Santa’s beard – A silly Clumsy the Elf story

Santas beard
Another silly Santa’s beard story! This is what I looked like the last time Clumsy did my hair and beard.

It’s time for another year of crazy stories from the North Pole!  I call this one “The  Silly Story of Santa’s beard”.

Do you remember when I told you how much Clumsy the Elf loves to cut hair? One time I even heard him say “I’d love to try cutting Santa’s beard”.  Well, just a few days ago, I let him cut my beard.  I didn’t plan to do it, but I’ll tell you what happened.

Clumsy wanted to have a pizza party.  Elves love pizza and they love it when they get to make their own pizzas.

We had lots of toppings!  There was pepperoni, mushrooms and even candy canes.  I think the best topping on pizza is pineapple. Mrs. Claus says it is because I have a sweet tooth.

I like making pizza too.  It’s fun tossing the dough up in the air and catching it.

Clumsy watched me do this and wanted to try.  The only problem was, Clumsy’s dough had sauce, toppings and cheese on it already!

He tossed it in the air.  Way, waaay up in the air!  I looked up and… PLOP!  Clumsy’s pizza landed right on my face!

Bright red sauce oozed down my beard and tasty toppings spilled on the floor.

My reindeer Dasher helped clean up by eating the toppings and licking the sauce off the floor.  Rudolph helped, too.  Then they both tried to lick the sauce off my beard.  Have you ever had reindeer lick you? It tickles.

But my beard was still a big mess!

Santa’s beard story!

I washed it with my beard shampoo and brushed it with my beard brush. It felt soft and fluffy again, but it looked different. My snowy white beard was suddenly… orange!  HHHOL! I looked so silly.

Mrs. Claus said I could NOT have an orange beard.   “Santa’s beard has to be snow white!”, she said.  “The wonderful children of the world won’t know who you are!”  Would you know it was me if my beard was orange?

So, I told Clumsy he could cut my beard.  He was very happy.  He thought it was a great idea.  “I’m so excited to cut Santa’s beard!”, he said.

And, oh boy, did he trim my beard!  So now, I have to wear a fake beard until my real one grows back.  But, I guess a fake Santa’s beard is better than an orange beard! HHHOL!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you think I would look like with an orange beard?  Should I have kept it or let Clumsy cut it?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people say!  Oh, and Clumsy wants to know what your favorite pizza topping is.

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88 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s beard – A silly Clumsy the Elf story”

  1. Santa i like the color orange it good for hollween costume party Santa tell elf make one on hollween costume use it for hollween party

  2. Hi.
    Make. Up. Baby reborn girls. Harry. Potter.
    I want surprises for Santa we live House

    From. Billie. Jean. Family. Mam. Dad. Mason. Billie. Jean.

  3. All of my friends think you are fake, santa, but I know you are real. I know this because every Christmas night I can her loud bangs and rumbling coming from m parent’s room which just happens to be right by the living room where the Christmas tree is set up! Mommy and daddy must think that I am lying when I tell them that I heard you because their faces got all red, but I know they are just pretending. I love you santa

  4. Hi santa i just want to say my next door neighbor thinks you are fake but the thing is i hear you walking around with your black squeaky boots on love from JACOB

  5. My Favorite Pizza topping is………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    PS. I like cold pizza it tastes much better. My sister says it’s gross though she says it’s weird to eat cold pizza but I don’t think so

  6. Hi Santa I think your bread would look like a carrot! LOL (I am not trying to be rude I jest know that carrot are orange and I LOOOOVE carrots!)

  7. Cool story. I would like to meet Clumsy. He sounds like the kind of guy I would like. But if he cut your beard you would look like this . So, you get the picture. Also, your beard should NOT be orange! That would look cray-cray!

  8. I think that you would have looked really funny with an orange beard! But it is good that you had Clumsy cut it off! Also, my favorite pizza topping is the same as yours Santa! PINEAPPLE!!

  9. I think you should have dyed it white and clumsy the elf my favourite pizza topping is ham and pineapple pizza, I totally agree with you santa PINEAPPLE FOR LIFE!!!! +=

  10. Well I Gueses that Clumsy tech elf did not think before he did it. Cause wearing a fake beard for a mintue or a two is okay but not full day or a year. Santa, teach clumsy the elf to think before he does any action

  11. Some adults say santa is not real to their kids,but they don’t have the christmas spirit.I think santa would agree.I will always believe in santa.

