New Reindeer at the North Pole for Santa!

a new reindeer
Tumshie, the new reindeer

We got a new reindeer at the North Pole today.  Mrs Claus told me recently that it would be an idea to have a few more reindeer in case any of the others got ill.  She is a very wise lady and I had to agree.

However, when the newest reindeer arrived I realised that he might not be up for the job.  He is a beautiful reindeer but, well, he isn’t very good at flying!

When I took him for a test flight he almost crashed into the house. Then he almost landed in some trees!

I was really disappointed. I didn’t know what to do.  So I went in for a hot chocolate and some of those fancy imported marshmallows. I needed to think.

My Grumpy Elf and the new reindeer

It was then that I heard the sound of laughter from the yard.  I looked out to see Scunner, the Grumpy Elf, throwing snowballs at the newest reindeer.

I was so upset.  Bullying is not allowed at the North Pole! I quickly opened the window.

“Scunner what are you doing?”  I shouted.

Scunner turned so quickly, his big feet got tangled in his long lab coat and he fell onto his bottom.

“Santa, I was just playing.” He stammered.

“You are bullying the poor animal.” I was getting quite upset.

“No, I’m not,” Scunner began to sob. “He’s my new pal.  We were playing.”

And then the reindeer surprised me.  He gave Scunner’s face a great big, wet lick!  Then the reindeer gently pulled Scunner to his feet.

“I’ve called him Tumshie,” Scunner said and the reindeer bleated in agreement.

I felt really bad.  Here I had jumped to a conclusion and that was not a good thing to do.

I don’t know what we’ll do with Tumshie yet, but it’s very nice to see new friendships start.


Santa Claus

P.S. Have you ever judged someone wrongly?  Have you ever got into trouble for something you didn’t do? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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156 special messages to Santa about “New Reindeer at the North Pole for Santa!”

  1. Santa

    Once 2 girls, no 3 girls were ganging up on me and told the teacher for something I DIDN’T do, also they told my friends and my friends didn’t want to be friends with me anymore and went on There side! Also Santa, Maybe the new Reindeer could be next To Rudolph, they could ALL have a race, and maybe whoever wins gets to guide you’re sleigh, then you do it again again and again, untill there is only 1 Reindeer left, and then you write down the order it is in, and at Christmas, you take the piece of paper and look who’s the first, after the first house the seccond, and when you have run out of Reindeer, you start with the 1st one again!

    Love from Lola

  2. Hi Santa! I have been really good this year. I do say bad words now and then, but that’s only when I’m reading and don’t know it’s a bad word. Oh! I forgot to ask, how old is Scunner, the Grumpy Elf?

  3. You should train your new reindeer. Ask few of your elves or Mrs. Claus to train him/her I saw in a movie a reindeer couldn’t fly but the others helped him! So maybe the reindeers in the reindeer language can help Tumshie! As an advisor for my friends, I advice you to do that. But don’t treat your new reindeer like a dumb guy, he might fly away! Check every twenty minutes sneaking up to the reindeers because they might be mistreating him/her. Take care! Also prepare the new reindeer by Christmas! If you see me in bed, I will say hello in my dream!

  4. This is Tiffany Downing and I’m deaf and using sign language with my both hands!
    Hey, Elves you shouldn’t be
    Too bully to the new reindeer
    And trying to be training for
    The Santa Claus’s flying with
    The sleigh and the bells at
    North Pole! Thanks! Tiffany

  5. I’m always wrongly accused. only once have I ever been correctly accused and all these mean people think it’s funny to blame others. (i’m sure they do NOT believe in santa or magic either.)
    P.S. I love Pokémon!

  6. hey Santa my name is caitlin i am 9 years old. i have been a bit cheeky but i have never been in trouble before . sometimes people stress me out a lot.

  7. This girl named Abbie at my school bullies me and blames the stuff she does on me and my friends. And she forces my friends to do stuff and threatens them if they don’t do it. :[

  8. So my family was at Wal-Mart and my dad said me and my little brother could go to toys. So we went to the toys and darius saw a watch , he wanted it and he went to go ask dad could get it dad said no because it cost to much. So we went back to their toys and I went to another aisle and darius stayed in that aisle and wonce I left that and aisle he opened the box where the watch was at and he showed me i wanted to go tell but I did not want him to get in trouble so I did not tell and wonce be got cought he blamed it on me and I got in .org trouble

  9. Santa for Christmas can you make my cat Bluey nice , he bites me and my family and his sister cat Holly. I would also like 59 Pokémon figures for Christmas . Thank you love you Santa!!

