Santa Claus’ Little Reindeer Names Games

Twin Little Reindeer Names
Can you help with these little reindeer names?

Are you ready for more news about the twin reindeer?  (You did know we were going to have new reindeer, right?)  Would you like to hear today’s news? It’s time to choose some little reindeer names!

Well, I should start (again!) by saying something.  The twin reindeer still have not been born! Oh, man!

But we still have exciting news!  This has to be the most exciting Christmas ever!  Are you ready?

Well, the Doctor says there will be twins.  There will be a little boy reindeer.  And, there will be a little girl reindeer.  So, Clarice said she would pick the little girl’s name.  And Rudolph said he would pick the little boy’s name!

Well, Clarice has a very nice name for the little girl reindeer.  But, she asked me not to tell just yet.  She wants to wait until the little reindeer is born!

But Rudolph cannot pick a name!  He said there were too many great names.  He could not pick one! And Mrs. Claus said that was “just like a man!”. HHHOL!

So, Rudolph wants you to pick the name for him!  He has made a list of some names.  Now he wants you to vote!

Voting Is Over, But More Little Reindeer Names?

Note:  Voting for the new reindeer’s name is over!  Rudolph and Clarice wanted to thank everyone for giving them so many wonderful names.

But, they said to keep sending them name ideas in the comments below — you know, just in case they have any more babies. 😉 They think that way they’ll already have all kinds of wonderful names to choose from!  Isn’t that a great idea?}

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you think this is a fun way to pick the little boy reindeer’s name?

(You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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259 special messages to Santa about “Santa Claus’ Little Reindeer Names Games”

  1. Spirit, moonlight,moonshine, Flora ,chocolate, fluffy ,Starshine coco ,dawn,midnight, Buckley Autumn, thunder, Arrow, whisper, woodland, woody, charm,River,Dragon(because they fly but without wings) Arizona and yea these wat I have.

  2. I think I have some good ones we can name it coco or chocolate,fluffy,. for the girl dawn. Buckley, can be one or whisper , Autumn , midnight, Starshine , Flora, I got some of these names from plushies and books . ☝️ Spirit, moonlight,moonshine,rosemary, and yea that’s all I can think for now

  3. Rudolph hi there i’m here with you friend to help with reindeer name for your family here is name for your son bambi Rudolph i just want to give new born baby reindeer name bambi the nickname is buddy Rudolph heres more name for reindeer 1 sammy 2 sherry 3 timmy 4 amy 5 tony 6 dazzle 7 daisy 8 Frank 8 Noah 9 heather 1 0 Julie 11 bill Rudolph theres name you can use them Rudolph enjoy your 1 young son bambi Rudolph Please keep bambi for your 1 young son from Tonia love you Rudolph have Santa write me back let me know how your young 1 son bambi doing ok thanks you Tonia

  4. hi rudolph and clarice i love your baby reindeer for the girl i want her name to be snowball and the boy reindeer garrett the nickname for the baby girl reindeer is snowy and for the boy his nickname is little stomper! cute reindeer

  5. Hello, Santa! 😀
    I’m super excited about the baby reindeer too! It’ll be super exciting to get more reindeer! Now, here is my name idea. I don’t have an idea for the Baby Boy Reindeer, but I think that I have a wonderful one for the Baby Girl!
    Baby Girl Reindeer- Voiella

    Happy Holidays, Santa! -Emily

  6. I am excited about the news about the two babies reindeers call the baby boy name is jingle bells and the baby girl reindeer should be Joy congratulations Rudolph and the other reindeer

  7. You are so lucky. I hope you are proud of yourself because I am proud of you even though we are so far apart I wish you all a very merry Cristmas! HO!HO!HO! merry Cristmas

  8. a girl name could be bambi a boy name could be stormy and a girl kayla or a boy kyle? santa tell me if they love the name?

  9. Well since you are having twins I think you should name them a little bit alike like Dasy and Mazy! To be honest I’m just really tired so I don’t know right off back but ya ~✨Merry Christmas✨~ ✨Happy holidays✨

  10. Good Afternoon Samta and Mrs. Claus. I am already 13 years old and I am sometimes naughty and most of the time nice.

    Here is the name.

  11. Dear Rudolph and Clarice,
    I am soooo happy for you, Congratulations! On your going to be a new arrival. I just want to say Congrats! I think Bambi(girl) and Thumper(boy).
    All the best,

  12. I am sooo happy for you guys, congratulations! I hope I will come up with some great reindeer names that you’ll like. I just want to say Congrats to the new reindeer twins! I would like to name them Bambi(girl) and Thumper(boy).
    Yours truly,
    Amelia, age 10, South Australia, Adelide

  13. wait i think i can think of another name for the two little reindeer i will call the girl reindeer Glam now i will call the boy reindeer Sam

  14. dear Rudolph and Clarice,

    I hope you enjoy your new baby reindeer, the boy and girl.this is the part where yous will be a daddy and a mummy, the most thing you should do is protect them from the Grinch.LOL have a wonderful time

  15. you have new reindeer they are seven mounths old who thinks that NO MORE REINEER EVERYONE PROTEST THEREn oh no a fly

  16. I know since it’s dark and nighttime I will call the first one twinkletoesince it’s sniwimg in north Pole i will call the next one snow drop?☺️

  17. I am very excited for you two! I hope I’m not to late. How about you name the boy Trotter and the girl Flurry.

    Stay Awesome,
    Avery Nisbet


  19. Hi Santa, fly safe! Give your elves, reindeer, and Mrs. Claus my best wishes, please! I’m leaving some yummy treats for you and your reindeer! Please take good care of my family’s elf, Connor. I love him very much.

