Elves Halloween Party countdown

Elves Halloween Party photo
Elves Halloween Party photo

Elves Halloween Party is one of the elves’ fav times of the year!

The elves love Halloween. It gives them something to do while they count down the days to Christmas.

But it is also because Halloween is a lot of fun!

Elves are very good at hiding.  That is extra fun at Halloween.  The elves love to hide on me and Mrs. Claus. Then they will pounce out and say “Boo!”.  I always scream.  Mrs. Claus always screams too! I scream for fun (I always see their pointy little hats sticking out). But, I think Mrs. Claus shrieks for real most of the time.  The elves are very good at surprising her.  I just wish they would not do it when she is bringing a plate of nice freshly-backed cookies to me.  Their  little trick means my little treat often ends up on the floor!

Elves are very good at disguises too.  Here are two junior elves who are practicing wearing disguises before going to someone’s home closer to Christmas.

I think Sherlock Elf is going to have to give them a few more lessons on disguises though.  Just putting a pumpkin on your head isn’t going to fool any children.  Kids are WAY too smart for that Halloween costume!

Elves Halloween Party

As you can tell though, elf scouts really get into the spirit of Halloween.  This year they might even post a few more fun photos of the antics they get up.

And who knows what will happen at this year’s big elf Halloween party! All I can tell you is that it is going to be elf-epic! So keep reading my posts!

Just remember, the only thing sillier than an elf…

Is a silly elf at Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


P.S. What silly things do you think the elves will do before Halloween?

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