New Games for the North Pole Olympics! Come play with Santa’s elves!

This was from the reindeer Christmas tree log toss. This year we have new games!
This photo was from the reindeer Christmas tree toss. This year we have new games!

Merry Christmas!  Today was a great day at the North Pole.  Today was the North Pole Winter Olympics.  There were three new games.  In each event, there was a gold medal for the winner.

First Of The North Pole Olympics New Games

The first of the new games was the slalom.  The elves had to put on their skis and ski down a big hill.  There were some obstacles though.  They had to dodge the snowmen on the hill.  The first elf down the hill would win the gold medal.

They all lined up at the top, and I shouted ‘go’.  As soon as they started, Clumsy fell face first into the snow.  I could not help but laugh.

The elves dodged in and out.  Some hit snowmen.  SPLAT!  Those poor elves.

There were four elves out in front.  I was not sure which was going to make it first; they were all so close.

Then I heard a rumbling noise.  Coming down the hill was a giant snowball.  It rolled and rolled.  Bigger and bigger it got.  It crossed the finish line before any elf.  Then the giant snowball hit a snowman and exploded.  In the middle of the snowman was Clumsy.  When he had fallen at the start line, he had begun to roll.  As he did, he turned into a giant snowball.  He could not stop, he was going so fast.

I laughed as he lay there covered in snow.  He was so dizzy.  Clumsy won the first event and got the first gold medal. Then he fell face first into the snow again.

Second Event Of The North Pole Olympics

The second event was a snowball fight.  If you got hit, you were out.

The game started and Clumsy got hit by a hundred snowballs.  He was the first one out.

The other elves fought for a long time until there were only two left.  The smallest of the two ran and dodged the snowballs.  Then she threw a tiny, little snowball.   It hit the other elf smack on the bum.  Mouse the littlest elf was the winner of the second event.  She got a gold medal.

Third Event Of The North Pole Olympics

The third event was ice hockey.  There were eight teams.  Each team played against another for two minutes.  The winning team would go through to the next round.  The losing team would be knocked out.  There were two teams left for the final game.  Can you believe that one of the teams had Clumsy!  He was their goalie!  Can you believe that!

The teams were evenly matched, and no one had scored a goal.  There were only ten seconds to go.  The captain of Clumsy’s team gave a team talk.  He had a clever way to score a goal.  They all listened.  When the whistle was blown, they did some clever passes and scored a goal.

Can you guess who their captain was?  It was Sherlock Elf, the cleverest elf at the North Pole.  He and his team got gold medals.  That meant that Clumsy ended up with two gold medals!

I want to have the Olympics again next year, but I think it would be fun if we had some new games.  What cool new games would you play at the next North Pole Olympics?

Santa Claus

P.S.  Can you ski, skate or snowball like an elf?  Can you think up a cool event for the next North Pole Olympics? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other new games people would play!

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  2. Hang the stocking on the reindeer antlers team relay. The team with the most stockings on the antlers in a certain amount of time is the winner!

  3. Do a jumping contest so you could get a tree use it as a catapult and see wich elf can go the furthest.or have a competition for the best snow sculpture .

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