  20. Santa,
    If you ask me, one of the names should be ginger. Another name should be peppermint. Now that I am reading this over I am starting to get the feeling that ginger isn’t a good name. How about frost? I don’t know I guess I am not good with names. My little brother would love to get toy cars this year. Oh, and also a lot of dinos. In our stockings would it be possible to have skittles in them this year. That would be great. Now, what is Christmas without snow? How do you know the grinch won’t come? Those are many questions my brother was asking. Now, only if we could just capture the grinch and turn him into a friendly elf. MAN, that would be great. My elf peppermint wrapped tp all around our Christmas tree. Do you know why that might be? Okay, I am sorry for taking up so much of your time with this huge long amazing comment! Merry Christmas

  21. i want a gold chain some new shoes and gold ring and a gucci bealt and new outfits and a new gucci head band and new gucci shoes gucci short and gucci pants and red tart pants and hand cuffs

  22. Dear Rudolph and Clarice, I have a list of names for the baby reindeer. For the boy it can be: Albert,Bert,Bob,Daw,Dean,Delbert,Delvin,Dillion,Dixal,Filbert,Gilbert,Harbert,Hobart,Hugh,Javi and Luke. For the girl it could be: Adette,Amanda,Amora,Belinda,Berta,Birgitte,Birdie,Bimba,Bobbi,Candi,Clara,Della,Eleanor and Ellen

  23. Good luck Rudolph and Clairese with your Christmas miracle
    Think you should name them Snowdrop for a girl and for a boy Rudolph Jr

  24. hey congrates on your new twins!
    I was wondering if the boy could be named snow ball and the girl can be called snow flake

  25. 1 .peppermint
    2 .cookie
    5 .theia
    Merry Christmas

  26. hi clarice and Rudolph! just want to let you know that I hope your happy with your little baby reindeer; make sure he/she has a glowing red nose, just like his/her father!

    be safe, and merry Christmas!

    ~Yours truly, Savanna <3

  27. Hi! I love all of you reindeer!! I Think good names for the Girl Baby reindeer would be….. 1. Merry 2.Christmas 3. December 4.Winter 5. Joy 6. Chocolate. For the boy Baby reindeer would be………. 1. Rein 2. Santa 3. Ginger 4. Nathan 5. Smoky 6. Patch
    Those are the names I like that I think would be great names but I am not Santa and their Santa’s reindeer so if he likes them the great but if he has found better names then Fine with me!

  28. Hi Rudolph and Clarice! I hope the baby is coming soon. If you have a girl I think her name should be Mistletoe! If you have a boy I think his name should be Noel! And if you have twins 😉 …their names should be Noel AND Mistletoe!

  29. Big big fan of Rudolph if I was you I would name the reindeer Abel if it’s a boy and Penelope if it’s a girl they are both beautiful names

  30. Dear calories and rudof,
    it’s me Colton hibbler again but I just heard the news it looks like you’re going to have two babies also I Have a name for the baby girl reindeer The name Is drumroll please guise you don’t have to drumroll ok’ the suggestion Rebecca or Becky

    P.S you guys are on a movie called Rudolph the red nose reindeer

  31. I would’ve inquiries I would like to name the baby reindeer Colton Junior PS I am Colton and I have a big fan of Rudolph

  32. Hi please can you magic an elf on the shelf for me please put it in my room when I am not looking also a name for a reindeer ( I have two ) is sparks and shiny ❤️

  33. How about Blizzard.

    Also Santa this year for Christmas, I want a girl elf on the shelf. It’s okay if you can’t this year, I just get kinda jealous seeing other people with them.
    Also I want new games for my Ds, and some ingredients for my easy bake oven ( I’m allergic to peanut butter. ) Also, build a bear workshop stuff for my little girl bunny named Bell. And lego friend stuff. And can you please leave me a very very long note for me to read this year, PLEASE?? And PLEASE can I have a GIRL ELF ON THE SHELF PLEASE????????????????????????

    Xoxo, Deserie

  34. Dear Santa I want a Xbox 360 & a iPhone 5 & anki drive with a big long letter telling me how I was. Sinserle James Deegan-Warkins see you next year and I am Catholic.

  35. No affense Rudolph, but those names are already taken! How about something else like Merit…idk, just thinking out loud, ask other people what they think!
    Love you Rudolph,

  36. I think you could keep roudolph on your team because he’s got his trust worthy nose to help you to see where you’re going.

