The Names For Those Crazy Christmas Kitties

Christmas Kitties
Christmas Kitties

Did you hear about the Christmas Kitties?

Mrs. Claus, the elves and I have all been trying to come up with names for them.

There have been so many wonderful names, we just can’t choose!  So here’s what we’ve decided to do!

A Christmas Kitties Poem!

Thank you so much
for helping with names
For cat two and cat one
who love playing games

They’ve been in my tree
batting the balls
then chasing their tails
down thru the halls

They’ve eaten my hat
What can I say
There’s no more white ball
But I liked it that way!

They decided to taste
Mrs. Claus’ sweet treat
But a cupcake with fur
Isn’t so sweet

Cat one is a girl
with pink icing on toe
She’s as bad as her brother
Cat two don’t you know

But now it is time
It is time I declare
To name those 2 kitties
Little rotters with hair!

So here it is
What we’ve decided to do
To let you all vote
for cat one and cat two

These are the names
We randomly drew
of kitty cat names
for cat one and cat two

There’s Mittens and Snowflake
and Scamper and Scurry
All great names for
cats crazy and furry

There’s Tinsel and Winter.
Mistletoe too.
Coco and Trouble
For kitties that “mew”

Merry and Sassy
Rocky and Holly
Sparkles and Twinkles
Burrito and Jolly

So these are the names
That we randomly drew
Will you vote for two please?
For cat one and cat two?

(Voting is now closed.  Read my blog to find out their names!)

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you think of the Christmas kitty names? Do you like voting for the names of those crazy Christmas kitties?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people say!

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168 special messages to Santa about “The Names For Those Crazy Christmas Kitties”

  1. The girl kitten (1) should be named Snowflake and the boy kitten (2) should be named Tinsel.


  2. I enjoy reading your blog even when it’s not Christmas time I think you should name the kittens (if you did not all ready) snowflake and winter

  3. dear,Santa I think you should kitten 1 snowflake and kitten number 2 tinsel p.s I don’t care witch names you pick but I think snowflake and tinsel are the best but it doesn’t matter be cause you won’t pick either one i picked.

  4. Hi Santa,

    I’m writing this letter because I’m here to wish you A very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope I’ve been good this year I’m a boy and im 9 years old wishing you a merry Christmas and all the best for your trip

  5. Dear Santa, I think snowflake was a good one for the girl and for the boy I think Winter would suit him fine
    Sincerely, Mia
    P.S. I hope you have a safe trip and get all the presents delivered on time!!!
    With Love, Mia!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. HI Santa, your very awesome and you get me cool gifts and I am happy about that. Thanks for being great. Don’t forget to come to my cousin’s house too! I think you are fantastic. Bye!

    P.S. Tell your reindeer I said hi.

  7. I think that you should name the girl Mistletoe, and you should name the boy Holly. Again, just my personal opinion for their names. Cute!

  8. Hello i wrote to you last night on the email Santa and for the name those kittens in think sprinkle and twinkle are purrrfect names! also Merry Christmas

  9. Please can i have the phones and i’m 8 years old and i’m in 3rd grade in Ms. Mickey’s class and never been on yellow and i’m always a good girl and i love my teacher.

  10. I chose Coco and Mistletoe. Those are really cute names for little Christmas kitty names in my opinion. Merry Christmas Santa, Elves, Mrs. Claus, and Reindeer

  11. For christmas I want a tablet and can you try to put a picture or video of the elfs Santa reindeer or all on my tablet. From:Kylin To:Santa

  12. I really like Christmas because:
    1.Santa brings me presents
    2.I get to spend time with family
    I always wanted to see what you looked like. I would like to fly in your sleigh. Can I perrty please.

