North Pole Newsflash 2012: Santa Fit To Fly!


Santa Claus check-up time
Santa Claus is fit to fly!

North Pole — (Dec. 21, 2012) – Santa Claus’ personal doctor, Dr. Alf Doctor, today told the press that Santa Claus and the reindeer are fit to fly Christmas Eve.

“It is true”, said Dr. Doctor.  “Santa Claus and the reindeer had their annual doctor visit today”.

When asked to tell everyone how Saint Nick looked, Dr. Doctor replied,

“His eyes — how they twinkled!
His dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses,
His nose like a cherry!

He had a broad face,
And a little round belly,
That shook, when he laughed,
Like a bowl full of jelly!

He was chubby and plump;
A right jolly old elf;
And I laughed when I saw him,
In spite of myself!”

One elf reporter asked where Santa Claus was today.  Dr. Alf Doctor replied that Santa was very busy.   He was getting his reindeer and sleigh ready for the big night.

Another elf reporter asked Dr. Alf Doctor if he had any worries about Santa’s health.  Dr. Doctor said, “He is feeling great, but Father Christmas does seem a little skinny this year.  I put him on a strict diet of milk, cookies and other yummy treats Christmas Eve.  That will give him the extra energy he needs to deliver all those presents.”

Dr. Doctor also said that Rudolph’s nose is glowing very bright.

“His nose it glows so bright,
It really is a sight!
So I say, here today,
With merry and delight,
Rudolph can guide the sleigh
For Santa’s famous flight! ”

Of course, the elves make sure Santa and the reindeer stay healthy and safe on their big journey.  They track him using on Christmas Eve.   As a bonus, people will be able to watch live texting between Santa and Elf Control as Santa makes his famous flight Christmas Eve.  There are always some fun surprises!

Dr. Doctor ended the meeting with, “I hereby certify Santa Claus and his reindeer fit to fly Christmas Eve!”

Merry Christmas!

Dr. Alf Doctor

P.S.  Do you think Santa is ready to deliver all those presents?  (You can leave a message for Santa Claus.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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40 special messages to Santa about “North Pole Newsflash 2012: Santa Fit To Fly!”

  1. WHY,WHY, WHYYYY DOES IT HAVE TO BE 149 SLEEPS AUUGHHH. I WANT IT TO BE 1 SLEEP UGH. but anyway I hope you have a geat flight this year.
    hugs and kisses too
    OXox oxoxo xoxo xoOX

  2. Dear Santa Clause,
    I want to tell you something that I have been waiting to tell you for my whole life and I am ten years old right now. I wanted to tell you that you are so kind for going around the whole world just to make all the kids in the world happy. I just don’t know what to give you or do for you because you have always made me happy with all the things that I have heard about that you have done for everyone so I want to make it up to you Santa Clause. I also wanted to tell you that I have been counting the days till Christmas, their is a month and eight days till Christmas and I can’t weight that long because I am just so exited I’ve been going crazy making so many things for Christmas and I have been thinking of so many ideas of what I am going to do on Christmas Eve. I am going to wake up at 4:30 A.M. again on Christmas Eve and then tell my parents that you came and then I am going to open my stocking and then my presents and I know I’m going to get the best presents because of you because you are a mind reader and you are going to make me so happy.


  3. Dear santa clause
    I went high heel boots for Christmas and I went clothes for Christmas and new par of sunglasses for Christmas and new pures for Christmas I will leave you some milk and cookies on Christmas Eve santa clause and I will leave a carrots for Rudolph on Christmas Eve
    Our friend Hamide Rizk

  4. Hi Santa! You don’t have to give me any presents this year. You should give them to the kids that do not have toys. A lot of people say to keep them since I am only 9 but think it would be nice. Hope you have a nice journey. And rember to skip my house!

  5. santa theres 201 days til christmas and i hope you can get fit in the time before christmas eve and the riendeer and i hope you guys have a safe journey

  6. Dear,santa i have been nice this year and i realy realy want you to get me and my brother 1 slay a pice and 3 raindeer a pice if you cant it is all write bveause i know all of your presents are the best.

  7. I wish you a merry Christmas hope you have a safe I on the Noty List or the good list.I’ve been buying stuff for my family.PS today is Christmas Eve

  8. Hi santa you are a joy during christmas season you light up everyones mood including mine i will always believe in you <3 i hope you can make it to my house this christmas i have treats and drinks for you and your reindeer and a special note i hope you enjoy it and ill be good! Merry Christmas Lots of hugs, Katlynn

  9. Hi santa , I’m jasmine from northamptonshire . I’m really glad that your fit to fly , and I’m sure my younger brother ( who is 5 in february ) will be very happy to know of your good health. Also , please give my twin Sisters , mine aswell as my brothers love to the reindeer ( we hope no arguing occurs over who guides your sleigh this year ) .
    Merry christmas
    And a
    Happy new year

  10. how do get down those little skinny
    chimmy in one night that qustion when
    iwas a little girl thatqustion was
    on sesame street the show was problly
    1978 some where

  11. We are so glad! Thank you Dr. Doctor!!! We will be sure to leave EXTRA cookies out this year;)

    Kaitlyn, 13
    Andrew, 6

  12. So glad you are fit to fly. Can’t wait until you visit my house and I hope you enjoy the treats we will be leaving out for you and the reindeers x

  13. Hi Santa I can’t wait till you come to my house and leave presents hope raindeers love the carrots and water ,hope you like the mincers and the milk. 🙂

  14. are you scared when you go to the doctor santa i have never gone to the hospital execpt when i was a kid when you go to the hospital you are getting more sick then you are before you go

  15. I’m happy Santa can make it this year, but instead of milk and cookies I would advice veggies and maybe some peanut butter for protein I rather see a thin Santa than a Santa with diabetes or him dropping dead from being so over weight.

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