  37. hi my friend is amber she comes over 247
    and we have a boy friend name jared are techer is pam we love her

  38. When I came to vote for a name and it said it was over ow i`m really sad so i hope that you will exept a late name for the baby reindeer because I have a really cute name Adam. Well thanks!!!

  39. why do the elves need do approve my letter before they can put it on screen for others to see I didnt see that beside anyone elses?rebekahxxxx.

  40. Dear Santa,

    Is your reindeer ok??? Is you and your wife ok??? I hope you both are. I hope you send me loads of presents. I hope you have remembered what I want for Christmas. Have you remembered??? I will leave a carrot for Rudolph and a mince pie for you. I am so excited for Christmas. Are you??? Don’t worry if you don”t get me all the presents I want. Because I won’t be sad or cross. After all Christmas isn’t all about presents it’s about Jesus being born. Right? Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Christmas is a happy time when you open your presents. I hope it snows on Chrismas day over here because it didn’t last year but it has been snowing today. Is it snowing now where you live??? I hope it is. Bye.


  42. Dear Santa

    Me and my Teddy bear snowy pick the name Blizzard because we think it is a very nice name.

    Merry christmas

    Samantha and Snowy

  43. Hey Santa my names Stephanie I’m from
    Belfast, Northern Ireland
    I just wannted to say everyone get a grip Santa is soooooooooo real
    xxxx later bbz xxxx


  44. Hi Santa,
    Don’t eat too many cookies! Does the sleigh have a seatbelt??? If it does, put in on!!!! The sleigh runs on Christmas Spirit you know!!!! Keep on believing kids!

  45. i like all the names santa well done2 u too ure doing exellent the best ever time in work and i was just talking 2 you rember santa HO ho ho hOHOHOHO

  46. dear santa,
    i’m sorry but i would like to know how to vote i clicked onthe line but what do you do anny way if it doued not work the boy name was snowball.

  47. can you also give me a whole set of Pokemon Diamoad and Pearl Adventure!please i really like those books.

    amy nguyen thanh

  48. i think the names should either be blizzerd,misletoe or rudy. bye santa! .p.s. say hi to the riendeer and mrs. claus and the elves! .p.p.s. show rudogh this email!

  49. I hope you are well and that the reindeers are well, because it would be a disaster if the reindeer that was picked to guid the sleigh fell ill! (I love all of you loads)!

  50. I think the new baby reindears should be called: Misteltoe & Peppermint…

    Have a Merry Christmas for 62 days & 9 hours!x

  51. If there is a new baby born and it is a girl you should call it Rosie but if it is a boy you should call it Paddy.

  52. hi sant i don’t know how to pick the names so i will tell them to you it is pepperment and snowball oh! i almost forgot i have a great name you can call the little boy tyler that would be a great name it maens (the best of all)just to let you know when that little boy turns into a grown man he will be strongest bravest and most of all he will have the biggest heart made out of joy love and gold you will love him dont tell anybody and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  54. Dear Santa’s Blog,

    Your web site for Santa’s Blog is fantastic. I try to come to your web site often. Hope you’re doing well.

  55. i hope you are haveing a wondful day i know it is abit silly that am on the santa claus website when it isant nere to christmas well bye

  56. Santa you are the best person in the world. You always leave me lots of lovely presents and I always try my best at school and in maths when I was 8 I had the brain of a 12 year old and in english when I was 8 I had the brain of a 10 or 11 year old. I love Maths but I hate english. When we have english homework me and my mum always have fights over the answers.

  57. ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho i hope you have a great time at the northpole love jared smithson

  58. Just to tell everyone the name IS GOING to be chet because if you’ve watched the movie santa claus 2 there is only one baby reindeer baby called chet so yeah just wanted you to know have a merry christmas everyone and hope the name ‘will be’ Chet.

  59. Hey Santa, i voted for pickles, Snowball and Blizzard! Im so glad Blizzard is in the lead! There probably gonna be really cute! Can’t wait to see you! Bye

  60. Here are some names santa:
    Sparkey (named after the holy star that sparkled in the sky over baby jesus)

  61. I hve a few names……………..

    Nick Jr. (Santa Jr.)
    Rudolph Jr.

  62. I am so excited about the twin reindeers. I can’t wait to hear what Clarice will name the girl. Santa, is Rudolph doing okay? I forgot to put on my list a cash register.

  63. I really like the name Peppermint. Everyone else is picking Blizzard… I am kinda sad because i really wanted the boys name to be Ppeppermint 🙁

  64. I think that the BOYS name should either be 1. BLIZZARD 2. ROUDOLPH JR 3. SANTA JR/ S.T NICK JR. I think that them names are way cool and considering that it is roudolphs SON and SANTAS grandroudolph!

  65. I thank you for putting me on the nice list and I will have you goodies with cookies and milk and warm cookies and cold milk

  66. I can’t believe that there is going to be baby twin reindeers! I wonder what the names will be and when they will be born!

  67. When will the twin raindeer be born? I hope they will be born before Christmas so that they can have their first flight on Christmas Eve and learn how to fly and if they can’t this year I bet they can next year. Just make sure they practice flying 🙂
    P.S. Make sure you don’t eat too many cookies because you might not be able to fit down the chimney.

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