Should Elves Come To Your Home Early?

what happens when elves come early
What happens when elves come early!

Can my elves come early?

That is a question many of my young friends ask me!  And I can see why.  Elves are a lot fun to have around.  And I should know — I’ve had them around me for hundreds of years now!  Those elves are always doing something silly or cheeky.  Ho, Ho, Ho!

But, there is a very good reason you may not want your Christmas elf to come too soon before Christmas.  Would you like to find out that reason?  Well, keep reading!

I’m sure you know that elves’ four main food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.

And that is where the problem is!

You see, if I let them, those cheeky elves would live at your home all year round!  And I might think that was a good idea.  After all, they are very good at seeing who is being naughty or nice!  And they don’t even have to peek in windows or hide when they are checking up on you. 😉

But those little elfs have another reason they would like to come early to your home… especially right after Halloween!

Can you guess what you might have lots of in your home right after Halloween?  Can you guess what you might have plenty of right after Halloween that Santa’s little helpers might REALLY like?

What Do Elves Really Like?


Ho, Ho, Ho!

I’m joking,  Elves really like…


elves eating candy
Elves LOVE candy and all other sweets!

Some children think it’s their parents that sneak little snacks from their Halloween goodie piles.  But that’s just silly!  That is like saying that parents fly around in sleighs and put presents under the Christmas tree instead of me!  Ho, Ho, Ho!

It is the elves that are sneaking little snacks from your goodie pile!

Sometimes when they are checking in on you they will snitch a small candy bar or sweet treat when you are not looking.  If you have lots of sweet treats, they will tell all their elf friends to come too!  And that is when they are not even staying in your home!  Could you imagine how much of your Halloween and other goodies they would pinch if they were staying in your home day and night!

I get a tummy-ache just thinking about how much of your candy they would eat!

And now you know another one of my secrets!  That is why it is not a good idea for elves to come to your home too early before Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Santa 🎅

P.S.  Do you think it is a good idea for the elves to eat all your Halloween candy or other treats you have in your home?  You can leave a message for me to tell me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!

And now you can chat with me too to talk about the elves!

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84 special messages to Santa about “Should Elves Come To Your Home Early?”

  1. my 5 elfs would love to stay all year

    PS:there names are snugle bottmes ,fred ,snowflake ,star and jingles

  2. my elved are cheekey and good because today they left me some reindeer dust and a few weeks befor that happend they tipped porridge all on the floor

  3. I can understand why elves can’t come early as my elf Patches already ate some of my sweets from Halloween on the first day this year! It would be fun to have elves in your house early as they can check on you to see if you are naughty or nice.

  4. Hi it’s Maleah how are you I miss you so much and I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year I love Christmas and I put my Christmas tree up and i5 loooks like a diamond I love u thank u for standing up for my friend s on the blog there is a gift for you to see when u come on Christmas Eve it something that u can keep forever and it for all of us ty and the elf’s have candy on Christmas Eve for being so nice to me huge hugs for you Santa love you buddy bye

  5. Hi my name is Erin and I would like to have a play date with my elf’s and Santa clause I’m only 3 and I know how to tpye my name I love u I made a art word for u I hope u like it love u Santa bye bye 🙂

  6. Hi my name is Rico and I love you so much and I miss you too and I hope u have a good Christmas thank u Santa clause form Rico

  7. Hi my name is Barry and I am so happy for Christmas thank u Santa wishing you a merry Christmas and happy new year form Barry

  8. Hi my name is koi I I love my home and my family we all miss u but Christmas is coming back so I hope we somehow see u aging lots of merry Christmas from koi

  9. Hi my name is dj I like to call my friend and walk to the school with them we also like reading your blog and haveing fun we all want to say ty Santa for everyone preset merry Christmas love from dj

  10. Hi my name is journal’ it’s because when I was a baby I used to try read books and I love u Santa thank u merry Christmas

  11. Hi my name is Anna Bella I only watch Christmas movies and horror movies and I love to read book this year I would like a pet elf thank s for everything say hi to baby princess bye

  12. Hi I’m candy. My bestie is maleah and. I like to gift my best friend a gift cause every day she give me lot’s of happiness and gifts I want to thank her can u help me with that please thank u

  13. Hi I live in Elanora my name is arrow I’m a boy I have two siblings that are loyal strong fox I’m 15 years old and I want to say thank u and have as much candy as u want elf’s anyway I don’t. Mind thank u Rudolph for the past

  14. I don’t really mind him eating my candy. Most of it is so I can’t have because I have braces so you could say just come here anytime elf

  15. Hi Santa that’s not a good idea I really want my elves at my house because I haven’t seen them all year please thank you Ruby

  16. Can you please send
    Frisbee I don’t care if they eat all the candy cause we barely have any left so please send frisbee thank you

  17. Can you please send frisbee frisbee to our house early pretty pretty please I don’t care if they eat all of our candy because we barely have any left

  18. Dearest friend Santa Fe I really appreciate the work you done for the word this year I’m makeing money for the animals s Shelter to help the sick animals and the true meaning of Christmas is Jesus Christ save us from our own sin s and rise from earth and save us and you make the guardian of the North Pole so happy I’m the guardian of the Galaxy thank u Krist Kringle and miss clause u have the most beautiful hair and eyes everywhere I look in my magical snow globe I see and Young kind beautiful girl that’s u miss clause thank u for makeing the little girls happy with all there mak up and toys girl clothes they are truly beautiful like you and grumpy elf I know u love me your the funniest elf’s in the word no one can be as funny as you and clumsy elf your and a true leader of elf s you are one of the most beautiful elf in the word your are blessed my the guardian s of the University and Rudolph yiur are the cutest little reindeer ever u are the best friend pet in the word and Jack Frost u are the strongest hero ever to been know and all the other s u guys are wonderful amazing Christmas spirit s has risen more and more then ever u deserve all the love in the word everyone in the word all magical and all kids and friends and more u are amazing we watching u and we believe in you every day and night bleeds u all have a merry Christmas and thank u everyone merry Christmas don’t forget get to come back to bye lots of the from arrow and Maleah

  19. Dear Santa,
    This is Eileen. So those Elves are stealing my candy I new I had more somewhere.
    There’s enough of everything for everyone!

  20. Hello can u give my cat back to me it is my cat and it went on your sleigh last Christmas and it a beautiful cat there are 5 cat and 3 kitten that hope oh my your sleigh and went to the North Pole and I would like my cats back in my house thank u. I hope u have a nice Christmas and a elf’s toook my cookie s that we’re for me lol last night I work up to this bang and I herb and seen a elf laughing at my cats and dog and ea5ing my cooking cookie s they are one of a kinda they always at my house doing cool stuff Rhys my friends now I talk to them I play with them I sleep with them thank you santa

  21. I do not mind sharing my Halloween candy with the elves, because to be honest; I don’t very like to eat candy.
    Only if they promise not to do anything to the watertank of my home, because I love drinking water.

  22. Hi Santa i love uso so much thank u for all the stuff u done and one thing is my little sister would love if me and molly would be able to go ride and help gifts present to all the good and good boy and girls in the word ps
    Et me know if ok it’s ok with our mum and dad siad yes please:)

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