Fun Family Christmas Games

Fun Family Christmas Games
Fun Family Christmas Games! Santa Claus and elves decorating gingerbread men

Fun Family Christmas games are so… well, FUN!  Do you know what else is fun and exciting?  Christmas!

I am so excited.  Christmas will be here soon.  We love Christmas at the North Pole.  We love it so much that we have lots of parties.  At parties, we play lots of fun Family Christmas games.  Would you like to hear about some of our fun Family Christmas games?

Pass the Gift Fun Family Christmas Game

This is one of my favs.  First, wrap a gift or have someone wrap it for you.  Wrap it with lots of layers.  Wrap it in ten layers of paper or more!  Then have all of your friends in a circle.  Have an adult play some music.  Tell them to look away.  They can stop the music when they want.  When the music stops, the player with the gift unwraps a layer.  The person who unwraps the last layer wins the gift.

Gift Unwrap Extreme Fun Family Christmas Game

The elves love this fun Family Christmas game.  First, wrap a gift as you did before.  You also need two dice and a pair of mitts.  Have all of your friends together.  Maybe at a table.  The first person rolls the dice.  Then the next.  Then the next.  When a double is rolled, the roller puts on the mitts.  They try to unwrap as many layers as possible in 30 seconds.  The players keep rolling until a double is rolled again.  Then, they get the mitts.  They try to unwrap the present.  The player to get the last layer off wins the gift.

Cookie decorating Family Christmas Game

This is Mrs. Claus’s fav game. You need to bake some gingerbread cookies.  (Just don’t do it with Clumsy The Elf!)  Bake some with an adult.  You also need some icing and candy to decorate with.  Now invite all of your friends around.  Try to decorate your cookie to look cool or funny.  Can you make it look like someone famous?

Pin the nose on Rudolph Fun Christmas Game

The reindeer love this fun Family Christmas game.  First, draw a picture of Rudolph without his red nose.  Then, draw a red nose on a piece of paper.  Next, cut the nose out.  Place something sticky on the back of the nose.  Invite your friends around.  Now, stick Rudolph on the wall.  Then you take turns.  Put on a blindfold and spin around three times.  Now try to pin the nose on Rudolph.  The winner is the person who gets it in the right place.

There are even more Christmas party game ideas on my website at the Christmas party game web page.

And when we’re done playing all those, the elves love to play Christmas trivia, Christmas word search games or Holiday Hangman!

I love fun Family Christmas games.  Do you know any good games?  Can you tell me how to play?  Then I can play your game with the elves.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What Christmas games do you like to play?  Make sure to tell the elves how to play it.  You can leave me a message here.  Or, scroll down to see what fun games others play!

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21 special messages to Santa about “Fun Family Christmas Games”

  1. Hi Santa I’m Bella and I love Christmas so much have your elf’s been good or bad please send me back a message can you get me some presents please please thank you so much I hope you get me some

  2. pass the christmas cookie grab a christmas coockie but dont look at it pass it around until one person fins out what it is though the person tha t grabs the coockie cannot play the game beacouse they have looked at the cookie

  3. We play Christmas Musical Chairs you get about 5 chairs and play christmas music with a person not looking to turn the music off almost like Pass The Gift and who ever dosent get to sit on the last chair is out keep on doing that and the last person in is the winner. I am so excited for Christmas love you Santa

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