Why Can’t Santa Come Visit Every Day?

Mrs. Claus in her sleigh answers why Santa can't come visit.
Mrs. Claus in her sleigh answers Why Can’t Santa Come Visit?

I am extra busy this year, especially with my new SantaChatter. So, Mrs. Claus is kindly going to answer some of your questions for me.  One of her fav people asked her “Why Can’t Santa Come Visit Every Saturday?”  Keep reading for her reply (with the secret reason)!

Well dear, that’s my fault. 

You see, we have lots of mouths to feed at the North Pole. The elves, the reindeer, both Santa and I!

So on Saturdays, Clumsy the Elf and I go grocery shopping. He was the perfect helper, or so I thought…

Now you might be thinking…

Mrs. Claus, that doesn’t take all day! Can Santa come after you’re home?

Well, you might not know this, but Santa didn’t always like my baking!

We don’t have good ingredients here in the North Pole. So once Santa realized better ingredients means better cookies… He got to work!

Santa and the elves scratched their heads and tapped their chins. They crossed their noses and their toeses until one day… they had an idea!

Santa and the elves dreamed up plan after plan. Until finally… they built their first reindeer-pulled sleigh!

And this wasn’t any ordinary sleigh. It had to slide over snow and ice, lumps and bumps. 

You might be wondering… 

“Mrs. Claus, why doesn’t your sleigh fly?”

Well, Santa and the elves hadn’t built a flying sleigh yet! And, truth be told, I don’t like flying anyways.

My sleigh is green and gold. With a big green sack and one comfy driver’s seat. And guess what? Just one reindeer pulls my sleigh!

But where does Clumsy sit?

Well, Clumsy has to watch the groceries. To make sure none fall out the back.

So Why Can’t Santa Come Visit Every Saturday?

So every Saturday, Clumsy and I go get groceries. While Santa is busy at home, cooking and cleaning. 

When we get home, the house smells of pancakes and sausages. Santa always makes breakfast for dinner! Sometimes, he even makes us a yummy mince pie.

Because Santa knows… grocery shopping means he gets tasty cookies again soon. 

And that is why Santa can’t come visit you on Saturdays.

All My Christmas Love,

🤶 Mrs. Claus

P.S.  What do you think Santa should cook for Clumsy and I next time? You can leave a message for me to tell me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!

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26 special messages to Santa about “Why Can’t Santa Come Visit Every Day?”

  1. He could cook you and clumsy kraft mac and cheese.
    that’s my favorite.

    Merry Christmas Megan!
    You always have the best ideas!

  2. dear santa claus can you please and thnakyou text me and give me some hope and help me make my bed and get my room clean and done and make it diffent and my elfs and elfs pets help me please and thankyou need thankyou love you hugs From your Friend Shannon

  3. Santa i name 3 unborn reindeer name are 1 bambi 2 timmy 3 sammy Santa good name for 3 unborn reindeer name Rudolph enjoy his unborn reindeerson name bambi Santa let me know how reindeer and Rudolph doing ok write me back some day from Tonia Kline

  4. Hi Santa Claus you are doing great the elf are working hard on toys the elf’s are nice and mrs Claus and Santa Claus are doing good all day can you please sent me a message on YouTube Aaliyah

  5. I think Santa should make you Toad in a Hole. To make, butter a slice of bread on both sides then use a glass to cut out the center. Put the outside on the stove and crack an egg into the center. Cook then serve. Merry Christmas!

  6. Mrs. Claus,
    I think Santa should make you and Clumsy chocolate chip Santa waffles, with sprinkles and whipped cream on top, and a side of bacon and eggs. Thank you for accepting my message.

  7. Dear Ms. Claus,
    I am Ashmika.
    I heard from Santa that your cookies are delicious.
    I would really love to try those.
    Merry christmas!!!

  8. Santa tengo unas preguntas … ¿Como entras a las chimeneas de las casas? ¿y si no tengo chimenea como entras desde la puerta? y una pregunta mas ¿Puedes ver mientras escribo esto?

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