  12. I have a dog he is a poodle I Love him very much his name is rebble he is a male dog I Love my grand parents very much I Love my church family very much and friends Christmas is the time for giving back to another’s in stead of receiving keep my friend in your prays I have a strong faith in you and Jesus Christ from Adrienne Branton I Love you very Much

  13. You should have kept your beard. And Clumsy,my favorite pizza topping is pepperoni. Oh! And here’s what you might look like with an orange beard.

  14. Dear Santa,

    I know that with any thing that has a red tint to it will stain any thing that is white… but next time that happens make sure you wash your beard in cool water that that it won’t stain as much due to the red color. Also, all of my love to you, Mrs.Claus and the rest of your sweet family… That means Elves and Reindeer <3

  15. You should have NOT let CLUMSY cut YOUR beard. You KNEW it would be a DISASTER! Omg, can YOU can be confused by you and a (GASP) stranger.

  16. i think you should have dyed you beard white now we will not know it is you but thats ok i still like you for you.[p.s tell clumsy my favorite topping is pepporonie and cheese]

  17. Dear Santa for Christmas I want a soccer goal a santa soccer ball some food and water for the poor and sick and a basketball ring/ball from Ryan

  18. Hello Santa i think you should cut your beard because people wont know who you are Also tell Clumsy that my favorite topping is sometimes pepperoni and sometimes cheese.

  19. I think you would still be perfect every human loves you we don’t tell by a beard we tell by a warm loving heart everyone knows and loves they would have been able to tell right away it was you

  20. My favorite topping is cheese,
    i think you could try speay painting your beard white .maybe not.
    i think it is good you cut it , it will grow back in 2 months.

    Do you like banana milk?

  21. Dear Santa Its me Alyssa but it would be funny but I agree with Mrs. Claus Because it would look weird but when I was reading it I said Oh No!!!! but my favorite pizza topping is tomato!!! Love u!!!! 🙂 and I lost a tooth!

  22. I think Santa would look better with a white beard. I like you just the way you are. I love pepperoni and cheese and lots of sauce

  23. I think you would look funny with a orange beard. It would be better if you left it so all the children can see it. My favorite pizza topping is cheese and pepperoni.

  24. I think that Mrs. Claus was right. No offense Santa, but it just doesn’t seem like you! Oh! And Clumsy- My favorite pizza topping is pepperoni. I don’t know if you have that at the North Pole!

  25. Love you very much Santa! I really don’t need much for Christmas but I do love Shopkins, reading, and new clothes for my doll Maryellen.

    Thank you for making sure we are taken care of.

  26. Dear Santa,
    I think it was a good idea to cut your beard but you should have let another elf cut it for you. And my fav pizza toppings are pepperoni, mushroom, BACON and that is it.

    Have a GREAT Christmas

  27. I think it was good he cut your beard because if he didn’t, we would see your orange beard and some people would make fun of you. My favorite pizza topping is cheese. Merry Christmas!

  28. I think you chose the right choice because if you are having people tell you that they want they will wonder who you are

  29. dear santa claus for cristmas I would like a nerf gun for christmas and a hover bored and a bell off your slay to rember you I have been good

  30. Hello Santa, I think it’s good that you got your beard trimed! I think that if it was not, some kids might be afraid thinking your stealing their cookies that were for you. bye bye!

  31. The next time I get a phone call, it was from you, my buddy. I love you Santa and you are my heroic friend

    Ps. I loved you beard and orange is better than most colors
    Pss. My mommy says that you should get a buzz cut too

  32. I think Clumsy should have cut your beard. If you kept your orange beard it would have stayed like that. At least you can grow back a new snow white beard. Thank you so much!

  33. MY FAvourte pizza is ham and pinapple- hawi -n my favourte part of the pizza is pinapple – my favourte christmas fim is fred clous you should have kept your beared

    ps: are you visiting me this year for christmas

    you are awsome

  34. I wike the way you are really good and I love you and I will always love you for a long time but you have a good heart but your not sure if your going back to your home. The new home is very much better than the other ones. I can’t believe that this is my favorite song of the season.

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  36. Dear santa i made chistmas list for you i you like it number 1 paper clips number 2 fashion journals number 3 beef jurkeys number 4 pittsburgh steelers shower curtain number 5 pittsburgh steelers hand towel number 6 green bay packers security locks number 7 batteries number 8 phone line

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