliegh on the beautiful Christmas Eve. Thank you for being my inspiration Santa, Just want to let you know i love you . And i totally know im on the nice list. You even said that to me in your letter. Thank you and Merry Christmas HO HO HO ….!!!!
    Blessings ,
    Rebecca Age 19.
    Ps, all the way from Wallaceburg <3

  25. i have been good thanks to bo my elf on the shelf he really loves it here at sherwood place in green bay wisconsin u.s.a i made suger cookies 4 you like i did last year and i will be leaving a carrot 4 rudulh. 12/23/15 at 9;34 pm

  26. dear santa i have been good this year and i reallylove bo my elf on the shelf he,s been keeping a eye on me i am leaving some suger cookies and milk 4 you/ some carrots 4 the reindeer love joshua michael wolfe 12/23/15


  28. hello so happy tomorrow is the big day for me and my family and friends so big that you cant imagine even my baby brothers so excited even though he is still a little kid we are very excited so hold your slay tight tonight and tomorrow

  29. All the best on your big trip I know your going to do great thank you for every think because your awesome and you know it.Also thanks for all the presents you have given to me in the past.
    p.s. whats your most fave food??
    love Celeste xo 🙂

  30. Hey Santa I really want to see you. I want so much stuff. I get bullied for beliving you. I love Christmas. It is the best time in the year.

  31. Hi Santa what time are you coming to my house I want you to write back to me also merry Christmas ANSI want to know how do you come in our house and how do I text you as like a friend because I want you to be my friend you are sweet hearted and cool

  32. All the best on your big trip I know your going to do great thank you for every think because your awesome and you know it.Also thanks for all the presents you have given to me in the past.
    p.s. whats your most fave food??
    love Celeste xo

  33. santa I cant explain how much I love u and am I on the good or bad list I’m sorry if I’m on the bad list I really have trying and be very good this week I hope u have a safe flight I hope none of the children have been norty ummm santa me and my brother aere worried about cole plesa tell us if we have been good I hope I’m on the good list I loved your poem I love u santa I don’t want to end this chat but its going to have to end right here. BYe

  34. Hi Santa,

    You know that AJ really wants the dimensions pack already. Please have a safe trip and AJ will have your favorite cookies ready tomorrow for you. AJ also wants lego marvel advengers.

  35. ih santa how are you so there would be a thing for you on top of the fireplace and there would also be 10 carrots ever reindeer can have one and you to stay healthy


  36. DEAR SANTA ,
    lOVE ,

  37. Dear Santa,

    This year I have been a good boy. Well maybe a few timesaver been bad but overall I have been pretty good this year. This year for Christmas I would like to have and iPad and I started to like the game minecraft so maybe I would like to have some minecraft toys. I think that I deserve this gifts and I promise to work hard I school and try my beast even though I may get mistakes sometimes I always try my beast tho got good marks for my parents. I also promise to be nice to my family and my brother and to not cry like a baby and to not scream and to always share my toys and be nice. Whenever I am told to do my homework ka always do it right when I am told to do it with ought saying in five minutes.thank you Santa and I hope you have a safe trip my cousins will also be here for Christmas and I think they would like to have hockey cards.

    Ps I will leave some carrots for your reindeer to eat and some cookies and a glass of milk for you goodbye.

  38. Merry Christmas your coming tonight can’t wait hope I’m on the good list every one knows Santa is reall except those idiots who don’t any way like I said cant wait

  39. I wish you a safe journey around the world. I have made Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies for you when you come to my house.

  40. Dear Santa Claus,
    I hope you remember me. I believe you have not met me. Me and my elf Comet are in Texas. I hope you get me what I asked for. Merry Christmas Santa!

  41. Hi, Santa! Can you please WRITE a letter to Alexis Kaiser and Kirsten Field? I hope you have a nice ride with the reindeer on CHRISTMAS EVE! I hope you please bring me Kirsten field a chrome book if my parents did not! Can you please bring me chrome book or a I pod 5 if my parents did not. love, Alexis Kaiser, and Kirsten Field.

  42. Merry Chirstmas santa i hope that when you come you will like my cookies and also please give my best friend savannah a happy Chirstmas because her mom has past away and she can not live with her dad i feel bad for her. thanks santa for evrything. xoxoxoxo

  43. Dear Santa Claus,
    I love Christmas very much and can’t wait for it to come in two days.Here are the 7 thing’s I want that I sent to you in this websites sending letter’s part.
    -iphone 6
    -mac book air
    -ipad air
    -xbox 1
    -FNAF mangle mask five night’s at freddy’s 2
    -FNAF toy chika mask five night’s at freddy’s 2
    -FNAF marionette five night’s at freddy’s 2
    Katarina Sapina
    December 23,2015
    Love you,reindeer’s and elves oh and my 3 elf on the shelves!

