Scunner vs. the Teddy Bear

Scunner the Grumpy Elf under a pile of cute, cuddly teddy bears
Scunner the Grumpy Elf under a pile of cute, cuddly teddy bears. Can you spot him?

Do you remember what teddy bears look like? Do you remember our new Scottish elf, Scunner?

He is a very grumpy elf that does not like Christmas.

Today I saw him shaking his head.  I stopped and I asked him what was wrong?

‘Och, these new toys that children want are rubbish.  iPods!  Remote control toys!  Walking, talking dolls!  Harumph!  They are not as good as the toys my dad used to make.’  He grumbled and stomped away.

As he stomped away, he kicked a remote control Monster Truck.  What he did not know was he also turned it on!

I watched as the truck drove straight into a pile of teddy bears.  These were piled up so high that they began to fall.

The biggest teddy at the top of the pile fell straight onto Scunner.  It was so big it knocked him over!

Then the remote control truck drove straight into his head.

Scunner is now a VERY Grumpy Elf!

He yelped and said some words I have never heard in the workshop before.

Then to make matters worse the Teddy said ‘I love you.  Do you want a hug?’ and started chasing after him!

Scunner was so angry!  I had to look away before I laughed.  It is wrong to laugh, but when I saw his face, I could not help it.

It made me think though.

Toys have changed quite a lot over the years.  On Christmas morning, you will be playing with toys that your parents could never have imagined.  (Sometimes I think they are a little jealous!)

Anyway, Scunner has a big bandage on his head now and a face like thunder.  I do hope we can cheer him up in time for Christmas.

We do not have very long to do that!

Merry Christmas!

Father Christmas

P.S.  What toys do you think children will be playing with in the future?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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125 special messages to Santa about “Scunner vs. the Teddy Bear”

  1. Dear Santa I love you and your family I was wondering if you could get me for Christmas
    .phone or laptop any
    .scrunchies with patterns on them hair bobbles
    .guitar case
    .violin stand and case
    And other I’ll like because I do not know?

  2. Coloring book some new clothes I want Play-Doh on n I won’t stop that you can take fish and I’m out hello a pool some puzzles wrestling doll she she a blanket some doodling that he’s playing on yourself and some Play-Doh some Play-Doh some Spider-Man stuff some Spider-Man stuff a fan a puzzle a fan of puzzle some new clothes on YouTube f a tote upset a tote or accept arts at some socks some socks some socks some Play-Doh are set a tote some cologne some toe or toast a toast some socks are coloring book a book bag couple bag book bag some a pencil something to put your crayons in some bubbles something to put your crayons in some bubbles some pencils are shopping on a notebook paper notebook paper notebook paper somewhere swindolls wrestling dolls and some wrestling some board games board games tic-tac-toe a shelf a shelf sometimes some tic tac toe on some pens some pins the white with and a board game and like a pool or four wheeler a four wheeler pool a four wheeler on pool four wheeler and a pool four wheeler and a pool four wheeler and a pool cool a four wheeler in a pool a four-wheeler and a pool pool and a four wheeler pool and a four wheeler pool and a four wheeler this is from JJ I hope you get it central but I love you Santa I’ll be get it this is from JJ and AJish and stuff fishing fish and stuff vision I took

  3. i know that feeling im 10 and my 4 year old sister acts like shes the boss it is so anoying! this message was to claudia but i still love my sister santa, i will always love her no matter what.

  4. i know that everyone posted this stuff in the past but scunner does seem unhappy, and christmas is a time for love and cheer!

  5. hi please help me because my little sister is acting like she is older than me even tho I’m 9 and she is 8 and now she has gone crazy she thinks she is the boss of me i rember that she put something on the floor on perpose and told me to pick it up please help me Santa 🙁 🙁 =(

  6. i love christmas i hope you will come this christmas on 2014 christmas eve because i was a good boy this year!! . i won’t mind if you do a little checking!. i will leave you two oreos and a glass of milk. some thing i want for christmas are a skylandres trap team the tablet version. a teenage munat ninga turtles video game. a teenage mutant ninga tulerts basket ball hoop game. also a mini basketball game i found in the toysareus magazine i got in the mail ago. so santa i love you!! gusse what ? i better see presents unde the tree because I’m a good boy .also i want to say merry christmas ho ho ho!.