  10. Hello i am a very good girl i only got in troble once this year for saying a very mean boy that hates me i called him a dipwad please put him on the naughty list.Ps ithink the new reindeer is adorable i think he will defintely help you fly the sligh.XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXo

  11. I got in trouble when i was at school and when we were going to lunch i and everyone else at the end of the line got to have no recess that day and there where also people talking in the front of the line so i thought that that was not fair at all santa

  12. well i got in trouble when i was in high school at preston high my phone got taken away but i was looking for a pencil and had to say sorry

  13. once a substitute gave me 5 laps for quietly asking for my books back when the person next to me was yelling. I told the substitute what happened and got 10 laps for taking another students books when the books belonged to me. I honestly thought it was unfair for her to accuse me of yelling and stealing books. at least the student gave me back my books at the end of the day. even though the student gave me back my books the student still never got in trouble for what they did. the substitute was very unfair.

  14. i love roudough but the the new raindeer can tack the time to fly but getting the raindeer stronger will be easy once u teach it yo fly over maryland and the sky goood for raindeer to learn to be a new traineer to fly for first time

  15. I did something wrong that wasn’t for my age (I felt uncomfortable doing this normally I don’t tell anyone

  16. Hi Santa Claus I wish you a Merry Christmas because you are a special person and I just wish you a really really good Christmas next year so love you bye XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO XO and a thousand more and the thousand more and a thousand more and a thousand more and a million more by Santa Claus and Misses Claus and Misses Claus and Santa Claus and Rudolph and Rudolph and the reindeer and everyone else to Merry Christmas

  17. I once thought someone was mean but it turned out she was just standing up for her friend because I accidentally hurt her feelings.

  18. Its not always fun when my not friend always blames on me its not fun he also said I’m going to be on the naughty list ;( its not fun or fair

  19. I am really sad. 🙁 Everyone in my school is yelling and screaming and blaming everything on me! They say ” You are so naughty, Cali! You are gonna be on the naughty list, Cali! I am very mad at my classmates [!! !!]

  20. Hi Santa! Sarah here! How is Mrs. Claus? I am not here to ask Questions. I just thought that I would say hi. Christmas has been different this year, but I don’t care. You see my grandmother fell. Now she can not live alone for a good while. She is 95 and doing much better. Make sure to give her something that will make her Christmas that much better. xoxo

  21. I judged that my brother was hurting my dad. My brother was in the back yard with my dad. It seemed like my brother was strangling him but he wasn’t. So I went in the back yard and yelled ” Dad! Weslee you better get of of him!” But my dad said ” Katy, its alright were just tackling.” So that day I found out that Weslee wasn’t hurting my dad they were just tackling.

  22. Hey I was accused of saying and doing some naughty things that I wouldn’t even think of doing and POOF it was like a magic trick because all my friends disappeared

  23. Dear Santa
    Hi! I have one question for you. How come the reindeer almost crashed into your house? Why do you think he was such a bad flyer? Do you think that he will get better with some practice? Will he ever be trusted with pulling your sleigh?

  24. I want you to come now when we go to sleep bring some presents please I want a tablet and a chocolate and a phone and a surprise please

  25. Can you give the little guy a chance and train him up to be like the other reindeer so he’s not so sad all by himself on Christmas Day. Poor Timshie, all by himself.

  26. Dear Santa it was this one time my sister was jumping on the bed and my mom and dad heard it. They tout it was me!
    so I had to goto bed.