  44. Hi Santa, Jasmin here thank you for the video message you sent to me! I’m so exited for Christmas! Make sure you have a long nap after Christmas as you will need the energy for next year! X

  45. hey santa here’s something really importent to tell you I’m going to be at my aunts house and me and my cusens have been REALLY GOOD this year 2015 OMG it just seems i was last christmas just yesterday can you promise me one thins that my mom gets a safe and happy CHIRSTMAS

  46. Dear Santa I am so exited for Christmas hopefully I will get what I want and my family will to .
    Hope I can see you soon



  47. Hi Santa I am really exited to see my presents down stair on Christmas . It snowing here and very windy .
    I only weigh like 4 stone so it blew me of my feet .
    Hopefully it will be better for Christmas and I can play in the snow .
    I have to go and rap presents so I will see you well not see you but you now what I mean anyway bye love Ella oh and I would like some earrings for Christmas . #i didn’t put it in the letter when I was righting so bye

  48. dear Santa i`ll leave you a big cookie you need the energy to get around the whole world in 1night have an amazing Christmas

  49. I’m here in Virginia waiting for Christmas Eve to come and tell ms Claus I said hi tell the elves too I’ve been good lately and I will keep it up ur trip is very long bring food to enjoy

  50. It can get really cold a night time in Wellington, New Zealand so put on your coat and your nice warm socks and boots! Maybe even put on a few layers of pants when you arrive in Wellington. Anyway we dont have a chimney so when you park your sleigh in the backyard be sure to NOT land on the Guinea Pigs cage. It might be nice if you leave a present for them but not too big as they have been naughty like they have scratched me and they run under the couch when I bring them inside. Anyway apart from that they have been VERY NICE (their names are Gregory and Barnaby and they are brothers and both boys)We have decerated the place a bit. And we have made a big dinner for you (Cookies,Milk,Lollies,Chicken and if you want you can fry up some bacon) Anyway leave a note next to the tree saying what type of goals you want to achieve in 2016!!!! Im super excited for christmas!!!! Anyway hope you get to Wellington, New Zealand safely
    Bree xoxoxoxo

  51. Hi Santa,

    I hope you and the elfs are having fun in the, I wanted to know what you are going to bring me for Christmas? And I want to know if you are checking the list twice a day?

    Miranda America Martinez

  52. Santa you are the best.I know that it’s hard delivering present to all the kids in the world. xoxo

    Warm regards,
    Lauren N.

  53. Santa I have a I have a poem for you,

    the snow fall in the sky, dancing and fluttering like butterflies
    the ground covers with the soft body of a snowflake
    like it is time to sleep and stay

    and all the children laugh and play to make the sugarplums
    appear in there sleep, and dream that Santa will come their way

    a red little dot fly in the night and Rudolph fly with the other
    reindeer, santa is having the fun of his life.

  54. Dear Santa
    All these years I’ve been so grateful for my toys but this year please may i have an Ipod 5 pink so I will leave you a pie, milk, a cookie and for Rudolph a very special carrot.

    Yours Sincerely, Grace

  55. I know that you want me to practice my cello more often. I promise to practice today and tomorrow (X-mas Eve). Please know that me and my younger sisters are trying extremely hard to be perfect. I should wrap things up because you MUST be busy. Happy Holidays!

  56. Hi Santa, while I was writing this I was listening to Christmas music.. I sure do hope to see u this Christmas..☺☺

  57. dear Santa
    thank you so much for my present last year I love them
    I can’t wait until the new year merry Christmas for the know
    year hope your felling well I’ll see you to morrow night
    bye bye

  58. Dear Santa,
    How are your reindeer’s doing???
    We are so ready for Christmas and hope we can sleep this year.( we end up going to sleep any way). Our elf on the shelf Red will hopefully stay on Christmas day! Jack is writing him a letter but can you make sure he knows??? So bye we will see you on Christmas sort of.
    Love, MORGAN and JACK

  59. Hello Santa i left you Oreo cookies and milk pls give me…
    1.a shoppies peppa mint doll
    2.mal and Ben doll set
    3.a Carlos and evie set

    Thanks Santa

  60. Santa I hope you could really get me Nike kd shoes size 13 in men’s and I want some new clothes and some new toys and I also want some new mechanical pencils paper mate clear point size 0.7 mm led and a go pro and maybe a wii u and I hope you got my list

  61. Hi Santa I love you and I hope to real lay get the most is Nike kd shoes size13 and I really hope me and my brothers are on your extra special nice list again and I want new clothes and zombie strike nears gun and maybe a wii u and I hope you got my list I love you Santa very much

  62. to santa,

    we really want to be on the nice if we are thankyou so much we will leave extra mincepies and milk. I mia would like taylor swift stuff and jess would like dolls thankyou so much santa

    mia and jessica

  63. Merry Christmas
    I asked for a garmin vivo fit
    And a crispy skateboard

    It doesn’t matter if I don’t get it
    Love Asher .

  64. Hi Santa, I hope you have a safe journey and if there is no more room in my stocking please put on the floor thanks. I am so excited for Christmas

  65. Dear Santa,
    I would like a MLP stickers for Reeze and a Laser light for blaire and jewels for Ate Jonalyn

  66. Dear Santa,
    Me, Ollie (My lil bro) and Ella (My lil sis) are megga excited about christmas and we are going to email you tomorrow and say thankyou on boxing day!
    All our love
    Teagan, Ella and Ollie

  67. Hello Santa I hope you guys up in the North Pole are doing well. Did you now that I want to be an elf but I know I can but may I be an elf please Santa. I love you Samantha

  68. To Santa

    I really really hope you have a safe trip on Christmas Day delivering all your presents. I have tried to be good this year and i really hope you have managed to make me the pie face game as they are sold out in the shops.

    Enjoy your mince pies and love to Rudolph and the other reindeers X

  69. Hi Santa,
    I am so excited for Christmas! Have people ever seen you delivering their presents before? I would love to see you delivering presents!
    what is it like at the North Pole? Are Ava (my little sister) and me on your naughty or nice list? when I was making a Christmas cake round my nanny’s house, I made a wish and I wished that you will visit me on Christmas Day!

  70. Dear Santa Claus ,

    if there is no more room on the table leave the presents around the tree i cant wait to see what you have for me .

    What is your cristmas wish 2015 and what is your address , email , phone number please .

    i cant wait to see you next year i love cristmas i wish it could be all year round .

    by summer alice maggie harrison flynn

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