How Do You Feed Everyone At The North Pole

How Do You Feed Everyone At The North Pole
How Do You Feed Everyone At The North Pole? With a lot of food!

Mrs. Claus is kindly answering one last question for me.  Today, she answers another question that is near and dear to my… tummy:  How Do You Feed Everyone At The North Pole?

Keep reading for her answer to this question!

Let me tell you dear, it’s not easy!

Because I need a lot of ingredients. To feed all the elves, all the reindeer, both Santa and I.

But it’s very cold and snowy here, so we can’t grow a garden.

Let me tell you dear, it’s not easy!

Because I need a lot of ingredients. To feed all the elves, all the reindeer, both Santa and I.

But it’s very cold and snowy here, so we can’t grow a garden.

And few people live here, so there aren’t any grocery stores.

I used to feed the elves snowberries. Which you can only find in the North Pole. And I gave the reindeer tree bark. 

I tried baking cookies for Santa, but he didn’t like them. See, I didn’t have any sugar back then! 

But one Christmas, Santa learned that he actually DID like cookies. We just didn’t have the right ingredients! This was back before he even gave presents.

So Santa and the elves built their first sleigh for me! So I could gather ingredients to feed everyone.

But grocery shopping for ALL the elves and ALL the reindeer is hard work. So I bring Clumsy the Elf to help.

We ride to supermarkets after hours because we need a LOT of ingredients.

So How Do You Feed Everyone At The North Pole?

Clumsy grabs ten carts and we pile them high. We grab sugar, flour, chocolate, baking soda, baking powder, candy, and more.

Elves have a sweet, sweet diet that wouldn’t be good for humans. But Santa sure has a sugary sweet tooth too! 

Next, we pick vegetables in farmers’ fields. We find carrots, celery and more to feed the hungry reindeer.

And finally, we stop at a secret store. To pick up fancy imported marshmallows for my special hot chocolate.

Then, Clumsy tucks it all into our big green sack. But you know Clumsy… Sometimes he lets important ingredients fall out on the way home!

So I try to bake delicious cookies and feed everyone. But sometimes important ingredients are missing.

That is why Santa will never stop eating your delicious cookies. And the reindeer will always love your vegetables. 

And now you know how I feed everyone at the North Pole!

All My Christmas Love,

🤶 Mrs. Claus

P.S.  What do you think I should make for Christmas dinner for Santa and the elves? You can leave a message for Santa or me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!


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33 special messages to Santa about “How Do You Feed Everyone At The North Pole”

  1. hey hey im vanassa u should try bannas and ice cream u need icecream and bananna chop those bananna and then onto the ice cream they are really yummy bye emo for ever

  2. u suld make penut butter nd jelly cookies u need bread penut butter and strawbrely jam and spread the jam onto the bread and then te penut butter form zendaya and my mouse tilly

  3. whats poping ? i think u should make flesh and bone stew with cake and ice cream and pizzza and snow flake cupcake and snake in a cup it relly good or puffer fish i have to be done propheshly by a chif

  4. Can you give my littlest brother a ton of paw patrol stuff (he really likes chase so can you make him chase things.)

    1. Hi Santa and Mrs. Claus, Mrs. clause I think you should make a big cake with a fondant elf on top and also my elf’s name is star u might know her well that’s all it to say bye

  5. Hi it me Mateo call me teo I make this recipe called pasta on wheels so you get 1/2 cups of pasta and put water in the pot and then when pasta is ready Shapiro into and wheels and then get two olives and cut then in half. For the eye’s boiled it for five minutes and add sauce and paint it on the bicycle pasta we’re making more songs in 2023 or later bye

  6. Hi I’m a famous singer my name is Ayo and my bro is teo listen to better of alone if u want I’ would like a Rolex for Mateo ty I love your videos I post them on a blog

  7. I think you should make pasta for the elves not that you and Santa cannot eat. Then i think chocolate cake will be good.I like ice cream sundae but I think it is much more colder there than here in India. I also like Maggie. Noddles will be fine. Banana bread and banana muffins are my favorite. I am veg so I prefer no meat. But I do like omelet.Some people think that x-mas feast is all with meat. I think they are wrong. yes do not forget cookies and milk. Carrot for the reindeer to. Apple pie is also a good desert.

  8. Ello hello you should make pancakes for the elf’s and snow ice popsicles
    Cause u can make ice popsicles with and can of drink and and a hand sharp in the snow and then pouring the drink in the snow and then it freezes and make ice popsicles there u 🙂 need help just call me savage

  9. Hi my name is Ashly my besties are Frankie and hank I love them so much we have so much fun together this year I would love the school to be nice to my bestie s and I want to be a surgery dr when I older ty Santa. Love from Ashly

  10. Hi my name is Frankie my bestie are ashly and hank and hank has dyslexia and it really makes it hard for hi. To read and learn and kids in the classroom are so mean to hank and the teacher s are always rude to us we do nothing wrong but I just want to have a good time at school this year ty Santa bye

  11. My bestie are Ashly and Frankie are the best m and I have dyslexia and my school teacher s are not very nice to me and they don’t like me and some of the classmates bully me every time I go to school and the teachers bully me too I’ve tried everything even calling the helpline but nothing stop s it and it really hurts my feelings when I get picked on my teacher s and kids and plus the teachers are ment to be friendly and helpful to everyone not just the kids that are 100 % better then everyone else but I have fun with my bestie and my sister like smarter and brainer then me but that ok I hope u don’t mind but thsi year I would like a happiness for my family and friends and thank u Santa for a lots of reasons but can I make a blog about being nice to people with disabilities and anyone thank u Santa bye from Hank

  12. i think you should make a really good dinner like ham turkey salad and one more thing don’t forget the desert cookies and milk love: Mrs. Claus from: Kaleb

  13. Hey Santa you didn’t bring presents last year to my house but its okay though I feel the Christmas spirit this year and my siblings and I all sent you what we wanted so please come by Santa Claus

  14. Wow. Ten carts? Pile them up high? Well, then how many elves do you have? A lot, I’m guessing. Clumsy is not as clumsy as I thought. Just a teensy bit clumsy.

  15. I think you should make a ham for Christmas dinner. I love ham either roasted, boiled, or baked. If you have Spotify then listen to a podcast called Grim Reading, and you will eventually get to the inside joke. Anyway, ham, pineapples, green beans, corn pudding, that’s a Christmas dinner. And for the elves, make some spaghetti and drown it in syrup (watch the movie Elf to get it).

  16. I think this Christmas, you should visit Australia to get a good ham and spit! I’m sure my mum wouldn’t mind if you borrowed ours 🙂 Don’t forget the prawns! (Prawns are shrimp in Australia!)

  17. I think you should make a gigantic feast with carrot cake for the reindeer. Add a lot of turkey, candy canes, 10 tons of carrots, and apples.

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