A Very Scunner New Year for Scunner the grumpy Scottish elf!

A photo of Scunner the grumpy Scottish elf's dog, Bobby
Scunner the grumpy Scottish elf. (Ok, actually it’s his dog, Bobby. Scunner didn’t want his photo taken.)

Happy New Year!

Oh, let me tell you about last night.  We had all decided to give Scunner the grumpy Scottish elf a lovely big surprise.

A few weeks ago, Kissy told me that Scunner was homesick and that this was making him grumpy.

Would you like to find out how we surprised Scunner the grumpy Scottish elf?

Well, I do not know if you knew this but in Scotland they celebrate New Year’s Eve with a party they call Hogmanay.  Well, we all decided to have a Hogmanay party to celebrate the New Year.

When we showed Scunner what we had done, he actually smiled!

We had special food.  A lovely cake called Black Bun and shortbread.  There was whisky.  A lot of whisky.

Scunner brought some bagpipes.  When he started to play, it was wonderful.  He played a fast tune at first and it got us all dancing.  I saw Clumsy spinning round and round and thought he was going to fall over!

Then Scunner played some lovely slow songs.  One made us all feel sad but happy at the same time.  Scunner told me later that it was called Highland Cathedral.

Anyway, we had lots of Scottish music and Scunner taught us all some Scottish Country Dances.  It was difficult at first but once we learned the dances it was great fun.

Then, it was midnight and Scunner was nowhere in sight.  ‘He missed New Year!’  Kissy said sadly.

Scunner The Grumpy Scottish Elf First Foots!

Then there was a knock at the door.  It was Scunner standing outside!  In his hand was a lump of coal.

“It’s bad luck not to have a first foot Santa,” he told me.

That is what they call the first visitor of a new year in Scotland: a first foot.  And they always bring a piece of coal to bring you luck.

We all stood together and sang a famous song called ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

After he gave me the coal, we stayed up dancing and singing for hours.  It was fun to celebrate my first Hogmanay!  (And Scunner is a lot happier now too!)

Happy New Year!

Santa Claus/Father Christmas

P.S.  How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!

P.P.S.  Well, that is the end of the “Santa Claus Christmas Blog”  for this Christmas Season.  See everyone in a few months!


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228 special messages to Santa about “A Very Scunner New Year for Scunner the grumpy Scottish elf!”

  1. I can’t wait to have father Christmas leave his boot marks on my floor I’m the one who has to tidy it up (wink) I can’t wait for christmsd

  2. I like having fun and glow stick everywhere and have a huge fire and watch the fireworks and sya happy new year so much happy y and I fire crackers if they don’t go frosting lol

  3. Santa we celebrate new year very beautifull can i tell you how
    We used to have a party and we see the clock in the clock when it will be 12 clock we shout loudly happy new year

  4. I hope everyone has a good Christmas I love everyone in the north pole!! I have sisters to there names are Olivia and Shipley

  5. Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I have truly loved browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I am hoping you write again soon!

  6. i don’t usually do anything for new year. once i got pajamas and pop tarts though! best new year EVER! P.S If Scunner is homesick why doesn’t he just go home?

  7. i hope scunner is okay because there is only 23 more days until christmas. i hope every on is okay in the north pole. the north pole is really cold.

  8. I was at my grandma and grandpas house. My mom was in Butte and I dont know were my dad was at. I wanted to go to Butte with my mom but she said no. It was a long night. I still at least got to see my grandma and grandpa.

  9. I did it the Spanish way! (eating a grape on every clock chime!) I choked on one so maybe my year will be unlucky instead, oh well, no matter!

  10. i rerly hope Scuncer is happy now im sure you gave him an amazing suprize

    p.s i wish everyone at the north pole a
    very mery christmas

  11. santa you dont know how much i love you your my star thanks for replying to my email

    love jorja xoxoxox oxoxoxo xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxox

  12. Wonderful to know everyone had a grand New Years Eve!
    I wish you and everyone a wonderful year though there only being 2 months left. Anyways best wishes and Happy Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Merry Christmas!

  13. hi i just sent u an email and theres this one kid (by the way im carly the nine year old and im in fourth grade) and well they are mostly 15 boys in the fourth grade and they always swear at us and say the f word to us and its not very nice so sometimes i get a little mad at them and think of bad things about them so i think this year ive been an angel with a kinda crooked halo this year but i dont think thats bad compered to some kids…

  14. Hello santa
    You are right some people do say that you atre not real but i know you are and my sisters and mummy do aswell!!!! You are my role model and Thank you for my email! My alo is a bit crooked but not that much! Thank you for reading this!