  27. This didn’t happen too long ago, we but one time I was in the bathroom with my best friend levi. We where drying our hands when we decided to shut the paper towel into the garbage can from a far distance. I decided to throw it under my leg. That’s when a teacher noticed me and yelled at us so she told my teacher we where playing basketball so for morning recess we had to sit out


  29. Hi santa I’m excited for Christmas and I hope u make it to all the Houses hope u have a merry Christmas Christmas is just around the corner xoxoxoxoxoxoxo❤

  30. My teacher Mrs.May always thinks l am talking but sometimes I am but sometimes I am not . And she looks at me and makes me go clip down.Sometimes I just can’t control my anger
    Love,Janelyn. Dearing

  31. Hi i would like to know if you know my friend Riley she says that she saw her mom helping pack the Christmas presents for you thanks

  32. yes, i WAS cleaning the room and the two that where supposed to be helping me where playing and i sat down and said that they where supposed to be cleaning and the room was all moistly clean and i got i trubble for playing

  33. hi santa my brothers relly hurt my filliling so can you help me by sending a elf to my house so they can see that they hurt my flliling plz and love you so so so so so so so so so so much buy.

  34. hi santa your the best please send me some photos or an elf on the shelf my sister once said i had hurt her when she had really done it to me i got in big trouble for no reson

  35. So, this is not about me this is about a bully in my class. Um this guy in my class is so mean. He tells on his friends ( and everyone) when they didn’t do anything. He says stuff that’s not even true about people. And he tells on his BFF to the teacher when he didn’t even do anything! He always laughs about it 🙁

  36. when my sister bristol hit me last night she said that i hit her to my dad i got mad and i tried to tell my dad that i didn’t do anything but he said bequiet to me and i started crying and when i was aloud to get up she said that i slapped her but my dad get me in trouble but she did
    p.s. your the best

  37. I know you don’t think Tumshie will fly but I think, no I KNOW that he will fly in his own good time. Tell Tumshie I said hi!

  38. I have never judged someone wrong but I have gotten in trouble because some people blame me for the things they do or they get in trouble and drag me down with them.

  39. At school Dom who is in my class on Friday he smacked me and called me fat bully and telled my teacher I called him a fat bully but I never so I got in to trubble

  40. Hey Santa my niece khloey told my mom that I hurt her but I didn’t hit her so she told my mom and I got in trouble I told my mom that I didn’t hurt her so instead my mom got on to khloey.

  41. Hey Santa I’m glad you got a new reindeer! I’ve gotten in trouble for things that my brother did for example: he kicked my leg really hard and I said softly stop and my mom was on the phone so my dad smacked my head

  42. This Christmas i was wondering if you can send me a picture of all the raindeer elfs,and you. If you can you can put the pictue by the cookies. Also
    Mrs.claus can be in it too!!

  43. Hi Santa I herd u got a new rainder I don’t mean to be ride but I kinda thank you should say your sorry to scunner and maybe next time not jump to conclusion and what u thank happend

  44. One time I said someone could run fast. But when he left I told my friend he ran slow. Then I whent back and told him the truth and said I was sorry. He said he would forgive me though.

  45. hi santa its me alyssa stephens I love you next year in 2016 can I have photo of mrs claus and grinchy claus make up a real girl baby kitten a bag full offhand balls that has fases with my name on them every thing on my list from in 2015 you have to listen to everything love alyssa. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  46. I think its a beautiful reindeer I hope you get on great with it and everyone make mistakes by jumping to conclusion merry Christmas leanne

  47. I like miss clause but how many reindeers do you have 11 yes but I want to know what day you work because i will visit you yes but please may I have a chat with miss clause right now as I say so will that be okay yes thank you by

  48. I aways do that ,and I feel very bad .I am a chin people .how is the new reindeer?Is he better at flying yet? Ohhh ,I almost fegot how are you?by the way do you know God?

  49. Hi Santa I’ll be your spy for a week.If you want I’ll check on them now…………..
    Ok Justin is on minecraft on our iPad now for Jeremy…..:……….
    He’s hiding in Justin’s room.luaghs?!?!?!..

  50. at school yesterday I was counting to 200 and the couch thout I was talking but I was counting in my head and it was the kid behind me so I was put in timeout

  51. my friend says you have 9 reindeer is it true I think there is 11 and what are there names my sister really wants to know? ellen xxxxxx

  52. I feel delighted to hear that a new reindeer has been introduced into the christmas spirit and group of reindeers. Maybe you should take tumshie on flying lessons more often and eventually he will get better and better at it.

  53. I seem to always get blamed for things my dad does and he takes credit for any good ideas I come up with. Its not fair, but who am I to complain.

  54. You should train Tumshie. I know you don’t have time to since Christmas is right around the corner. If Mrs.Claus don’t mind maybe she can take care of your jobs while you are training Tumshie

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