North Pole Mice Are Twice As Nice! Hiccup & Hurkle

Hiccup and Hurkle the North Pole mice love to play hide and seek.  Pudding the Christmas cat was playing with them today.  It was Hurkle’s turn to count.  Hiccup and Pudding scampered off to hide.

“Coming! … ready or not!” cried Hurkle.

He looked for Pudding under my big armchair.  No.  Not there.

He looked for Hiccup behind the cookie jar in the kitchen.  No.  Not there.

He looked for Pudding inside the log basket by the fire.  No.  Not there.

He looked for Hiccup inside Mrs Claus’ spare apron pocket.  No.  Not there.

“Where could they be?” said Hurkle.  He scratched his head.  Then he heard something.


It was coming from the Christmas tree.

Hurkle climbed up the branches to take a look.  He found Hiccup hiding behind a chocolate coin.  He had taken a few nibbles while he was waiting to be found! So Hiccup and Hurkle decided to take a break and have a few more nibbles.

“So where oh where can Pudding be?” thought Hurkle.  Then something caught his eye.  Down below him he could see my special Christmas Eve black boots.  One of them appeared to be moving!  Hurkle scampered down to take a closer look.  Sure enough, one of the boots had grown a tail!

“Found you!” said Hurkle.  He tugged on Pudding’s tail.

“Oh good,” said Pudding.  “I’m stuck!”

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Hiccup and Hurkle had to push and pull very hard to get Pudding out of the boot.

“I’ve heard of Puss in Boots,” laughed Hurkle. “But I’ve never heard of Puss Stuck in Boots!”

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like to play hide and seek?  Where do you like to hide?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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35 special messages to Santa about “North Pole Mice Are Twice As Nice! Hiccup & Hurkle”

  1. I love to play hide n’. Seek.I like to hide by the side of my house and on the side at the end of my street.santa rocks.

  2. grinch joke why do the grinch take santa
    cookies becase the cookie not has coal in it
    thatwell teach the grinchfrom take santa cookies

  3. Hi Santa and I hope I get a wii u and super smash bros wii u and a gamepad with charger please Santa (; Ok good luck on December 25th! (-:

  4. Mom and dad don’t. Care. L come up the. North Pole. With. You and. Elf and. Mis. Cloûseà may l allow come up there to stay loved santacllouse

  5. Santa is real boys and girls oh and Santa brings presents to all boys and girl lets see if you can laugh like Santa Claus now say ho ho ho

  6. WOW that’s awesome i can’t wait for christmas 4 days away and tell Hiccup Hurkle and Pudding that i said hi!


  7. well i`v played hide and go seek but not with a cat! such a funny story Santa. Pudding is so funny i am looking forward to reading more stories about pudding bye Santa!

  8. Santa is so well………………………
    AWESOME and what kind of cookies do you like ??????

    LOVE YOU SANTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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