  15. hi santa just to say thank you for my lovely email you sent me yes its true a bully at my school says things about you but i back you up
    by saying ” what if you were santa and i said that about you ”
    i’ve been an angel with a bit of a wonky halo this year
    love from lia
    xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxo xoxxoxo

  16. Dear santa
    i just want to tell you that i cant wait untill it i christmas and ive always wanted you to give me an autograph on one of your pictchers so can i have one this year please
    love from
    tori xoxo xoxo xxooxo xooxo xoxo oxoxoxo xoxoxo

  17. hi im likeing it at school because i am in year 4 all reddy and i am oong a dance in a copple off months i also love u Els and santa and also evrey one at the north pole. night everyone santa i want to say tat i am leavn a gift aand a biskit and a carrot say hello to rudolph for me pleast lots ff hugs and lots of kisss coutney xxxxx

  18. santa ive been a little bit nauty im really sorry i shouldent get any presants at all im so nauty and im really sorry too can you forgive me love from kayleigh xxxxxx xxxxx

  19. santa it isnt new year but im going to tell you what i want new year to be like . I want it to be a big party like what we normally do 🙂 well santa i need to go ut i need to ask a question can i have a picture of all of use ? x

  20. hi i love celebrating christmas because it is time to give or recieve a token of someones freindship and give a token of friend ship its amazing santa gives the best prezents thogh he is the best 79 days til christmas oh yes oh yes oh yes i am so exited and i cant deni it i know i know i realy like wow i will try and stop talking before i inbariss my self even more it is so strange i inbarris my self a lot i will try and stop ta
    lking know make me stop talking know help i have verbal diaryer about sant coming i have no idea why i am talking so mch mayb
    e i shold stop or shjould i carry on talk what do i do i will stop now cas tea is ready asnd i want to get 79 day over with quick 11 weeks qick how do i do that it will be hard i should just sleep \all day and night and get up at christmas that wouldnt be fun cas i am good with morning i am typing qick with ot checcking so it gets done god i must of done 100 hundred words all ready and by i will see you closer at christmas bye bye

  21. i celabrte new year by having a big dinner with all my family and i meen evry single one of the branniffs and after me and my sister show are new things to our family

  22. Hi santa
    i am going to have a great day today because i am going to the dentist then to get a slush puppy and at 5:00 my grandma is going to ring us so i can go to her house for a sleepover and that is all.
    from will

  23. hi santa i celebruted the new year at home with my family we stayed up all night to see the new year in we had a new year eve party it was so much fun doing it i hope you are ok today can you tell the elfs that Anna kuhn send her love to you all at the noth pole merry chritmas love from anns

  24. Me and my family watch a countdown on the TV.When it gets to 0 me or my mom blows a loud air horn.I start peeking outside and looking at the fireworks.


  26. Well guess what santa! My family went to Hawaaii to spend the new years. It was fun. My dad has a private island there without valcanos. It was fun. My aunt, uncle, and baby cousin live there. They have their own island too.

    Bye then,


  27. i spened new years with my family i am 18 years old this year amazed huh im a adult and well ia m in high school senior life skills kinda cool right it is sorry butit is nice.

  28. This isn’t exactly about the story, but I just wanted to say that SANTA IS REAL! I may be ten but I still believe with all my heart.

  29. Hi thank you for the letter i really liked. It because some firnds at school dont really like me i don’t’ know why so it made feel good when someone acules answers me baylee

  30. hi santa thank you for my letter i enjoyed reading it i will leave you some achole and some food for you and all the raindeer
    thanks a lot

  31. Hi Santa Do the Elves realy spy on us i hope it is only you how many papers do you use to make the noddy and nice list please Email me and youve seen my email adress so please and i hope your having a great Vacaction
    ,Sining out

  32. Hi Santa! I really love you! Can you please tell me if i’m on the nice list or not. If you can’t tell me that’s fine. 🙂 🙂

  33. i went to my friend cara grandparents house with her and her other friend and we all did a bunch of fire works and it was so much fun

  34. hi santa! sounds like you had fun im not scottish but i would like to go there someday maybe the elves scunner and you we could all go to there someday and dance our buttts off lol
    xoxo sincerely tuesday

  35. Hi santa!

    I love you! can you tell mrs.clause i love her to along tgo your elves! have a a great day today! and can you make me some clothes for christmas!