  7. i think they will be playing with flying cars or remote control bird and other animals that look as real as they can get!

  8. that was funny. i just want a couple of dolls that are boys. i don’t have any and it isn’t fun to play with toys that are supposed to be girls! p.s mean walking talking teddy!

  9. well i know what i want a DOG!!!! but i know what my friend wants a teddy besr hamster her name is samtha but she is somtimes men like at my halloween part when we did a hunt me morgan esther were in the tem but when i fell i dropped my small punkin then she took it then said hahahaha but i got the punkin back

  10. Hi santa,you are a roll moddle,an apsulute hero!You make Christmas magical!Humm… what toys will we be playing with in the future? Thats a good quiestion! Oh mabey: flying cars and stuff like that!Well i just wanna say something you like to say…


  11. maybe they will be playing whith remote control toy i will allways like what you bring me thank you santa love you

  12. the reson i like christmas becuse i get to spent time with my family and that all the new toys i get from santa and the elves i just love it

  13. Scunner is very grumpy!I might know how to cheer him up!Figure bout what toys his father used to make and give them to Scunner

  14. Hey $anta,
    I think they will want like iPods and ipads or some rc helicopters and rc cars as well.Or maybe some of your wonderful elves.
    Well that’s all I hope u have a merry Christmas!


  15. dear santa

    thank you for my christmas gifts max loved his toys too . did know my dog called max
    love lyndsay max

  16. Ha Ha ! Oh, cheer up scunner! It’s not all bad. I know you are a grumpy fellow but I aim right now to make you smile! Your smileing I can tell I can tell I can tell !
    P.S your probobly upset because you are new trust me I feel your pain!

    P.P.S If it makes you feel any better I’m part Scottish too *giggle+smiley face*

  17. Scunner seems so…
    He should be on rank F elf.
    Give him raisin cookies.
    Oh yeah, and if he say legos are not fun, then i’m gonna blow a fuse.
    No offense, Scunner.

  18. Scunner sure seems like he should be with the three stooges of elves(ARE there the three stooges of elves?) instead of in a Toy factory. But what’s REALLY in these days are legos.

  19. your scottish elf [i have heard this story in scunner vs. teddy bear]scunner is kinda grumpy and i think you should do something a bout it but i do not think you should get him into trouble

  20. i think scunner should have cookies and hot cocoa for a snake while listening to christmas music that cheers everyone up! love catherine

  21. hi i have been voting every day for who will guide santas sleigh but i dont know why Rudolph is in 3rd place dont people want Rudolph to follow on the tradition so remind all your friends to vote just tell them to go to Email Santa Http Reindeer

  22. This is to Jordan cause I have a elf on the shelf I got mine from ashleys but it is like a jr Santa some of them are bad mine was on the Christmas tree yesterday

  23. Dear Santa Claus all i want for christmas is a lap top because i will be able to play alot of games on a laptop and its no fair because my cousin got a laptop and she is only eight years old!!

  24. I think they will be playing with zap cars and all you have to do is say where you want to go and it will zap you there

  25. hmmmm…… I wonder maybe hmmm this is hard um maybe a talking pencile like wait no! a pencile when you say somthing it wrights it or oh! a robot take cooks a cleans and well chores!

  26. I think scunner just needs a little bit cheering up maby some of Mrs.clauses cookies and maby a candy cane but he is one funny little elf!Merry christmas

  27. I love you santa your the best i made some biscuits with my friend lily may mottershead looking forward for you opening your present at my house xx

  28. Merry Christmas Santa I hope I get my presents I put on my Christmas List I even put on there Santa Claus is the best and I love Rudolf.
    Lots Of Love

  29. Aww. I hope he feels better. I feel so sad for him. I want to give him a hug, and get him into the Christmas Spirit. You should take him with you on the sleigh!!!

  30. hello santa!how is mrs claus i hope you are having a fabby time at the north pole! so if you could bring my presents this year i would be so thankful! thank you for your time to listen
    katie etchellsxxx
    p.s the cookies i will put out will be made with lots of love and joy! happy holidays!

  31. It’s too bad Scunner doesn’t feel happy. Everybody should be happy when it’s Christmas!!! I also feel bad for Scunner because he has a bad head injury. 🙁 I think that kids will have toys like flying cars and remote controlled battery powered scooters. Also, everybody should get their own personal hovercraft with a built in phone, navigation, voice control, and Internet!! They should be able to chose their own color for it and get a personalized license plate. That would be so cool!!!
    Merry Christmas to all the elves, reindeer, and Santa Claus.

