Girl Elf Suzie – a very lucky but very lost little elf! Will she be OK?

sparkly girl elf hat
A very sparkly girl elf hat!

Merry Christmas!  As you know, I have a lot of elves at the North Pole.  They help me to make all of the toys for Christmas.  Did I ever tell you about the girl elf who got lost and went to Scotland?  Would you like to hear?

There was a girl elf a long time ago named Suzie.  She was a very good elf, but she could be a little silly, and sometimes she forgot things.  One night, after a busy day making toys, Suzie went for a walk.  She walked, and she walked.  She liked the snow crunching under her feet.  Then there was no more snow.  When she looked up, there was a big sign saying ‘Welcome To Scotland’.  (You can see any country from the North Pole)

Suzie was very scared.  She had never been away from the North Pole before. It is not good for elves to be seen by people.  Imagine what would happen if you saw an elf?  You would tell everyone, and then everyone would want to see the elves.  No toys would get made!

Will The Girl Elf Be OK?

Suzie found the first person she could see and said hello.  The man fainted.  This was the first time he had seen an elf, and he did not believe they existed.  Suzie walked on.  She thought that people were very funny, taking naps instead of talking.

She walked on a hard grey path.  Then two lights came toward her.  She did not know that she was on a road.  Suddenly a crow spotted her sparkly hat and wanted it for its nest.  It swooped down, and Suzie ducked.  As she ducked, the car passed straight over her.  Phew!

Suzie ran off the road.  She did not like it.  Then she heard a growl.  She looked around to see a wolf!  Yikes!  She had never met a wolf, but she did not want to hang around and say hello.  Gulp!  She tried to run, but she was frozen to the spot.  She wanted to scream, but she could not open her mouth.  The wolf opened its mouth.  Suzie could see the big teeth.  The wolf wanted some dinner.  A mouth chipped down on Suzie and…

…luckily, she was safe.  Another car was passing.  There was a dog sitting with its head out of the window.  It saw the sparkly hat and thought it was a chew toy.  It grabbed the hat and whisked Suzie away from the wolf.  Talk about lucky!

Well, enough for today. I am tired and need my sleep.  I will tell you the rest of the story soon. What do you think happened to Suzie next?

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you think our girl elf Suzie will get home safe? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people wrote.

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39 special messages to Santa about “Girl Elf Suzie – a very lucky but very lost little elf! Will she be OK?”

  1. Dear Santa I had read the story about suzie I hope she will be okay soon

    and come home safely

    From Emma Anne Holmes Limerick Ireland

  2. hi Santa how are Chippy and Katie ? and is Susie the girl elf safe ? and can you tell me why the tooth fairy did not leave me money for 16 days

    PS please tell Mrs claws i said her cookies are delish even though i did not try them.


  3. dear Santa
    how are my elves Chipy and and Katie ? it is a pleasure to write to you please tell my elves i love them and merry christmas and katie and chipy were very well behaved

  4. I think and hope that Suzie will get home safely by Christmas…Maybe she just met some new friends or maybe she forgot about the North Pole because Santa even said that she forgets sometimes. I think that that the girl elf, Suzie, will be OKAY:):):):):):):)

    P.S. My sister Kira said that maybe she found some elves on the shelf and they are going to help her get back to the North Pole by Christmas:)

  5. I think Suzie will hang in the dogs mouth the whole ride in the car. When the dog and Suzie get to the owners house. The dog will carry Suzie into the house. Then, in the living room, the dog drops Suzie on the table with the decorated gingerbread house on it. The familys Elf on the Shelf, Gingersnap is in the house, hanging her head out the window. “Walk into the house! Quickly! Before they see you!” Gingersnap whispers. Suzie does what she was told. “Thank you! What if they look in the other window?” Suzie asks. “Close it! Quick They are coming!” whispers Gingersnap. Suzie does what she was told to do and quickly hid under the candy table. Then, ten days later, it was Christmas Eve. The day before that, Suzie and Gingersnap made a plan to get Suzie home. “Okay tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I have a plan to get you back to the North Pole. So you stay here like you always have. Once everyone is asleep, we walk to the fireplace and wait untill the big guy gets here. And once he does, we come with him.” Gingersnap says. Then they do that and Suzie and Gingersnap get to the North Pole safely. The End.

  6. I don’t know if Susie will be okay or not, but I don’t think the wolf will be okay. I hope Susie comes back safe… Keep us updated!


  7. I think Suzie will try talking to more people but sadly i think they will keep naping! i also think she will try to get back to the sign and try to get back to the north pole I hope she does!

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