  36. Omg,hiya! I stayed up till 12:00 on New Years Eve because New Years Day is my BIRTHDAY! 😀 Soo cool! 😛 I get to open a small present when its 12:00 and save all my big presents for the morning! xoxo

  37. Dear scunner the elves a minute ago i just emailed Santa about the wonderful things i`ve been doing and about the things i wanted for Christmas can you make this for Christmas for me a children`s iPad a real one if you can`t don`t worry because i will still have lots of things from other people and Santa said there only 123 sleeps left until Christmas. by Laura Sarah Davis.

  38. I think that you were very nice to Scunner.I celebrated the new year at my neighbor’s house,they had a big party.

  39. I usually go to my friend shaylyns house and stay up til 12:00 and then we go around the house singing happy new year happy new year wile my parents are out partying so that’s how I celebrate my new years eve

  40. As a grumpy and homesick Scot myself I have to say that I was pleased to see you treat Scunner well.
    Christmas is my favourite time of year but being away from Scotland is hard at this time of year. The closest I got was a couple of years ago when I went back to Europe to check out some German christmas markets. It felt great to be back in the cold weather again for the festive season. Anyway, you’ve given me an idea and i will be doing some wee Scottish jigs this year. I just wish I could get hold of some bagpipes around here.

  41. You are so nice to Scunner. I want a cell phone with internet, ipad with internet connection, and a DSi with internet connetion from you.

  42. santa you are so nice i am so lookin forward to christmas and i am already decorating my room well not today but tomoorow and tell scunner that when i was homsick i get my bear chloe and hug her as tight as i can <3 u and see you at christmas bye 🙂

  43. ummm i am doing fine high school in 3 weeks and i am stuck with diarrhea how gross is that i shouldnt say that to you at all its gross how do iget better fast

  44. I celebrate New Years by going to someones house usally watch the ball drop, have apple cider and cookies, and stay up all night partying!

  45. Dear Santa
    It was nice of you to give scunner a party that’s why your a nice guy

  46. well , we had a pizza night and 9 days before that our cat went missing then at exactly 12:00 he cam back I was so so happy!! happy new year

  47. That sounded like fun. Me and my brother Ales went to my Grandma T’s house on New Years Eve. We has fun. I am trying to be good


  48. dear santa i really really want an i pad when you come to my house can you stop at it first hayley i bet you know her shes my little sister shes relly nice so please keep her on the good list when you come hayley wants a new doll. i bet you know emma shes my other sister shes good too let her be on the good list she wants a doll you know thos one that talk and the come with a baby bottke ab all that good things for a baby doll thank you

  49. Dear Santa,
    You are truly amazing and you make Christmas complete. I love you all back at the North Pole! Have a wonderful Christmas and keep up the great work!!!! Talk to you soon!

    (P.S Remember Santa not too many cookies!)

  50. dear santa on new years eve my mum sister and i went to my freinds house to babaysit and i could spend the night well they have a stair way that goes around like a spiral and she had slippery socks on and she fell down the stairs and hit her head against the wall i felt soory for my mum love lucy

  51. i want to get you a prezent i love you and you love me i almost forgot thanks i love evrething you have done fore me i know i can trust you rudolph and the rest of your teem

  52. here in edmond you can’t pop fireworks only is you have promisin so me and my family got some from the city offices and pop them

  53. Well, some people (or elves 🙂 ) do have problems that make them feel a certain way. But I know with Santa’s kindness he can make any elf happy.

  54. hi santa,

    it is crispin here I am guessing you just saw my letter I sent you just now?

    please I beg please can you get me a sim card,and a blackberry bold!!

    take care!


  55. hey santa i emailed you about wanting an elf i just want to confirm that i still want one.by the way this year in school an elf was brought to my teacher .the elf’s name was christalia and i asked her if i can have an elf and she said that they were in short demand so this christmnas please send me an elf i promise i will take good no wait great care of him or her.ttyl.

  56. Dear Santa,

    How’s it going? Please tell everyone at The North Pole that I said hi including Mrs. Claus, The Elves, The Reindeer, and all of the other animals. I like your web site. Hope you’re doing well.

  57. my family went to my dads friend. for diner we had pizza and fizzy lemonade.i broght two dvds and watched them both then we counted down to midnight and listened to music while dancing and then we went home.
    the end

  58. you know,as i live in flats,my society hosts a praogramme every year.and i dance init every time.this year on new year’s eve,i danced,drank lots of coffee and ate and had fun.hope you also had fun.
    to reindeers and santa

  59. I had a great newyear last year and I see you andthe reindeer had the same. And also I read in another story that you were sick and had to go to the doctors.I hope you are better now so kids don’t get sad that they don’t have any presends from you.And are you still in bed on New Years or what do you do that day?