  13. Hi santa
    please for christmas i’d love an album of adele, louisa jhonsos x factor winner 2015 new single or an album of mackenzie ziglers
    plz plz plz


  14. hi
    santa please for christmas i’d love an album of adele, louisa jhonsos x factor winner 2015 new single or an album of mackenzie ziglers
    plz plz plz



  16. Dear Santa this year I have been tiny tiny tiny litille noti but in 2016 I will be good for the hole year I will not be notty agine and I was just going to tell you that can you read eny witing…. lots of love from daisy…. to santa

  17. I think the 1 kitten should be snowflake
    and for the 2 kitten it could be snowy.

  18. I would pick snowflake , holly for cat one and misoltoe, sparkles for cat two I’ve got a cat called Charlie he’s 15 nearly

  19. Hi Santa I like snowflake or sassy for the girl and rocky or misltoes I would like if you could send a elf to Lincoln Central Elementary thxs

  20. Dear Santa,
    This is Elizabeth Henshaw writing in from Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Since I am such a Huge Fan of Walt Disney Pictures’ The Haunted Mansion, I would like to suggest some names. Let’s see, you have, Master Gracey, the handsome young owner of Gracey Manor, Master Gracey’s stern, and very troublesome butler, Ramsley, and then there’s Ezra, the ghostly bumbling footman, and last but not least, Emma. Now Emma is a very nervous, but helpful maid. Poor Emma, she’s terrified of that marauding butler, Ramsley. I don’t blame her!!! So those are my name suggestions. Have a Merry Christmas!!!
    Forever yours,
    Elizabeth Henshaw.

    P.S., you can name one after me, Elizabeth Henshaw. I am Master Gracey’s fiancee

  21. Santa here are my ideas:
    Boys: Girls:
    Jingle Bell
    Marshmallow Candy Cane
    Cookie Snowflake
    Jolly Gingersnap
    Hope you like our names! We think they are great Christmas Cat names. We have a cat at our house that is named skittles. He tries to play with the ornaments on our Christmas tree. When I wake up in the morning I always see a few candy canes on the ground and skittles just sits there like he didn’t do it. I always know that he was the one who did it though.

  22. Those kittens sound exactly like the puppy I want for Christmas. I think we should name kitten 1, the girl, Merry, and kitten 2, the boy , Bright. You know like Merry and Bright. My friend wants a kitten.
    We plan on having cute little puppy kitty play dates. B.T.W, Same Marrisa

  23. Hi Father Christmas!! I think the names Cookie and Snowy are great Christmasy names for the kittens!!! I really can’t wait till Christmas! I love it when your family comes over and you have Christmas dinner together!! Because I live in London, apparently, it is going to be 18 degrees on Christmas day!! Merry Christmas to all!!
    P.S I was 10 on the 10th of December!!!
    P.P.S My brother and sister are also very excited about Christmas too!!! : )

  24. santa I have a very interesting question for you , how was Rudolph born? if you can please try to answer as quick as possible and tell me the hole story . p.s I can not wait to hear your answer !

  25. I do really like naming kittens you know!!!, and I REALLY , REALLY , REALLY hope you like my ideas for their names!!!, here’s what I think whoud be the best name for those CRAZZY kittens; 1. mistletoe 2. merry p.s the news at the north pole is always the best !

  26. I think these names will definely go well for those toublesome kitties
    1. Angel
    2. Winter
    I hope these help you Santa and please tell Mrs. Claus, your evles and reindeer I say Hi!

  27. you could name your Christmas kittens
    I hope you have a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Please tell Ms. Claus and all the reindeer I said hi.

  28. Hi Santa! Just read your blog and chose these names:
    Cat 1: Snowflake Cat 2: Rocky
    From my dad
    Cat 1 : Winter Cat 2:Chubbs

    Bye Santa!

  29. hi i am 8 years old I live in murfreesburo but the state i live in is T.N. I love Christmas alot but i would like you to give poor kids what they want for christmas but leave a few presents for me! 🙂

  30. Dear santa i want this to be the best christmas every now that i’m 10
    i like really good toys this year love from Alyssa Hanson
    P.S. send a video to the Hanson and the Caser and the reids.

  31. dear santa how can you fit down the chimneys each year and eat all those mince pies all by your self dont your elvs help you

  32. Santa i have a question for you what do you want for christmas? and is my sister aoibhinn weird to you please write back quick. yours sincierly Blanaid

  33. Santa Claus do you have a elf that went to Mrs.Garcia’s class at San Pedro Elementary in Robstown?

    Because he was very silly and funny?
    P.s just wanted to let you know

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