World Christmas: St. Lucia Day

St. Lucia procession
St. Lucia procession

I was busy this morning. I visited many places!

The places I visited do something special today.  It is called Saint Lucia’s Day.  It is also called Saint Lucy’s Day.  It is a day about Light winning over Darkness. And that is what Christmas is about in many ways too!

Today the oldest girl in the house wakes up early.  She puts on a special white dress and red sash.  She wears a crown of 7 candles.  Then she wakes up her parents.  She gives them a special meal of coffee and buns.

At schools, they have special parades today.  The girls dress as Lucia.  The boys dress as Star Boys. There will be more parades tonight.  There will also be big, safe fires called bonfires.  There will be lots of friends and lots of singing.  It is a lot fun!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. What fun Christmassy things do you do at school or with your friends?  (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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24 special messages to Santa about “World Christmas: St. Lucia Day”

  1. Dear Santa,
    We don’t go to school for the week of Christmas, but we hang all the ornaments on the tree together. Love your old jokster April

  2. at school we wear the color of christmas color but you dont have too, then we wear christmas caps like yours then we put holiday music on!

  3. That’s really neat I’ve never heard of St. Lucia day before. Sometimes around Christmas I go with loved ones to Bronners, which is a giant Christmas store that is open all year (it’s the size of a super Wal-Mart!).

  4. Me and my freinds sing Christmas Carols for the people in Ascension Manor.We also make gingerbread cookies and split them.I leave mine for Santa.

  5. Dear Santa, tomorrow we will have our christmas play at school. It is called Christmas stars and I will be an animal in it. I will be a mouse and i get to sing lots of songs. I hope you can hear them wherever you are. Love from

  6. Hey santa and the elves you lot are the best ever where would we be without you??
    Bye and Thanks for always giving me a great christmas!!

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