Geocaching at the North Pole. What treasure would you find?

geocaching christmas decoration
I think I found something for geocaching!

Have you heard of geocaching?  Read more of my story!

We are getting so close to Christmas, and I am getting so excited!

I cannot wait to fly through the sky on my sleigh. The reindeer and I cannot wait to deliver all of the presents. I cannot wait for the children to open their gifts. And, I cannot wait to spend Christmas day with Mrs. Claus and the elves.

We have been working so hard that I thought we might need to take a break. I thought that it might be fun for us to all do something together. Then I remembered an App on my phone. I had downloaded it a long time ago but had never used it. It was a Geocaching App.

When you log into the App, you can see little dots on a map. These are little containers that people have hidden. In each one is a little log book where you can write your name. Some containers are very small and only have a logbook. Some containers are bigger and have small toys inside. If you take a toy, you should leave on in its place.

Catching Geocaching Stashing!

I found the map for the North Pole and checked for any containers. Would you believe it, there were three! One was very close to my house. We all looked through our toys. There were some small toys we did not want anymore. We put them all in a bag. We called it our treasure bag.

The map on my phone showed the best route to get to the container. We put on our jackets and boots and marched through the snow. When we got close, my phone made a cool beeping noise. That meant that we were really close. There was a clue. It said that the container was in a tree.

I looked around the bottom of the tree. The elves looked higher up. It was Clumsy who found the container. I filled out the logbook, while the elves swapped their toys.

Clumsy said that it was like Christmas Day. Everyone got a new toy. We did not have time to go find the next one, but we will go look for it soon.

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever been Geocaching? What was the best toy you found? What was the coolest place you found a container?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people found!

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