  60. thanks for the dvd player for my tv in my room and the sled it is fun to sled in thanks again santa your the best!!!!

  61. I had a great New Years eve!!! We did fire works in our driveway then we ate pizza,cookies and drand coak! Afterwards we played a bunch of game then at midnight(11:00pm) WE WENT MID-NIGHT SWIMMING!!! 🙂 It was great and after wards my mom showed us the surprise cake and we ate it!!! I hpoed you had a good New years eve. And thankyou for the $10 you gave me! I HOPED YOU LIKED THE COOKIES, MILK,AND THE LETTER I GAVE YOU!!! Have a good summer i get out of school in 7 days!!!!

  62. we were in Aberfeldy and we went down where the co-op is and there were music and drunk people and we were all celerbrating but i was not because i was to cold and sleepy and there was loud music and other stuff and we all had a brilliand time how about you? what was your new years eve tell me everything please

  63. My uncle came over. We went to the movies and bee a firecracker in the river, then we celebrated and ate sandwitches and corn dogs.

  64. Comment êtes-vous père? J’espère que vous êtes bien. Pourriez-vous dire à Mme Noël que sa fille est très bien et j’espère que de la voir très bientôt. La famille d’accueil est correct, mais je pense que j’ai découvert ce que l’on appelle une rivalité entre deux frères ! De votre amour fille, Sarah

  65. Dear Santa,

    How’s it going? Please tell everyone at The North Pole that I said hi. Hope you’re doing well.

  66. My new year was also fun because I get to spend time with my grandpa that lives in Texas every year around christmas he come we also get presents

  67. I love your story Santa! its really cool! What I do for New years you ask? Well my family and I usually have some friends over and drink kids’ champane like “rylie” said. Its really fun! Hope you have a great rest of the year Santa, Mrs. Clause, the reindeer and the elves! Love (hopefully one of your favorites) Lauren {:)

  68. Happy New Year santa.my father bought me a lego it is called HERO FACTORY it is a huge lego and it coast 209.90 i cant even effort to buy it. my brother also got something it is NERF bullets it is a special gun, but it not a real gun . copyright@2012, Malaysia

  69. I spent new Years with my best friend. We had a lot of fun. We watched the Ball. We saw all of the performances and then when the ball dropped, we ran straight outside with our special pots. Then we banged and screamed Happy New year and blew our noise makers with our special new years tiaras on. Her parents fired fireworks that spelled happy new year!!! Every one loved them and we even put on a little show. We turned up the music and banged and screamed and we watched the fire works. We did cart wheels and everyone watched. It was the best new years ever

  70. At Christmas my family came over and I got a build a bear and lots more stuff .Thank u for the wii game santa! In the morning I woke up and said to my mom can we go downstairs? She said no. it’s only 6:00am I said can I check if Santa came? she said yes. so I went downstairs Santa didn’t come! I was disappointed then when I woke up later I went down THE TREE HAD LIKE 5 PRESENTS FOR ME!I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!! I LOVE U SANTA!!

  71. the last one i sent you was really funny! i poped spaks and we drank a kids shapane but not real shapane! it was fun to dace and sing with my frineds. well lets just say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  72. New years was not fun we did nothin the whole time 🙁 i wish something was fun for once:( as usaual we never go any where so its BORING!!!! 🙁 Maybe next year it will be more fun 🙂

  73. We had roast dinner and then we had fireworks and a party with our friends we stayed up until 5 0clock in the morning i trided not to go to sleep and i suceeded!

  74. cool iwish i could chelabreate hogmanay but i stay up till 12:00 and drink grape juice in wine cups and bang pots and pans.

  75. Every body got fireworks and shot them but my brother shot one right when I turned around so it sparked on my eye.

  76. I don’t know what to do to find my DVD player. I looked everywhere. If I buy a new one my mom and dad would be complaining to pay for it. Please help.

  77. That was a good story because first Scunner was sad and then he was happy(: I LOVED the story it was cute! (:

  78. Hi Santa tell Scunner to straighten up his act for the New Year and please tell Scunner to make a grumpy website:) (laughing so hard that milk could come out of nose) 🙂 😀 :p

  79. i was AWESOME! we were watching something and in 12 seconds it was new years eve!!!! i was so happy. oh, and happy late valentines day!

  80. hay santa you said to me to read the blogs that people have sent and i have and you said you cart wait to read my comment so what are you up to.

