Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy New Years Eve
Happy New Year’s Eve!

Here’s wishing all my friends a very Happy New Year’s Eve!

This is just a short note today.  We are busy getting a surprise ready for Scunner the Grumpy Elf!

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to find out how it went!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Santa Claus

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61 special messages to Santa about “Happy New Year’s Eve!”

  1. Hey santa i love you very much see you soon on christmas i will leave some treats for you so don’t forget on christmas to eat please talk to you soon Katherine

  2. i hope you did funny stuff this year. Wow gotta go get my baby brother out of our present wrapping machine

    Love your fr4iend belle

  3. Hey Santa i would really like a dog i already wrote a four paged letter but just a reminder and i sent it two months ago

  4. Sorry to tell you santa but mum and dad are already getting me an ipod touch for christmas. But i would just like some earphones lipstick and dangaling earings please.

    Love Yolanda xoxoxox

  5. December 31 is my birthday. I am turning 11 this year so I am very excited about that. And I am very excited for Christmas this year!!!

  6. santa i just want to tell you that one of my things for critmas is for everyone to have awsome critmas eve i love you santa will you tell everone i said hi and i love you guys

  7. hi santa how are you i hope you are good i just want you to know that i dont have a mum or dad ok they died last year from Dee-anne

  8. hi santa it kinda sucks that its a short not today but dont worry dont be dissapointed i just cant wait to hear about the suprise anyway happy new year santa xoxo tues


  10. Happy New Years Santa I know it’s kind of late but I LOOOVVEEE you! Your the Best! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. i hope i get a present from santa claus and today i am going to this place called fig they take us places that we have never ever been before so yer! hope u enjoy christmas when comes! i have to say bye now,so, BYE EVERYONE!

  12. santa you are so cool there is only 202 days of sleep til christmas:) i just came back from florida it was so fun because you have so much magic.

  13. Hi Santa clause your elves shouldn’t be so grumpy on Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus Christ peace on earth and good will toward men merry Christmas happy new year Santa I miss you Santa i remember every year you bring me doughnuts to my front door it’s amazing I just want long John doughnuts with custard in them thanks Santa please read my blog right away and email me back on what you think about this your friend katie

  14. Hi Santa Claus can’t wait till chirstmas and put the cookies and glass of milk and mice pies and to see what you get me and i love you xxxxxx your friend sophie

  15. santa i sort of have a song for you:I feel blue at christmas without you I want to live with you but I don’t know where you are I will always love you but now I will love you more if you let me live with you I beg you please I want you to be my dad and I want to BE an elf I don’t want an elf I want to be an elf so please ohh please make me you’res

  16. I think Chrismast is all the time of the year. Childs are so happy and other kids are to. I whish that all the kids and parents have fun it there Chrismats tree and all the fun!!
    Love your FRIEND JOLIE!

  17. santa!!!!

    i had the greatest new years eve ever on christmas eve i got my dog thanks for it and new years eve we had a big party with my dog

  18. hi santa you are awesome i love you so dose my sister but i love more you than her and happy new year hope you liked your cookies and milk and rudolph liked his carrots’ xxx

  19. hey santa !!!
    i love you so much cause u bring the best presents ever p.s sorry about the spellig it is because i have a blackberry and i am used to typing short words sorry 🙂 xx

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