  32. Santa read our posts look what we wrote Scunner dosnt want to stay in the north pole why dont you omake a wrokshop near his family in scotland that will be easier because you can get the toys there

    i think we will be playing with more electronic stuff maybe a game that pops up on the air that you can touch you will never know

  33. If i saw Scunner i would slap his bum because Christmas is enjoyable for everyone and is the most bestest time of the year! SORT HIM OUT SANTA! TELL SCUNNER TO READ THIS! HHHHO

  34. I think children in the future will be getting toys like maybe flying remote contro cars that would be awesome but if they dont get what they want they should still be greatful because you elves work very very very hard to make these (im guessing)
    You need to ask Scunner why he doesnt like Christmas and whatever he doesnt like try to make it up to him because it musn’t be very nice to have a elf in the workshop that hates Christmas but just try to cheer him up.
    Have a great one elves
    and stay safe Santa
    Keep doing what you do best.

  35. hi santa this is Alex gekas wishing you mrs all the elves and the reinders P.S i will leave some ginger bread cookies and a glass milk

  36. Parents like scunner should be taught a lesson not to be jealous of their childreng’s advances in life…they must welcome the IT world;else they quit!!

  37. Merry Christmas Santa! Hope you are having a great December! I hope i am on the nice list! When I checked on the internet it said that i am on the nice list! I hope that that is true! I am SO happy that you have a blog Santa, that way, we can all see how you are doing and what YOU are doing instead of you knowing what WE are doing! Love ya Santa! Emily


  39. I am guessing that they will be playing something “future” toys.. Or maybe they just want a new cellphone or any electronic toys.. Too bad Christmas isn’t like before, but at least we have fun on Christmas! Merry Christmas, everyone!

  40. OUCH!How do you deal with all of that during this time of year!I would go crazy, that’s for sure! P.S. FROM WHAT I READ,THAT TEDDY BEAR IS SO ADORABLE!:D

  41. hey santa i already send you a letter but i made this commen@t because i just wanted to say to you HO HO HO again remember my name is Cameron Williams and i going to put what i want in order from 1st to 3rd so what i want the most is a touch screen cell phone and then a colorful nook and then a 3DSi so i love you santa HO HO HO!!!!

  42. WOW that elf better get in the x- mas sprit please write back Santa and have fun visiting all the houses on christmas!! Xoxoxoxo

  43. Poor Scunner i would suggest you take him on the ride on Christmas eve and have him told the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus . He with be fine just so new elf hats to cover up the bandadge you say he is scottish have a elf look up christmas saying in scottish make him feel at home right. Give him somethign speacial from his childhood well hope all goes well Lindsey

  44. Hi in the future i think kids will be playing with joke books and ipods JUST JOKING!!! They will be playing with huge robots that talk to u and flying mobile phones!!! that would be so cool:) thanks for reading this bye lots of love Ella :):):):):):):):)

  45. Dear Scunner,

    You’ll be okay Scunner Christmas will cheer you up!! You have made Christmas such a Lovely Time before is how I am sure you need to understand that If you made my first toys that I appreciate you. I’m only 31 and your probably much much older than me in full though Holidays will cheer up for you. I have had it rough lately to and I have really been kinda grumpy myself. I have needed space and to be alone and just to have my own things. Though you understand that making toys at least keeps the kids happy with you. I need you to be okay.

    With Love,
    Elizabeth Estelle Baker

  46. I think scanner needs to learn that being an elf means smiling and being nice to everyone everywhere all the time!
    Thanks for the time,starpuff2467

  47. Maybe They Will Be Playing With: Monster Trucks, Webkinz, ipods? im not sure, But Im sure everyone will be happy at Christmas!

  48. that was such a funny story! I laughed my booty off! hahahaha hahaahhahahaa.

    I think it was so funny and Scrunner should get a little more into the Christmas spirit.


  49. Hello Santa,
    I really like your blog it is amazing
    I am defenatly visiting on christmas eve and day. I am going to leave you some food and something to drink out on christmas day and something for rudolph.
    I love you soooooooooooooo much
    your the best.
    Lots and lots of love Paris xxxxx

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