Reindeer Games – Snowman Skittles

snowman skittles
Blitzen’s snowman for the Snowman Skittles Reindeer Game

The reindeer had lots of fun today.

They played snowman skittles.

This is Vixen’s fav game at the Reindeer Games.

To begin Snowman Skittles, all of the reindeer have to make a snowman.

Blitzen made a tall snowman with a blue hat.  His snowman had a red and blue scarf. There was a carrot nose too.

Rudolph made a fat, round little snowman with a scarf too.  Of course, Rudolph’s snowman had a red nose too!

Comet made a small snowman with a big smiley face. It was wearing a plaid vest to keep warm.  Most amazing though was that it was doing a handstand!

But everyone thought Vixen made the best one.  She made a Clumsy the Elf snowman!

Now It’s Time For Snowman Skittles!

The snowmen stand in a row at the bottom of the hill.  They are the skittles!

The reindeer go to the top of the hill.  Then they all begin to roll down the hill.  They roll over and over all the way down.  The reindeer try to knock down the snowman skittles!

Blitzen rolled into Comet’s snowman – THUMP!  It was as flat as a chocolate chip cookie!

Rudolph rolled into Blitzen’s snowman – THUD!  The blue hat landed on Rudolph’s red nose!

Vixen rolled straight past Rudolph’s snowman.  She rolled past her Clumsy the Elf snowman.  She kept rolling!  Can you guess where she stopped rolling?

Vixen rolled straight into the toy workshop!  Toys went everywhere – CLANG!  She bumped into Clumsy the Elf.  The elves laughed. “Look out!” they said.  “It’s Clumsy the Reindeer!”

And everyone laughed and laughed, especially Vixen!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What shape would you make your snowman skittle?  What would you put on your snowman?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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59 special messages to Santa about “Reindeer Games – Snowman Skittles”

  1. this is how i make a snowmen 1 i make a small ball of snow 4 the bottem then i make a medinm snow ball 4 the body then i make a nother small 4 its head then i put them 2gether and i put on my sonwmen acarrot 4 the nose and 4 the neck a scarf and the of its i ueses a cap and sticks 4 the arms and eye and buttons i use a rock

  2. thank you for evrything for cristmas in my play last last year i was mrs cluas and matthew was santa cluas and lots of rededirs i really whant to see you and the elves and redeirs lovee hallie ps i really whant to see you

  3. I Really want an I Pod Touch,New Phone, or a Mini Laptop! i Love the christmas season! i’ve been on this website all my life! wel… since third grade. i have to say it ROCKS!

  4. when you are at the north pole do you and your raindeers and elf and lastley mrs cluse make snowmans thank you for the prents in the last cople of years i hope i have been good enouf to get presents this year

    ps i cant wait

  5. My snowman would be round with a mouth and a carrot nose. I would want it to have a magic hat like Frosty the Snowman!!!

  6. hi santa im sade and im nine years old now i sendid you a leter on email and you told me to go on this web site so merry christmas santa

  7. santa is your cat white and black santa is your cat a talking cat that u can only hear it talk if u believe in christmas spirit and can your cat fly

  8. Hey Santa. I wanted to know, well I am new to this blog. This is my first day and I wanted to know how often do you post on your blog? Do you think I should start a blog?

  9. Hi Santa it is me Alannah. Just wondering if on Christmas eve if you could bring me an elf and i will really look afterit for you, oh i almost forgot If you get me an elf can I please keep it forever. Because i believe in you so much can you please take me to your workshop or if you can’t do that can you please give me like a special power or smething that I can see you and your workshop.
    P.S I love you so much
    Thanx once again Alannah

  10. hi santa i already wrote to you but i forgot one thing.can you makesure my grandma feels better i really want her to get out of edmonton.

    thanks emily

  11. Dear Santa, I do that website that can email u.I have 2 elfs one at my dads house and one on my moms house.There name is Sam and Benjamen.I hope Christmas comes soon.Only 26 more nights to sleep till Christmas.My grandparents said they have been too your workshop, and seen all the elves but not u because u were too busy.They even said when u went to there house last year and u slipped and fell off the roof.See u soon!Love,Alicia

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