Santa’s New Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas 2019! Read the silly poem!

Santa's new sleigh is ready!
Santa’s new sleigh is ready!

Christmas is so close.  I can almost taste the cookies! Good thing Santa’s new sleigh is ready.  (Well, that’s what the elves call it, anyway.)

There isn’t much time left until Christmas.  So, we are we are very busy getting ready for the big night here at the North Pole.  It is a very silly and crazy time of the year here!

There are just a few things left to do.  
The elves are all sleeping.  
So I thought I would share
a silly poem with you!

Santa’s New Sleigh

The sleigh is ready to pack,
The reindeer in bed,
Dreams of pulling,
Santa’s new red

The elves have been busy,
With paper and bows,
Ribbons and packages,
And polishing a nose!
Do you know which one?
It’s famous.  It

And I have been busy,
Checking out my new sleigh,
Making sure it’s perfect,
Making sure it’s okay.
Cuz Santa is coming,
I’m but two sleeps away

Yes, Santa’s new sleigh
Will go all the way,
Delivering presents,
For Christmas Day!
Cuz Santa is coming,
I’m but two sleeps away

Now what’s that you say?
About my new sleigh?
Can it be faster
Than an old Chevrolet?
Much faster I say,
I’m but two sleeps away

Just two sleeps away
From my favorite day!
When reindeer and I
Use my new sleigh!
Up, up and away!
Hip, hip, hooray!

Wow, that was a silly poem.  Sometimes I just cannot stop myself from being so silly.  Of course, in two sleeps, I can’t be so silly.  I guess I’m just getting really excited for Christmas.  Are you getting excited too? Do you get silly when you’re excited too?  Mind you, I’m never too silly to wish you a very…

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you get silly when you’re excited?  Do you have any special messages for me on my big trip?  You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what other excited and silly people have written!

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63 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s New Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas 2019! Read the silly poem!”

  1. Hi Santa I love Santa don’t work to hard with the gift hey Santa I am waiting for you to come I’m excited to see you in person I have cookies for Santa

  2. Hi Santa I love Santa don’t work to hard with the gift hey Santa I am waiting for you to come I’m excited to see you in person I have cookies for Santa

  3. Hey Santa iam waiting for you to come I’m excited to see you in person P.S I will have Carrots for the reindeers

  4. Hello SAnta How Are you doing today? I think i forgot to put my christmas wishlist under the christmas tree….. Now i have to wait for next christmas to put my wishlist under the christmas tree P.s Tell Buddy and Rudolph I said Hi

  5. You didn’t bring me the Winx club ps2 game it’s a uk import I wanted can you please bring it to me next year? Oh and make sure it has no cracks no scratches please

  6. Hi Santa ! Merry Christmas! I rlly want a dog for CHRISTMAS but I understand if you can’t give me one… So can I have a robot dog so I can learn how to take care of a real one?

    Ps: like it poops and eats food and plays and walk randomly more better than the hatchamal idk how to spell it Say hi to Mrs.Clause for me!

  7. Hi Santa ! Thank’s for the potato and the cube timer you gave me ! Especially the PoTaTo I luv it!


  9. Coloring book and crayons and I choke an iPhone a tablet new clothes new tablet Anu hello a new blanket a new blanket new blanket you know a new teddy bear Beach Hut in Baytown a new teddy bear everything that I possibly ask for please get this email and look at your email please say I love you I love you Santa I love you Santa so m

  10. Nice good promise Carey cookies dear Santa love game legend of Zelda Maisha

  11. Come home with me tonight please let me know if you want me to come over and get me to go home with me tonight I’m 10 years old now

  12. Hi I’m Azalea and I wanted to wish everyone at the North Pole and on the Earth a Merry Merry Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Azalea

  13. hi I’m Azalea and I want to wish everybody at the North Pole and on the Earth a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Azalea

  14. Hey santa three things i want for xmas is a motor bike yz450 quad bike yamaha and diamond back push bike and most of all i want to see my girlfriend yuliua chuprova she russian and i love her very much and i do anything for her in this world and i miss her very much and i always write to you and because i been helping people in my community of cairns edmonton and i will also marry her too and i be thinking of you also as one of your elves too and say hello to mrs claus at north pole for me and see cairns at Edmonton of my house on xmas day this year.from nathan in cairns Australia

  15. Hi SANTA I have been really good this year and I really really really really really want a i-pod please santa please

  16. Dear Santa my elf won’t move what should I do ? Come up to my room on Christmas Eve LOVE EMMA XXX

  17. Hi Santa it’s me Paula thinking about my family and my brother would like a ps 4because he always wanted one and it made me feel sad now for my sister I think she would really like a gold chain that says her name now for my mom I think she would really love some beautiful dresses as shoes now for my dad I think he would really like a watch lastly me you see Santa I want a baby reborn doll because they look so real and then I can learn how to take care of an actual baby will merry Christmas Santa and merry Christmas to you miss,clause

  18. Hi Santa it’s me Paula have a good flight as a merry Christmas also a happy New year and my elf and was berry the shoe maker the size that’s a silly name I love you Santa and I love you to miss, clause have a happy merry Christmas

  19. Have a very safe flight and remember that it’s gonna be Christmas Day when you done merry Christmas Santa

  20. Santa I am very very excited.Santa please come fast.Only two nights are left and I am also very excited for Christmas Eve.Santa can you answer my question that you will deliver the gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.Santa please reply.I am not very much silly some times.Merry Christmas to Santa,Mrs.claus,elves,rudolph,clarice and my friends

  21. Glad to hear that the sleigh is ready! Hoping that you have a very safe flight, and a wonderful new year!

  22. Dear Santa

    I have a cousin his name is John Kerr his Wife Seana Kerr they had a baby Girl I wanted to know can you come to them on Christmas Eve night Please can gave a soft toy for there Baby Daughter you they live Tyrone thank you

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