Gingerbread cookie where r u? Find it & be on the Nice List!

gingerbread cookie
There’s a gingerbread cookie hiding somewhere new!

As you know from my last message, the elves have been busy working on my new Santa Claus website — and hiding gingerbread cookies!

They even asked me to turn it into a contest.  So, I asked everyone to find the hidden cookie.

The elves thought they could trick you.  They put TWO cookies on the website!  But you found them both.  One was on the homepage and the other was on the Santa Tracker!

Well, I have TWO fun things to tell you!

First! The elves have moved the gingerbread cookie!  So, you have  a new mission.  Can you find him again?  Here’s your clue from the elves:

Yule be Searching for Words Online, when you find a gingerbread cookie so fine!

Wow!  What could that mean?

When you find the gingerbread cookie make sure you tickle him for me!  Then leave me a message below!  Make sure you put down your first name and where you found the gingerbread cookie.

If you found the cookie yesterday, you can still find it again and send me a message.  But, here’s the REALLY fun part if you did!

If you found the cookie yesterday, you are on Santa’s Nice List!  Well, not THAT Nice List.  This Nice List!

A Gingerbread Cookie Prize

That’s right!  There was a prize for everyone who found the cookie yesterday and sent me a message.  They now have their name in a Word Search puzzle on! How cool is that!

So, try to find the ticklish gingerbread cookie today!  Then YOU can have your name on the Word Search puzzle too!  Make sure you tell your friends so they can get their names on too!

The elves wanted me to leave the gingerbread cookie on the homepage though.  So, that cookie doesn’t count any more (You already found him! And besides, he’s not ticklish!  HHHOL!)

Well, good luck again everyone and Happy Cookie Hunting!


Santa Claus

P.S.  Leave a comment for me when you find my, oops, I mean, THE cookie! Remember to tell me what page you found it on and put your first name in your comment too!  Then you might have your name on the Nice List game!  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see where other people found the cookie!

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34 special messages to Santa about “Gingerbread cookie where r u? Find it & be on the Nice List!”

  1. santa can I be a elf and I know Tommy and Adrew and do you know Eirne Webb and I have a little bit of elf magic when I drink cold water I can jump almost all the way to the celing oh, and I have picure for you and I saw you last night on a fire truck waving to p.s Tommy is my elf

  2. im a fran to santa cas a ot og pepe say are pansins are santa case im sorry santa i wil allways brive in u my brother and law was kiled sunday dec7

  3. Some of my friends don’t believe in u Santa but I do!!!
    I got an elf on the shelf an I LOVE her…I named her ginger
    And she apparently likes to make snowflakes because
    She did yesterday!!

  4. I found the gingerbread cookie on the bottom of the page that has the word searches on them. But Santa wouldn’t it be better if I didn’t tell you where we found them so other people can find it by themselves too? By the way my name is either Bull or Jay you can use either. And Merry Christmas.

  5. hi santa claus i would just like to say that i love you and all the people the north pole so very much merry christmas santa.

  6. Merry christmas santa and the elves! ho ho ho! i got a joke what do you call dog version of santa?

    dog santa !

    from candice

  7. Dear Santa
    I have been very good his year
    I will leve out a. Carrot and some
    Milk for the reindeer and wine for fatherchristmas
    I wood like a laptop for christmas.

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