Treasure hunt clues from the elves for a Claus! Click to giggle now!

Treasure hunt clues
Treasure hunt clues from the elves for Claus!

Merry Christmas!  Not long ago, Mrs. Claus made a Christmas scavenger hunt for me.  Then I made some treasure hunt clues for her.  She loved my Christmas treasure hunt.  Thank you to all of you who sent me clues to use.  You really are a clever bunch!

Well, ever since we started making treasure hunt clues at the North Pole, everyone has been super excited.  Now the elves have joined in.  The other day, Mrs. Claus and I had to stay in our room while they placed some clues.  They knocked on the door, and we opened it. You should have seen their smiles!  They were so excited!  Would you like to hear about the treasure hunt?

It all started when they handed us an envelope.  We opened it up, and there was the first of our treasure hunt clues inside.

“There is a place where you can read 📚
Where you can read, oh yes indeed”

Can you guess where that could be? We have one in our Santa Castle, but you may not.  I bet you have one in your school or your community.

Yes!  It was a library. We ran to the library and pinned to the door was another clue.

“I do not like to crack the shell 🥚
The color is like a frog 🐸 as well
I do not like this meat I yell”

What Is The Answer To This Treasure Hunt Clue?

Well, I was stumped.  I was thinking of a beach.  Was there anything green on a beach.  What meat do I not like?  Then Mrs. Claus suggested that it could be a book.  We were in a library after all.  Can you guess what book it was?  I did not get the answer, but Mrs. Claus did.  It was ‘Green Eggs and Ham’.  We found that funny book, and inside was another of the treasure hunt clues.

“🎄 I was outside, but you chopped me down
With lights, and decorations, and tinsel around 🎄”

This one was the easiest yet.  It was only last week that I went out to cut this down.  I was the one who decorated it.  I always decorate it.  Every year.  It was our Christmas tree.  We ran to our living room.  There, under the tree, was a newly wrapped present.  I looked at the tag.  It was for me and Mrs. Claus.  It was from the elves.  I guess that we will have to wait until Christmas day to open it.

I have been trying to think what it could be.  Do you have any ideas?  What do you think is wrapped up inside?

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you think is inside the present?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people think it might be.

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15 special messages to Santa about “Treasure hunt clues from the elves for a Claus! Click to giggle now!”

  1. Santa I love you and we will always be friends and when you die please can I take your place I will be relay good at being Santa also I get to go to country I love and by the way do take some more clothes with you so when your in a hot country your not boiling hot. Lots of love from Amelia Raisin

  2. Hola. Santa. Te. Mando. Esta. Cartita. Vivo. En. Bogotá. Estoy. Muy. Triste. Perdí. Todo. Lo. Que. Tenía. No. Tengo. Casa. Ni. Mi. Travajo. Vivo. En. Renta. Y. Todos. Se. Olvidaron. De. I. Solo. Quiero. Pedirte. Una. Casita. Que. Dios. Bendiga. Tu. Ayuda. No. Hay. Que. Comer. Ni. Regalos. Ni. Ropa. Pero. Si. Hay. Un. Milagro. Que. Me. Condesa. Mi. Casita gracias. Y. Aquellos. Que tiene. Que. Comer. Y. Donde. Pasarla. Son. Bendiciones. De. Dios. No. Te. Olvides. De. Mi. Feliz. Navidad. Que. Dios. Los. Bendiga

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