Christmas Scavenger Hunt – Can you help Santa with the clues?

Christmas Scavenger Hunt clues
Look at the Christmas scavenger hunt clues I found today!

Merry Christmas!  I am so excited to talk to you about what just happened.  This morning I woke up, just like I do every day.  I had had a pleasant sleep and was feeling great.  Then I got a surprise.  A Christmas Scavenger Hunt surprise!

On the table by my bed, there was an envelope.  This envelope was red and had my name on it.  I opened it straight away.  I was confused.  Inside was a piece of paper with two sentences.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clue #1

“Open wide and do not blink
Brush them all before they stink”

Well, I had no idea what that meant.  They must have been talking about a door.  I looked at the door to my bedroom.  Nothing.  I looked at my closet door. Noting.  I looked at every door I could find.  Nothing.  I left the note and started my day.

I combed my hair, washed my face, and brushed my teeth.  As I was brushing my teeth, I opened my mouth wide.  I stopped and chuckled.  Of course!  I looked at the toothpaste.  There was a note stuck to it.  I had solved the first riddle.  If I were going to solve another one, I would have to think differently.  I opened the next note.

Clue Number Two!

“My nose is orange; my eyes are black
I stay for winter but don’t come back”

Well.  This one really had me stumped.  Who would stay for winter and not come back?  I thought of my elves, but they were here year round.  I thought about the nose.  Who would have an orange nose?  I tried to think about things which are here in winter and not at other times of the year.  Christmas?  Snow? Robins?  None of them had black eyes.  Then it hit me. Snow!  Well, not snow. Snowmen!  They have carrots for noses and coal for eyes.  I ran to the front door and opened it.  There was a snowman.  In his hand was this note.

“It takes your food and makes it hotter
On top is where you boil your water”

Well, this one I knew straight away.  As you may know, I love to eat.  This clue was talking about the stove in the kitchen.  I ran to the kitchen and opened it. Inside was a hot plate of food.  Pancakes, sausages, eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, toast, and waffles.  I sat down and ate it.

I found out later that Mrs. Claus had created the Christmas Scavenger Hunt for me.  It made me really happy.  Now I have a riddle for you.

“My nose is bright to light my way
I love to fly and pull a sleigh”

Can you solve it?

Santa Claus

P.S.  What is the answer to my riddle? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people wrote!

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99 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Scavenger Hunt – Can you help Santa with the clues?”

  1. hi my list is nice kids
    tee jay
    Charlotte carter
    rose Ella
    carter cat

  2. Hi Santa,
    Are you real my friends don’t believe in you
    where am I on the naughty or nice
    and the answer to the riddle is

  3. Santa Claus Kimberly Burnell I help my mom cook good food tonight late truth right now yes Kim David my mom drives dark blue blazer big car driver seat I help her clean house every day now truth right now yes this what mom said take out the trash every day now truth right now yes I clean the dishes I love my mom every day now truth right now yes deep down in my heart and soul I love my dad too I help my dad round his house every day now truth right now yes take out trash clean dishes after we eat dinner is done with yes I do truth right now yes from Kimberly Burnell baby gril

  4. Dear Santa, I don’t know if you know this but my secret is I LOOOOVE READING.thanks if you are reading this!! LOVE From EMILY!!

  5. dear santa clus from the north pole ihope you will come and see andy cason god special friends because theyare going too bee sinning some

  6. Dear santa,
    I’ve found the answer to your riddle!
    I have ALWAYS known that one of your reindeer has a shiny red nose and so the answer HAS to be…

    Thanks for reading this message and enjoy Christmas!
    From Nia

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