  81. hi santa i have very good new year at the end of december i have been stayed till 2.35 pm it was wonderful night full of presents and great food and drinks i loved so much new year that i wish it never ends but hey there will be another christmas and new year and i will dream them every night happy new year

  82. I love how Santa does everything for you and I love the Christmas blog so funny ha ha not being rude but it is sent from the north pole my my bye xx

  83. dear santa thank u for all that u gaven me and all that u leved me for christmas and did u know that i well all whays be in ur hart and next christmas can u p;ples ples ples ples try to bring me a pupppy ples and thsnk u

  84. you are so cool 🙂 :):):):):):):)
    i really love you and you must be tired after going round the world so i will leave you a energy drink and mince pies:).
    love Daid


  85. I celebrate Christmas by, whaen I sleep, sometimes I am wwwwaaaayyyyy to exited to open presents and whis Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause, the reindeer, and of course the elves! You can’t miss them! You also can’t miss Santa, Mrs. Clause, the reindeer and the elves of course! (wink)! 🙂 🙂 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  86. hi santa my friend bryson beleaves in you so do i my friend bryson came over on new years eve to spend the night i stayed upto new years

  87. Dear Santa,one year at Christmas I wanted a toy.But Mom said “NO” you can’t have it.And I said “BUT I WANT IT”!But she said no again.And guess what?I got toy on Christmas day!

  88. Guess what I believe in Christmas! I have never been on the naughty list. You are so magical to me. p.s.Thank you for cookie my playful pup.

  89. I went to a place called Wisonsin dells. It was awsome!By the way, thank you for leaving a bell from your sleigh and crumbs from the chex mix:) I got the not you left. love lola

  90. santa i think you just saw me dancing but say happy birthday to jesus for me and next year share cokies with rudolph and ms claus and tell them i love them even jesus i like you because on chrimas first you to china thats good cause thedont have any thng you gave them some say hi to the elves

  91. dear santa i went with my mom and dad and my moms and dads friends. we went to a party. we stayed all way to three o clock.then when i was so tried i went to sleep and then we went home i went to sleep then. in the morning we went to get breakfast at my moms friends that work with her at there house then we called my friend to play with me. then made steak called people opened more presits and thats all.

  92. i was in poland where i was born for christmas and happy new year 🙂 but i only find this website today!!!!
    can i have a picture of rudolf and thev reindeers plese:)

  93. Hi Santa thank you for my present for christmas i am here with my best friend millie and i had a happy new year i did not celebrate and millie says thank you for my laptop and all of my other present and happy new year Santa.

    by freya and millie
    p.s hope to see you again soon xx

  94. Thank you for all the wonderful presents especially the touch screen MP3 Player. It is so awesome! I celebrated New Years by making a lot of noise at midnight. We celebrated New Years at our neihbors house. I hope you enjoyed New Years as much as I did.

  95. hi santa. i think u r really cool!! u came to my house and i gave u milk and a gingerbread cookie!! u didnt finish it but i knew u liked it!!

  96. Dear santa,
    Thanks for the easy bake oven santa. My mom gave me some horses. Santa did you like my cookies i made for you and the milk i left out and the carrorts for ruddolf.

  97. thanks for my presants santa!thank you let jesus read this (i hope you had a wonderful
    birthday)happy new year and seasans greetings and hope you eat my cake and you drank my milk you got my picture and my cards same for rodolph the red nosed rainder.winter is cold sure was today hope
    you enjoy a nice nap and even delivering
    presents this year january 3rd 2012 from ethan

  98. This New Year was busy. We went to a town out of town. Then we hit the road to go home. WE stayed up to watch the ball. But right after it droped mom and sis wnet to bed. Dad went to bed at 12:30. And I stay up till 1.

  99. I wish that isnt the end of the blog 🙁 I’m from Scotland and the hogmanay festival is a big firework display at the castle in Edinburgh and they sing traditional scottish songs like bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. auld langs syne is a very famous song and i love it. I wish i was there to see it all happen! xxx

  100. I went to my grandparents house and hung out. Sadly I also had to go to work. I’m hoping next year I don’t have to work during the holidays.

  101. dear santa i have been a good boy this year for christmas i would like a new bike a cell phone and heele shoes with wheels your friend franklin joe browning

  102. hi santa i was verry happy this year with my prents i asked for 1 or the other i got both thank u verry much santa elfs &mrs cluse dont forget the randers

  103. To Santa how are you what are you doing hope you are having a good rest.PSSanta please cheer Baa up for Christmas can i please have a bike a braibox a bakugan wand a cape,and that is it thank you Santa

  104. Scunner the grumpy elf feels homesick so maybe take him to see his family and then take him back and if you need another elf i am availible!

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